Twist Clips

U Shape cable organized save place twist-lock cable wire ties, cable twist clip easy design for tying cables, Twist the clips of the tie for locking.

It is very convenient to fix a bunch of electrical Wires Cords, Securing Loose Objects on the floor or plate. Standoff twist tie can be reused and can be bent.

  • clip twist
  • nylon twist clip

locking wire saddle

  • U-shaped twist clips
  • standoff twist clips
  • locking wire saddle

DIFVAN twist clip have three types: U-shaped twist clamp, support twist clamp, wire saddle

Cable twist clips are made of nylon material

locking wire saddles

standoff twist tie

U-shaped twist clip

ITEM NOA(mm)D(mm)

Standoff twist tie

ITEM NOA(mm)B(mm)D(mm)Hole Dia(mm)

Locking wire saddle


Here is the installation way of twist clips:

U-shaped twist clips

1, Fast cable management,After use, the whole scene is more tidy

2, Nylon material, Nylon material has good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic.

DIFVAN twist clip in different specifications are used in different scenarios:

such as chassis routing,house electricity,engine room.

twist clips


DIFVAN have professional experiences of producing kinds of twist clips, one of the popular types is standoff twist clips.

DIFVAN has three different specifications, U-shaped twist clips, standoff twist clips, locking wire saddle

Cable twist clips are made of nylon material, fire rating is 94v-2.

Cable twist clips are simple and firm. Easy design for tying cables, Twist the clips of the tie for locking, Can be released and reused many times.

The standoff twist tie is fixed on the aircraft head, easy to install, fast fixing the wire, and detachable.

The fixing line is very convenient,this is the reason why people called it cable twist clip or twist-lock cable ties.

Twist lock cable ties often Used for Organizing Electrical Wires & Cords, Securing Loose Objects, Cable Management, and Other DIY Projects!

If you’re tired of constantly trying to untangle your headphones line, charging wires, and electrical cords. The Twist Ties can help you. These handy twist ties are perfect for keeping your drawers, desk and household items tidy and organized.


Do not use power codes while bundled by this product, otherwise, the heat might be generated.

If the bundled cables are too thick, the lock of the tie may come off. Please check the size when you use it.

This product is detachable ties, for the lock may come off by applying excessive force to it.

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