Stainless steel banding strap

Cut into straps to bundle kinds of materials for transport or storage, or secure other items like cables or wires,for example to pipes.

stainless steel banding strap helps quickly cut needed band length without waste.

  • stainless steel strap
  • stainless steel band
  • stainless band

steel strapping band

Stainless steel banding strap

1, High tensile strength

2, Suitable for harsh environments

DIFVAN offer wide range of specification satinless steel banding strap.

316 stainless steel banding

part numbersizewidthThicknesspackage
DF06386.4*0.38 1/46.40.3820MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF09389.5*0.38 3/89.50.3820MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF104010*0.4 3/8100.420MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF134012.7*0.4 1/212.70.420MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF164016*0.4 5/8160.420MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF194019*0.4 3/4190.420MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF137612.7*0.76 1/2130.7620MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF167616*0.76 5/8160.7620MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF197019*0.7 3/4190.720MTR TO 50MTR/BOX
DF197619.0.76 1/2190.7620MTR TO 50MTR/BOX

Stainless steel cable ties are made of stainless steel banding strap and stainless steel strap buckle.

Stainless steel cable ties adopt high quality stainless steel ,and high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

metal cable ties

stainless steel cable ties has widely used in indoor or outdoor.

stainless steel banding material

Stainless steel strap buckle match with stainless steel banding strap to fixing and packaging.

You can choose teech buckle and L type buckle,they have different advantage.

  • Teeth buckle has the additional ear can be bent over to increase the tensile strength.

metal zip ties

  • L type buckle has reasonable structure and simple installation.

metal tie wraps


DIFVAN Is a company with a lot of experience in the production of stainless steel cable ties.stainless steel band is also hot sale.

Stainless steel banding strap always used for fixing and packaging.

Stainless steel banding strap made up of 201/304/316 stainless steel.

Type 201 is harder and stronger than either Type 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Steel strapping band has standard with a combination of high strength and quality appearance.

Banding can be used with clip style or ear-lokt banding buckles.

Strapping band stainless steel is used for construction, marine, telecommunications, traffic poles, signs, industrial, vehicular and shipping industries for fastening and packaging.

Banding band stainless steel used sturdy and practical carton packaging, existing simple plastic waterproof packaging, the new carrying case has a convenient handle, and a transparent design can display the remaining cable ties, can be pulled out as needed when using.

The smooth R rounded edges of the cable tie are safe and easy to install, and can also be double-layered to increase the load capacity.

ss strapping band is the standard choice for banding applications in which high strength and good resistance to oxidation and weathering is required.

Stainless steel band width from 6mm to 25mm,thickness from 0.2mm to 1mm.Can withstand maximum tensile strength 600-700Mpa.

Stainless steel strapping surface is rich in black coating or wax.

If you need some special size packing straps, we can customize.

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