Zip Tie Tags

DIFVAN zip tie tags made of high strong purity nylon so it can last for a long time, and it has self-locking teeth will not loosen, can easy to use.

The cable marker ties have tabs that make them easy to label and identify bundles of cables or anything you would like to easily tag,

  • cable tie identification tags
  • id tag cable ties
  • plastic tie on labels

security zip ties numbered

Zip Tie Tags

Green zip tie tags

Red zip tie tags

Yellow zip tie tags

White zip tie tags

DIFVAN zip tie tags are available in a variety of colors and models.

Zip tie tags made of high-quality nylon material which with good insulation.

identification cable ties

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Advantage of zip tie tags

zip tie identification tags

1, Signage:Write on both sides of the sign, and mark on both sides of the cable tie, easy to use, no need to worry about finding lines

2, Bayonet: Thickened bayonet, random insertion, elliptical lock is designed to prevent being caught by rough surfaces and allows cable ties to pass easily for easy installation

3, Lock ruler: lock ruler design, self-locking and restraint, cable ties are specially pressed, the gear is clear, the edges are smooth, no burrs, no impurities and smoother

Cable tie marker tag suitable for almost all cables, including guitar cables, TV cables, computer cables and so on; Tag can be written directly so that you can mark the cable, and in daily life, all you want to have marked things such as bags, boxes, baggage, etc.


tamper evident zip ties

DIFVAN has professional experiences in producing different kinds of cable ties, one of the most hotsale types is tag zip ties.

Zip tie tags made of high-quality nylon material which with good insulation, heat resistant, and flame retardancy.

Zip tie labels special design that merges the zip tie and tag to be one, DIFVAN zip tie tags also named cable tie label tags, more convenient to sort out and recognize various cables, wires, and cords, easy to manage the bundled objects.

Cable tie identification tags color scheme makes tracing cables a snap. Organize your different groups of cables with different colored labels, easy to identify the kind of labels at a glance.

These nylon cable zip tie tags perfect for most of the cables, wires, cords, bags and luggage management, a great tool for home, office, and workshop.

zie tie tags have three features:

1, Compared with other common cable ties on the market, the label cable ties of the cable ties can withstand the low temperature of -20 ℃ and have high cold resistance.

2, tag zip ties use of well-made nylon materials makes the flame retardant grade v2 have a stronger overall flame retardant effect

3, tie marker Adopt excellent materials, with high binding force and better bearing capacity

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