Strain relief bushing

Strain relief bushing are intended to insulate and protect from abrasion one or more conductors that pass through it.

The strain-relief bushings are the easy low-cost way to insulate and protect your cable.

DIFVAN offer high quality small different size nylon electrical cable strain relief bushing.

Strain relief hushing adopt the overall design,exquisite workmanship, can clamp the line after very good slide into the plate hol


  • strain relief bushing
  • power cord strain relief bushing

straight thru relief bushing

Strain relief bushing

1,  2P-4 Strain relief bushing;

2, 4N-4 Strain relief bushing;

3, 5N-4 Strain relief bushing;

4, 6N-4 Strain relief bushing;


There is strain relief bushing dimension.It can help you how to choose right type.

Strain relief bushing suitable different size flat and round wire.

electrical cord strain relief grommet

Model sizeWire typeUL wire
Wire size
DF2P-4Flat wireSPT-13*
DF5N-4Round wireSVI SVTΦ6.4-Φ7.611.512.7-13.11.611
DF5P-4SVI SVTΦ6.4-Φ7.611.512.7-13.12.511
DF9R-1#18 22-36PCSΦ11-Φ1519.019.01.617.5

Strain relief bushing have follow advantage:

1, Small size,beautiful appearance.

wire strain relief bushing

2, Strain relief bushing can seal and product wire.

cable strain relief bushing


How to use strain relief bushing?

Strain relief bushing suitable for round and flat wires of different sizes.So there many types of strain relief bushing.


strain relief bushing

1, Psition on wire;

2, Squeeze pliars;

3, Push into hole

DIFVAN offers a wide variety of standard strain relief bushing,You can choose different models according to your wire diameter.

Cable strain relief bushing belongs to the series of protection parts in wiring equipment.

Power cord strain relief bushing is mainly used for fixing and protecting the power cord of various electrical products.

Straight thru relief bushing protect electronic products by absorbing the forces of pull, push, and twist that may be exerted on a flexible power cord.

All kinds of electrical appliances, equipment, computer power cord fixed and protection, avoid the power cord slide and cut by the machine board.

The material of electrical cord strain relief grommet is nylon 66 engineering plastic, UL 94V-2 flame retardant grade, also made of flame retardant PP.

Strain Relief Bushing is durable, insulated, safe, reusable.

Wire strain relief bushing widely used in a variety of electrical products, lighting, junction box, control board early warning system, lighting equipment, renovation and home wiring wiring equipment and other fields.

Strain relief bushing made by injection molding process.

Strain relief bushing working temperature is -20 to 120℃。

Assembly method of Strain relief bushing: Place the power cord in the cable tie, clamp the cable tie together, and use the cable tie tool to clamp the plug into the opening of the board to fix the power cable.

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