Wall Mount Patch Panel

Your Premier Wall Mount Patch Panel in China

Wall mount patch panel will maximize your network performance and will keep up with even the greatest of changes in your network.

Wall mount patch panel made from black electrostatic powder-coated steel these patch panels can stand up to even the most extreme conditions.

Patch panel rack wall mount with the built in cable management and write-on labels, organizing your cabinet will no longer be a chore. A clear wiring guide on the reverse side of the patch panel will make sure you never second guess if you punched down the patch panel correctly.

Wall mount patch panel meet or exceed the TIA/EIA 568-B.2 industry specification.

Wall Mount Patch Panel

Cat5e Patch Panel

Cat5e patch panel are rated up yo 250Mbps and meet or exceed the TIA/EIA 568 industry specification.

Cat5e patch panel suitable for 22/24/26AWG solid wire.

Number of ports in the cat5e patch panel, 12, 24 and 48 port patch panel are most widely spread.

Cat5e patch panel is one of wall mount patch panel.

Patch Panel Cat6

Patch panel Cat6 are rated up yo 1000Mbps and meet or exceed the TIA/EIA 568 industry specification.

Patch panel Cat 6 suitable for 22/24/26AWG solid wire.

Number of ports in the cat5e patch panel, 12, 24 and 48 port patch panel are most widely spread.

Patch panel cat6 is  a popular types of wall mount patch panel.

Cat6a Patch Panel

Cat6a Patch panel are rated up yo 1Gbps and meet or exceed the TIA/EIA 568 industry specification.

Patch panel Cat6a suitable for 22/24/26AWG solid wire.

Number of ports in the cat5e patch panel, 12, 24 and 48 port patch panel are most widely spread.

12 Port Wall Mount Patch Panel

12 port wall mount patch panel is made for optimum performance with black electrostatic powder-coated steel and 50 micron gold-plated contacts.

Mini patch panel compliant with TIA/EIA 568 industry specifications and features both T-568A and T-568B wiring configurations.

12 port wall mount patch panel includes cat5e patch panel, cat6 patch panel, cat6a patch panel.

24 Port Wall Mount Patch Panel

24 port wall mount Patch panel  is made for optimum performance with black electrostatic powder-coated steel and 50 micron gold-plated contacts.

24 port wall mount patch panel compliant with TIA/EIA 568 industry specifications and features both T-568A and T-568B wiring configurations.

Patch panel 24 port includes cat5e patch panel, cat6 patch panel, cat6a patch panel.

48 Port Wall Mount Patch Panel

48 port wall mount patch panel  is made for optimum performance with black electrostatic powder-coated steel and 50 micron gold-plated contacts.

48  port wall mount patch panel compliant with TIA/EIA 568 industry specifications and features both T-568A and T-568B wiring configurations.

48 port wall mount patch panel includes cat5e patch panel, cat6 patch panel, cat6a patch panel.

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Different Types Wall Mount Patch Panel for Your Chosing:

  • Build netwirk cabling system–To organize the cables correctly and route them to the network devices smoothly
  • 10 years manufacturing experiences–To garantee network patch panel quality
  • Factory directly sell–To save your purchasing cost

Everything You Need To Know About  Wall Mount Patch Panels

Today, it appears to be that everything is wireless. But, to take advantage and benefit from the brilliantly speed and fast internet that is now accessible at homes, businesses and organizations, a wired framework habitually and often will allow you to finish and achieve speeds to the guaranteed maximum.

rack power cable management


Internet connections are needed in areas with large populations like business settings and work environment. It is so easy to connect the internet to the server.

However, it evidently generates and creates a large build-up of cables surrounding the server area that is why you should be precise when routing and terminating the cables.

Since it is hardly possible to hardwire every Ethernet cable, the solution is by terminating the incoming cables at a wall mount patch panel. This makes it easy and simple to connect the server to the patch panel rack wall mount by using short cables which can also be moved easily if there is a need to.

What is a  Wall Mount Patch Panel?

A wall mount Patch Panel is a strong and powerful hardware keeping your server room or data center clear and sorted out because it is going to be less demanding and less difficult to move, add, or change the cabling framework later on.

Patch is a term came early use where extra equipment will be kept on standby which could be later a temporary fix or replacement for a failed device like amplifiers. Patch cords and ethernet patch panel wall mount are the main instrument of this temporary fixing or reconnection.

Wall mount patch panel gives us the opportunity to have a clean and plug-and-play connections. patch panel rack wall mount also gives protection to your cables from EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

wall mount patch panel

It is also known as patch bay, jack field or patch field. It is a mounted equipment assembly that holds and carries a set number of ports to control and connect the outgoing and incoming fiber or copper links.

Most of the time, a ethernet patch panel wall mount is placed in a wiring storage room to fasten racks with each other.

How Do Wall Mount Patch Panels Work?

A passive networking hub that holds and ties up several ports joining incoming and outgoing lines is a wall mount patch panel.

A wall mount rj45 patch panel is perfect when setting up a wired network with multiple wall ports in different positions in a home or commercial and business setting. With the popularity of wireless internet connections, using a patch panel can boost internet speed.

Reasons for Using a Wall Mount Patch Panel:

  • Having your network wired results to a faster, a more reliable and consistent connection and signal flow, getting boosted bandwidth abilities.
  • It is mostly used at home and commercial settings, and in fields wherein they require large audio applications.
  • The issues and concerns in signal can be easily recognized and these mini patch panel wall mountcan practically remove those that are not needed related with using multiple hardware tools or devices.
  • It is easy to wire a wall mount patch pane It’s only like you are wiring an Ethernet jack. Usually, for home networks, it is enough to get the job done using 8 ports patch panel but also depends on what is needed.
  • By integrating a mini patch panelwall mount – or a few, expect that there will be a greater and fine cable management and easier fixes if a network part naturally goes wrong.

Why do we need a Wall Mount Patch Panel? What is its purpose? 

One of the few elements and part used in copper and fiber cabling networks is the wall mount patch panel. Most of all, business settings use it for cabling installations.

server rack patch panel

These are some of the purposes a wall mount patch panel serves:

  • A mechanical relief to the comparably costly switch ports is striking down the cable to patch panel rack wall mount. If there is a need for the wall or ceiling to plug in a switch port, the port can be subject to pulling, pushing, etc. – – will not lose its connectivity.
  • Labelling individual cable that runs in a ethernet patch panel wall mountcan create a polished and well-ordered way of recognizing signal flow and to troubleshoot some technical issues becomes an uncomplicated and more accessible task.
  • For most business settings that share office space, amini patch panel wall mount can also involve different tools and equipment that can be connected easily to any outlet.
  • It allows flexibility and stops the need to re-run cables or change equipment locations if something is needed to be changed or if something breaks.
  • For network newbies, a comfortable and accuratewall mount rj45 patch panel wiring starts if the cables at the back of patch panels correlate to jack locations in the user space.

Difference between a  Wall Mount Patch Panel and Switch


Even if a wall mount patch panel and switch look the same in the front, their similarities end with their rows of ports. Each of them serves a different purpose in a telecommunications room.

A passive component that compliments the switch is the patch panel. The panel is designed to help organize the wiring.

Contrast to patch panel rack wall mount; an Ethernet switch processes receive and forward the data to multiple devices such as servers, computers and other Ethernet IP devices like security cameras.

Using a mini patch panel wall mount and a switch, we can connect devices in a network. Even if we use or do not use a wall mount rj45 patch panel, a switch is needed in a local area network (LAN).


Cable Management System of Wall Mount Patch Panel

Sometimes, because of the multiple and dozens of cables coming in and out of a wall mount  patch panel, things can become entirely tangled and messy. Having an unorganized and untidy cable makes troubleshooting hard and difficult and might lead to interruptions if a wrong cable is unplugged.

That is why, it is very important and necessary to have an organized cable runs from the first to the last cable you plug in.

Here are some tips to keep a patch panel well-ordered, organized and tidy:

  • Cable Labeling– Proper labeling of all cables including both ends and even the middle part. It will make it easy for technicians to confirm they are on the right track and working on the correct lines.

cable labeling

  • Color – Coded Cables– By using color-coded cables, it allows to identify fast what type of cable is in each location.

color coded cable

  • Patch Cable Organizers– By using this, it will allow anyone to run lines cleanly and evenly to each port and makes you see exactly where this this are coming from and going to.

rack patch panel cable management

  • Zip Ties– A zip tie is very useful when there is a need to bundle cables that is going to the same server or other places to make it look neat, tidy and organized.

extra heavy duty cable ties

Keep in mind that having a good and right plan at the beginning is the most important thing to consider when it comes to patch cable management. It is much easier to neatly organize your cables than to untangle hundreds of wires in the end.

Wall Mount Patch Panel Solutions

Wall Mount Patch Panels can be personalized and tailored to appropriately fit in different network cabling needs.

These are some of the glaring line up of wall mount patch panel options:

  1. Break Out Patch Panel
  • Designed for a high density breakout cabling. To improve airflow, this breakout patch panels gives attractive appeal and makes data center a more inviting place. It comes with single and multi-mode options.

48 port patch panel

2. Standard Fiber Optic Patch Panel

  • The most used as a midway connection of the backbone and patch cables. It has different adapter and port counts.

fiber optic patch panel

      a. Rack Mount

It is made for 19 inch rack mounting.  It is available in 1U, 2U and 4U rack.

It has sliding types like a drawer. When you slide the panel open, it will allow users to push or pull cables with stability and is faster.

patch panel punch panel

      b. Wall Mount

This is the fiber enclosure that can be mounted into the walls.

It mostly provides high density cassettes fixed on walls. The cassettes are space saving and has mountable panel enclosure.

ethernet patch panel wall mount

What are the Benefits of using a Fiber Patch Panel?

  • Provides a simple and convenient way to arrange and rearrange data cable connections and circuits.
  • Network technicians can easily do test patch panels and connect cable fibers.
  • This kind of patch panel is also used as a link separation and distinction in labeling the cables.
  • On top of it all, using fiber patch panel will help you achieve the perfect cable management.

       3. Modular Patch Panel

  • It provides a mature and expandable substitute to breakout cables because it allows users to harmoniously and conveniently combine tools and equipment with different network speeds for everyday needs. It can support a variation of fiber network standards. Mostly, it is easy to match, mix, add and change that satisfies all kinds of connectivity needs in data centers.

keystone patch panel 48 port

Benefits of using a Modular Patch Panel:

  • Gives flexibility for network upgrade.
  • Offers reliable available option for users.
  • Its compact size helps to save a lot of space and lessen cable congestion.

What are the Advantages of using Wall Mount Patch Panel?

ketstone patch panel

  • Expandable
    • Without the need to run new cables from end-to-end, it is easy to add new devices after installing patch panels.
  • Uncomplicated Maintenance and Simplify Repair
    • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Decreases and Lessen Messed-up Cables
    • Patch Panels switches usually or mounted close to each other. In that way, we may use shorter cables for a neat looking cable management.
  • Lowered Cable Cost
    • Inexpensive due to a not much needed longer cable
  • Prevention of Riser Cable Fractures
    • The panels use cables made from grounded conductors which is exceptionally resistant to issues caused by duplicate or repeated cable motion.
  • Flexible and Adaptable Installation
    • When there is a need to have extensions in the future like if you want to enlarge a business or at home when internet is needed in your children’s room – using a wall mount patch panelwill let you create direct links.
  • Well-ordered wiring and Cable numbering
    • Having your cables and wall mount patch panelslabeled helps you recognize what port to use if you need to finish up a specific cable.
  • Better and Upgraded Internet Access
    • Wall mount patch panelsmakes a computer connected and have access to multiple LANs giving the strongest connection. It remarkably and significantly adds the available network bandwidth and specifically to the network performance.


What are the Disadvantages of using  Wall Mount Patch Panel?

  • Some wall mount patch panels are costly.
  • For supporting higher bandwidth, there will be a need to upgrade patch panelsrack wall mount.
  • It doesn’t affect much the function of cabling network even without using mini patch panelwall mount.
  • During installation of wall mount patch panels, possible errors may occur because each UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable that needs to be fixed has 8 terminal cables that need to be punched.

How do we pick the right size of Wall Mount Patch Panels?

There are many different options when shopping and choosing for a wall mount patch panel depending on the number of ports in the panel.

You need to check how many connections you require and if they do or do not need additional connections in the future.

Larger patch panels are not so expensive than the smaller ones, so it typically makes sense to shop and look for the larger models.


It is with no doubt that wall mount patch panel is essential for a nice, neat and tidy cable management in network cabling system.

The patch panel rack wall mount is perfect to use with its flexibility and density that can organize the cables correctly and route them to the network devices smoothly.  It is great for the following reasons:

  1. Organization
  • Wall mount patch panelsavoids and helps keep cables from being tangled and look messy.
  1. Troubleshooting
  • Make sure to label the ports on the panel clearly to make it easier to change or replace cabling.
  1. Expanded Connectivity
  • Patch Panel helps increase the number of devices that can be connected to hardware.
  1. Lessen the Risk of Outage
  • There is always a risk of breaking and damaging the nearby cables when there is a need to add or remove devices. Having to use a patch panel helps lessen and reduce the risk of unplanned interruptions and helps you add and remove cables with no need of touching the main hardware.

It is easy to manage and label with high-ranked performance. To help you build a scalable and easily adaptable network cabling system, these wall mount patch panels work in conjunction with our racks, enclosures and cable managers.

Hope this information helps you!





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