Terminal Crimping Tool

DIFVAN wire crimping tool is best suited ues for insulated and non-insulated connectors,crimping capacity is 0.5-6 mm ².
Electrical terminal crimping tool conform to structure design human being engineering ,due to perfect handle gripping position. So terminal crimpers Has a good crimping effect.

  • terminal crimping tool
  • terminal crimping tool
  • non insulated crimper
  • ratchet wire crimping tool

Terminal Crimping Tool

1, Crimping Tool for non-insulated cable links

2, Crimping Tool for non-insulated plugs connectors

3, Crimping Tool for wire-end feules


DIFVAN electric is a professional tool supplier for all kinds of ratchet crimping pliers

Electrical terminal crimping tool can be used to insulated and non-insulated

Terminal crimpers for non-insulated plugs connectors

product modelDF-30J

Termianl crimpers for non-insulated cable links


product modelDF-28B

Termianl crimpers for wire-end ferrules

product modelHSC8-6-4











Advantage of DIFVAN automotive wire crimper

1, heat shrink crimping tool suitable for terminals of different sizes and different types of terminals.

2, ratcheting terminal crimper conform to structure design human being engineering, it can save 50% energy

3,Insulated terminal crimperplastic and cushioning provide maximum leverage



 1, Open the tool by squeezing the handles completely. At the end of the closed stroke, the ratchet mechanism will release the handles, and the tool will spring open.

2, Place the terminal in the proper crimping chamber (match color code to terminal insulation).

3, Hold the terminal in position and gently squeeze the tool handles together until ratchet engages sufficiently to hold the terminal. Do not deform the wire barrel.

4, Insert the stripped wire into the terminal barrel and while holding the wire in place, squeeze handles together until the ratchet releases. Allow the tool handles to open and remove the crimped terminal.

DIFVAN wire terminal crimper is made of high quality Alloy steel, crimping plier is a high strength hand tools.

DIFVAN non insulated crimping tool has built in the ability to adjust the amount of force required for the crimper by rotating the tension wheel. Terminal crimpers  also contains a quick-release lever to stop the crimp at any position.

DIFVAN electrical terminal crimping tool suitable for most types of insulated and non-insulated mating terminal connectors crimp capacity is 0.5-6 mm ².

Terminal crimpers used for non-insulated plugs connectors capacity is 0.25-2.5mm²

Termianl crimpers used for non-insulated cable links capacity is 0.1-1.5mm²

Termianl crimpers used for wire-end ferrules capacity is 0.25-6mm²

Non insulated crimping tool’s furtures

1,The components of the ratchet crimping tools are made of special steel.

2, Insulated terminal crimper conform to structure design human being engineering, it can save 50% enregy

3, Ratchet crimping pliers precision crimping module and automatic release mechanism design ensure high quality crimping standards during repeated crimping.

4, Heat shrink crimping tool designed for optimum grip position and lightweight, compact construction and ergonomic handle shape design.

DIFVAN electric also produce hydraulic crimping tool, retchet crimping tool,there are many models that you can choice, If you want to find the crimping tools, DIFVAN electric is a great choice.

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