A tile spacer is a small piece of plastic that enables you to line slates properly and maintain the correct distance between them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes (we’ll discuss that later) and can be made of plastic, wood or ceramic.

Horseshoe Spacers

These horseshoe spacers are the tile shim of choice when it comes to installing marble, granite, vertical stone, or other large format tiles. This simple design allows the professional to lift both corners and align the joints. They are simple to insert

ceramic tile spacers

Tile Spacer are designed to be used for tile floor installation by keeping the tiles separated during the grouting process. These tile spacers are more rigid and also longer than typical tile spacers, to help ensure the perfect 90-degree angles

When tightening, it is best to rotate the T-needle back and forth a few turns to make the sorrounding cement reserve some space so that the tile leveling set can be easier removed.
Before the cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually no more than 6 hours), tighten the adjusting cover in the opposite direction, then rotate the T-pin 90 degrees so that the T-pin turns to a zigzag parallel to the tile.

3mm spacer for tiles

Before putting thetiles, remember to erase some of the cement on the edge of tile. Do not fill upthe tiles with cement. This will prevent the cement from being wrapped in theclamps after the clips are placed. The solidification will affect the removalof the clips

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At the most basic level, spacers have a pretty simple purpose: they will allow you to keep the tiles at equal distance, enabling you to space them correctly and get a symmetrical result.

Use as traditional vertical tombstone-style or inset leave-in installation method
Leave-In design reduces installation time

Reasons Why You Should Use a Tile Spacer

Have you ever wondered how professional tilers make exquisite and beautiful designs when they make a project or after their construction work? Do you wish to create the same effect at your own home-tiling project? Their expertise in this craft is truly inspiring. However, before they turned experts, they had challenges and experienced struggles in their jobs. In this article, we will share with you one of the best tools that they use so they can create a magnificent work!

Manufactured tiles nowadays vary in materials they consist of. Because of these varieties offered in the business, many design options can be explored by professionals in the construction business and can even be used DIY projects.

These products are usually made with hard-wearing materials, often used for covering walls, floors, roofs, etc. But its purpose isn’t limited to lessen tears on different parts of a building. Architectural and interior designs nowadays incorporates use of Mosaic art style. With this, design possibilities are limitless!

But tiling jobs can be a bit challenging if you feel the pressure of making sure all tiles are aligned, getting the project done on time and tile made sure that they were leveled to prevent any safety hazards. Good thing there’s a tool that can make the work easy!

Tile spacers are small plastic products that helps in laying tiles with consistent and even spacing. And even professionals use these when doing tiling jobs! You, a lover of DIY, can also make tiling look easy and professionally made! Less stress, less fatigue and lesser time consumed! You wouldn’t have to worry about any “you had one job” memes. If you know what I mean.

Apart from these, there are also other benefits when tile spacer is used in laying tiles. If you are looking forward to starting your first DIY, or someone who failed at first and wants to redeem yourself, or if you’re starting a renovation or construction business, scroll down to see the rest of our list on why you should consider purchasing tile spacers for your tiling jobs!

We’re giving you REASONS why you should use tile spacers:

  1. No-sweat tiling jobs!

Whether you’re adding value to your house property or just doing home improvements, DIY projects are now made easy for quick to follow instructions made available on the internet.

Nowadays, Do It Yourself projects to keep up with maintenance and repairs can also be incorporated with design. Tiling can be one type of home repair that can also add value to the aesthetics of the renovation project. Tile spacers enable renovators, easy and manageable tilling job with increased work efficiency and with less work.

One of the most common remodeling tasks would be kitchen renovations. Most of the time, many types of tile designs can be explored in these projects and with the availability of different sizes of tile spacers, you can select which size is appropriate for the tile material you will use. It is better also to consult which type fits best for the project.

To make the DIY project even less stressful, you may also try remodeling your home or area in your house with a cohesive plan in mind to ensure a pulled-together look outcome.

      2. Create DIY projects as if made by professionals.

There must be spaces between tiles when you adhere them to floors or walls and we’ll get there in a bit. But it shouldn’t be a worrisome task that you have to estimate if spaces are the same from top to bottom, left to right.

People nowadays can point out flaws in what seems to be symmetrical designs and it can be really annoying if it seems that all tiles seemed aligned but then there’s one in the middle ever so slightly tilted. If you got paid for doing a job like that, your customer would probably leave a bad review on your business.

But no worries! Tile spacers isn’t hard to use as you think it is. There are just a few steps you’ll follow so you can layout the designs you want without breaking a sweat, making sure all tiles are leveled, etc.

Just make sure that the first tile you will put is leveled. After placing the first tile, place tile spacers on each corner of the tile then place the next tile to it and repeat putting spacers on each corner.

You can also choose which size of tile placer fits according to your planned layout. It varies from 1mm to 5mm depending on your use. Even spacing between tiles creates  professional tiling finish that even you, DIY enthusiast, would give yourself a pat on the back once it’s finished!

      3. It helps improve time efficiency.

Pretend you haven’t known yet that tile placers exist, and you go and plan your first tiling project. You’ve got this amazing design pictured and even illustrated as reference but then that it has become easier drawn than done.

Tiling has never been made easier because when you use spacers, it improves tile installation speed thereby reducing your stress and anxiety while getting the work done.

Using placers of same sizes (it also depends on your preference design), ensures that even spacing will be done all throughout your project. You don’t need to make wrong estimates or encounter trouble along your installation process.

Another thing that may happen when doing these is tile slippage especially if your adhesives had not set or dried yet. It would be time consuming to do rework whenever some tiles moved accidentally. Using spacers between tiles is perfect for preventing those from moving while they are in the setting process and in getting those perfect levelled tiles.

      4. Need for Grout lines and Space Between Tiles

Spaces between tiles are actually important and not only as part of design of any tiling job.

Some people may think that maybe they can place tiles next to each other without spaces to avoid making grout lines. On the contrary, most tiles are usually made from hard materials and in cases of floor or house shifting, tiles can be more prone to damage when tiles rub with each other that can result to cracking over time. Grout helps to protect the tiles from damage or stress  in the case of the house or floor shifting.

Grout lines depends on the size of the tile spacer you will use in your project. There are various sizes available for purchase depending on your needs.

There are tiles however that does not need much grout lines and these vary depending on your preferred tile type. If you are doing a DIY, it would be better to ask which grout and or space width is appropriate for your choice.

      5. Prevent safety hazards

When doing construction related projects, safety hazards must always be precautioned against. There a few samples tile related safety hazards that you must avoid.

Here are some of the few: 

  • Unlevelled tiles placed on the walls can indicate that it wasn’t placed properly and over time, if the adhesive starts to peel off, tiles could fall off. Usually houses with tiled walls should be checked thoroughly so if there are possible shifts, safety would be ensured.
  • If tiles were laid on the floor and the same as with the above example, it wasn’t made sure that it was levelled properly, it could cause anyone to trip or even be wounded.

In some countries, Floor Tile Management standards are followed to prevent safety hazards during period of the project and even when furnished and renovates facilities are made use for the public.

If you have kids or elderly people at home, every part of the house should be SAFE. Properly installing not only helps improve your home design but also lessen the possibility of any safety hazards in the future.

     6. Helps save money

One would think that adding tile placers in your check out cart would just mean an added overhead expense.

On the contrary, there is a cost benefit to it. As explained in the abovementioned texts, these benefits such as increasing time efficiency and lessening any possible reworks or adjustments to be done.

Most professionals even use this product in their tiling jobs to create that even and symmetrical finish look and also, this can cut down the amount of time estimated to be done for each project. This means actual savings on their part because labor time acquired decreases.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and looks forward to perfectly laid tiles, less rework could mean that you do not have to purchase additional materials, in case of any rework or adjustments are needed because some tiles slippage happened or accidentally moved, or because you were just then estimating, some tiles weren’t properly set.

So if you are in a budget and you want to make sure everything that you’ll buy will be useful, add the tile spacers in your list. You wouldn’t believe how much you can save when you use these miracle tools for your home construction or renovation.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, less work, less time, less allowance for additional materials means lest cost!

     7. Helps you create a long-lasting effect

How many times have you tried doing home renovation but do not get satisfied with the outcome? It’s either you stay with it and decide to change and renovate again after some time, or spend more money to get it repaired by someone else?

If you happen to encounter a problem with your tiling project but do not wish to change or repair, you’ll soon realize that it is a failure and soon, you need to do it again. The effect is not lasting.

By using tile spacers or leveling system kit, your project will turn out to be so perfect you won’t think of changing it in the next few years! Your walls and floors tiles should be good to last a long time, and this can only happen if the job was done right. With tile spacers, you can create your own piece of art that can stand for years!

Need an inspiration? Look at how perfect this bathroom is! With perfectly aligned and installed tiles both on the walls and floors, you get to enjoy a hotel-like and world-class type of bathroom you always dream of having! Is this achievable? YES! All you need to do is make a good plan, layout your design, select the perfect tiles, and use tile spacers when you install them!

On your next tilling project, don’t forget your spacers!

Who knew that such a small product can be a big help in laying tiles? Aside from the expected design is not impossible to achieve, there are also other reasons why tile spacers are of big use!

Endless design possibilities are now made available with less stress, worry and fatigue! No more anxiety of finding one tile just a millimeter off the grid pattern. You can now have leveled and symmetrical layouts!

It also saves time, energy and effort; making it less time consuming and saves you from any rework expenses. Using tile spacers also lessen the possibility of tile slippage that if not noticed, may result to uneven surface flooring. Avoid safety hazards by making sure tiles do not move  are set properly.

Most tile spacers are not single-use products and just cost a few to get your hands on them. Tile spacers available in hardware stores can be purchased in either per package or by tub depending on the scale of your project. Make sure that the materials and tools are stacked and compiled according to their specifications. Who knew tilling can be made easy?!

Do you have questions about tile spacers? Send us your inquiry and we’ll be glad to help.

If you are looking for high-quality tile spacers that can provide you with customer support and aftersales assistance, you can check this link:

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