Wire Terminal Crimper

DIFVAN wire terminal crimper is used for non-welding and standard electrical connection.

Terminal crimpers has an individual settings from 6mm²/10mm²16mm²/25mm²/35mm²/50mm²( Similar to AWG 8/6/4/2/1/1/0).

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Wire Terminal Crimper

Model Number:DF-50B~DF-245B

Material: Carbon Steel

Crimping range: 6-50mm2


Basic information of wire terminal crimper:

  •  Name:  terminal crimping tool
  • Material: high carbon steel
  • Handle Material: Steel core rubber sleeve
  • Crimping capacity: 6-50mm²
  • Length: 390mm
  • AWG: 0 – 10
  • Setting levels: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0 AWG (6/10/16/25/35/50 mm²


ItemApplication ScopeCapacityLengthWeight
DF-50BBS Standard type terminals6-50mm²390mm1.3kg
DF-120BBS Standard type terminals10-120mm²620mm4kg
DF-150BBS Standard type terminals25-150mm²620mm4kg
DF-245BBS Standard type terminals70-240mm²980mm5.6kg

Why Choose Wire Terminal Crimper:

  • Easy Operation

Press the screw and rotate the dies to the size you need, then just take a strong pull of the ratcheting wire terminal crimper then produce a good crimp on cable lugs.

  • Long Handle of Cable Crimper

Spending less efforts when crimping and the full cycle mechanism releases only after full crimp cycle is completed.

  • 6 Different Dies

Crimps all the popular small to mid-range copper connector sizes; tool for heavy crimping works,satisfying your different needs

  • Sturdy and Durable Quality

Made of high quality #45 steel, this ratchet wire crimper is sturdy and durable enough to crimp most cables and last a lifetime of use.

How to use the Wire Terminal Crimper:

  1. Rrepairing the Cable–cutting Cut the cable you need to crimp with the cable cutter( not included). And then strip it with a stripper( not included).
  2. Preparing the Cable–Stripping Press the spring die and rotate the gearwheel to the size which suitable for the cable, release the spring to lock it.
  3. Choosing Proper Dies Choose the suitbale wire lug, put the stripped wire to the wire lug. Then take a strong pull of the crimper.
  4. Installation and Inspection If it leaves a ridge just rotate the connector and re crimp it which will give it even a tighter bond. All finshed. It will give you a good crimp on cable lugs.

DIFVAN wire terminal crimper is used for non-welding and standard electrical connection.

Terminal crimping pliers mould of the crimping dies is made of SCM-40 hardest tool steel, Tool for heavy crimping works, t is with the characteristics of long life ,accurate bore diameter and good crimping effect.

Wire terminal crimper shape design fits the palm, reducing fatigue after long-term use. Black part of terminal pliers handle can be rotated to obtain a comfortable feel in different operation occasions.

The wire crimping tool has 6 dies of 6/10/16/25/35/50 mm² ( 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0 AWG ) for 0-10AWG wire size crimping, using rotating heads with a spring loaded locking pin to keep the heads in place.

Terminal crimpersl is durable to use. Precise crimping moulds and complete locking (self locking and releasing mechanic unit) ensure high crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.

Wire terminal crimperprofile can be set by rotating the crimping handle so that it can enter all areas. With non-slip handles, it is safe and reliable. Non-slip handle with finger groove for safe operation.

Terminal crimping tool withth high precision jaw ensure a tightly connection after crimping with strong work pressure. This tool has widely application in automatic electronics work.

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