Stainless steel cable ties tool

No more achy hands or cut fingers, use this stainless steel cable tie gun to apply pressure and tighten cable, then remove excess cable ties for a clean installation.

Cable tie guns are the ideal solution for optimum tensioning and cutting of cable ties flush to the cable tie head.

  • stainless steel cable ties tool
  • metal cable tie tool
  • metal zip tie tool
  • stainless steel cable tie tensioner

stainless zip tie tool

Stainless steel cable ties tool

  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Easy to operate
  • Corrosion resistance

DIFVAN offer four types stainelss steel cable ties tool,they are suitable different width and thickness stainless steel cable ties.


steel cable tie tool


stainless steel zip ties installation tool


stainless steel zip tie tool


metal cable tie tensioning tool

How to use stainless steel cable ties tool?

metal tie wrap tool

1, Cut a length of stainless steel cable ties according to the actual use,put the buckle to one end of the cable ties and reserve a length of about 5cm.

2, Bend the reserved cable tie to fix the stainless steel buckle.

3, Put the another end of the stainless steel cable ties as picture shows,and set aside 10cm for the tool to use when tightening the cable tie.

4, Tie the straps with the sreap presser and start to shake the straps slowly to tighten the sreaps to ensure that the straps are tight.

5, When the cable tie is tightened,fold the whole of the tight belt back,and then pull the handle of the tight belt blade to cut off the cable tie.

6, Hammer the two concers of the buckle with a hamme to catch the last reserved tie head.

Stainless steel cable ties tool are made by 304/316 grade steel,and with a variable tensioning device.

stainless cable tie tool

Lightweight and rugged

easy to operate

Automatic tightening and automatic cutting

DIFVAN also offer stainless steel cable ties tool. It can help you quick installation stainless steel cable ties.

Metal cable tie tool is used to tighten , cut and strap the roller self-locked stainless steel banding ties.

Metal zip tie tool are made of high quality steel and polyester/epoxy coated.that has good toughness ,corrosion resistance,more durable,without burr.

Stainless steel cable tie tensioner is easy to operate and improves installation efficiency.

Different types of steel cable tie tool are suitable for stainless steel cable ties of different widths and thicknesses.

Item NO.Scope of widthScope of thicknessSingle gross weight

Stainless steel zip ties installation tool with a variable tensioning device and automatically cuts when the desired tension is reached.

Stainless steel zip tie tool is specifically designed for use with coated or uncoated stainless steel cable ties.

Metal cable tie tensioning tool eliminate the sharp snags that conventional wire cutters leave behind.

Metal tie wrap tool help accelerate bundling processes and professionalise the tying of cable ties made from various materials and sizes.

Stainless zip tie tool help tension and cut cable ties in hard-to-reach spaces, or at awkward angles, using one hand.



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