Terminal Block

DIFVAN terminal block is available in different pitch sizes from 8.00 to 15.0mm in low voltage (300V) or standard (600V) with UL94V-2 flammability rating and current up to 150A. Options available include jumpers or imprinting for circuit identification to ensure reliability.

All sizes provide wire protectors to eliminate twisting and breakage of stranded wire during connections.

  • connector block
  • wire terminal block
  • electrical connector block
  • terminal strip connector

wire connector block

Terminal Block

  • Contacts and screws recessed within the housing to help prevent short circuits
  • Easy installation to save time and money
  • Wire protectors prevent stranded wire damage during connection

Data Sheet Euro style Terminal Block

Eurostyle Terminal Block  

Spec.LengthWidthHighBrass Hole DiaScrew SizePlastic
3A-4mm291.415.610.83M2.5 x 4PE PP PA
6A-6mm2112.515.512.83.3M3.0 x 5PE PP PA
10A-10mm212820.6154.2M3.0 x 6PE PP PA
15A-12mm2137.322.516.64.5M3.5 x 7PE PP PA
20A-14mm2137.522.717.74.7M4.0 x 6.5PE PP PA
30A-16mm2164.525.3195.6M4.0 x 7PE PP PA
60A-25mm2185.529.2246.6M4.0 x 9PE PP PA
80A-35mm2204.532.627.27.8M5.0 x 11PE PP PA
100-40mm225045.630.69M6.0 x 12PE PP PA


Data Sheet

DF-CH2 Quick Connect Terminal Block

Way for using:

DF-PCT quick connector 2/3/4/5 poles terminal connector

DF-PCT quick connector

Way of Using 3 poles quick connectors:

poles push on quick connector

Way of using this three hole push on connector:

Difvan: Your Best Terminal Block Manufacturer


Having been in the wiring accessories market for over 20 years, DIFVAN has good knowledge for all kinds of terminals, connectors, cable lug, cable gland, cable clips, and cable terminal block.

DIFVAN terminal block also called terminal strip is available in standard and low voltage designs with varying pitch sizes to provide the best design fit for different usage.

DIFVAN strip terminal is used for electric splicing connection, available in pitch size 8mm to 21mm under 600V.

12 poles completely isolated from each other to make it quite safe when the wire is connected.

All copper parts inside the insulation are recessed on the housing to prevent shorts.

This kind of wire terminal block is easy and quick to install because of the pre-drilled mounting hole varying per application.

12 poles terminal block is most commonly used, but you can also customize fewer poles like three poles terminal block.

This chocolate block electrical can be easily separated into smaller sections using a utility knife or saw.

If you’re getting into high current electronic applications such as longer length of LED strips, this chocolate block connector comes in quite handy.

To ensure reliable performance, terminal strip connector in all sizes provides wire protectors to avoid twisting and breakage of the stranded wire during connections.

The screws and contact areas are recessed and the housing for safety, to eliminate short circuit.

DIFVAN strip connector block can also be called euro style terminal block.

This Euro strip terminal block is made from UL94V-2 flammability rating nylon insulation, current can be 3A up to 150A. Euro-style two-screw barrier strips are available with and without standoffs that exceed industry standards.

The popular sizes are 3A terminal block, 10A terminal block, 16A terminal block, 20A terminal block, 30A terminal block, 60A terminal block, 80A terminal block, 100A terminal block, and 150 A terminal block.

The wide range can be from 4mm², 6mm², 10mm², 25mm², 35mm² and 40mm².

DIFVAN barrier block connector is used for HVAC controls, motor controls power supplies in the markets and applications spa controls, also terminal strips for lighting is popular now.

Futures for electrical connector strips:

  1. Dead-front construction
  2. Contacts and screws recessed within the housing to help prevent short circuits
  3. Easy installation
  4. Saves time and money
  5. Wire protectors
  6. Prevent stranded wire damage during connection
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