Wire duct

Wire duct is mainly used for internal wiring of electrical equipment. In electrical equipment of 1200V and below, it plays a role of mechanical protection and electrical protection for the wires laid in it.

After using the wire duct, the wiring is convenient, the wiring is neat, the installation is reliable, and it is easy to find, repair and exchange the lines.

DIFVAN one-piece wire duct is a great accessory to hide and conceal clutter cables and cords under desk.

  • electric cable ducting
  • cable ducting
  • pvc wiring duct

Wire duct

1,Open or wide slot wire duct;

2, Narrow slot wire duct;

3,Closed slot wire duct;

1, Open or Wide slot wire duct;

2, Narrow slot wire duct;

3, Closed slot wire duct;

Where did the wire duct ?

1, Home

2, Office


How to use wire duct?

1,Clean the wall;

2, Measure it and draw distinct line;

3,Cut cable channel;

4,Stick the mouting tape;

5, Fix raceway on the wall;

6, Use screw if you want to keep it firmly on the wall.


DIFVAN offer kinds of wire duct, there are Open slot wiring duct,Narrow slot wiring duct ,Close slot wiring duct and other type of wiring duct.
Wire Ducts also known as wire troughs, wire-ways, wire raceways or wire channels are unbending trays used as raceways when you need to insert, drop or pull cables or wires out of a duct.
Wire duct is used to route, protect and/or organize electrical cables and wires, typically within a control panel.
Rigid and flexible wire duct in a variety of sizes and styles offer installation flexibility.
The length of the wire duct is 500mm,6oomm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1600mm,2000mm.
The normal use temperature is (-5 ~ + 40) degrees Celsius, which is mainly suitable for wiring in electrical equipment with a voltage of 1200V at 50Hz (or 60Hz).
Wire duct made of durable PVC material, these cable raceway ducts are flexible, impact resistant and self extinguishing.
Sturdy gray covers hide cables inside and they can be painted in any color as you wish.
Our cord cover kit is able to hide AWG cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables and power cords,etc. Protect your children and pets from cables and cords hanging near the floor
There are 2 alternative methods to install these wire duct:
Stick them on the wall surface using the strong self adhesive tape if you don’t want damage the wall.
Mount them on wall using the screws and drywall anchors we provided. It won’t take much time and effort.
DIFVAN Wire troughs offer high heat deflection that minimizes distortion at high temperatures.
Wire channels have an integral flexible vinyl lining inside their walls for high friction surfaces, the rounded plastic fingers give cable support and are able to snap-off for terminated wires to be re-routed easily.

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