Tie Mount

DIFVAN tie mount is made using nylon with adhesive in the backside to ensure a perfect performance when a wire should be securely mounted without damaging the mounting surface.

Just peel the covering off and adhesive backing stick from the mounting surface and the cable will be installed appropriately.

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zip tie mount

Tie Mount

  • High quality adhesive backside
  • Perfect performance and long-lasting
  • Easy to handle

Tie mount

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Difvan: Your Best Tie Mount Manufacturer


DIFVAN provides a professional solution for your wires, including wire connection, wire fixing, wire protection, and wire organization.

For your wire connection, you can choose wire terminals, wire connectors, cable lug, cable glands or terminal block.

For your wire fixing, you can choose nylon cable tie, stainless steel cable tie, cable tie mounts, cable holders and cable clips.

For your wire protection, you can choose heat shrink tubes, wrapping bands, wire duct, PVC bottom sleeves.

For wire organization, you can choose: cable marker, tie mount or cable clips.

DIFVAN tie mount is good for cable wire organization.

Cable tie mounts include adhesive cable tie mounts and cable tie saddle mounts for various applications.

Self-adhesive cable tie mounts are designed to help in mounting cable ties directly to the solid surface in a fast and easy way.

It uses the adhesive background to the car surface to fix the wire together, making the installation neat.

Saddle tie mount should use a screw when fixing the cable ties or a wire.

This product is designed to hold heavier cable bundles and offer easy and flexible installations with 4-way entry.

DIFVAN zip tie mount and wire tie mounts are made using nylon with 3M adhesive.

They guarantee good performance during use.

Like the 3M cable tie mount, DIFVAN adhesive zip tie mount has the same quality thus guarantee a long-lasting solution.

DIFVAN cable tie base screw mount is also called cable tie pads and cable tie base.

The size varies from 20 up to 40mm and the colors can be black and white.

DIFVAN cable tie mounting base and cable tie sticky pads have passed RoHS and CE certification.

To boom your business is a simple and straightforward process – it takes only a few minutes.

Choose DIFVAN, save your time.

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