Stainless steel banding buckle

Heavy duty buckle for used with stainless steel strapping.

Banding buckles and clips are used with hose banding to create a clamp that will stop leaking areas along hose.

Designed for both permanent connections and emergency repairs, use these buckles with banding to create your own low-profile hose clamps.


  • banding buckle
  • stainless steel strapping buckle
  • stainless steel banding buckle

stainless steel ty wraps

Stainless steel banding buckle

1, Excellent abrasion and UV resistance;

2, Reasonable structure and easy to use;

DIFVAN banding buckle have different width ,so to match with compatible metal strapping, choose items with the same strapping material and strapping group number.

Detal stainless steel packging deduction

stainless steel tie straps

Part numberWidth inches(mm)Thickness(mm)Pcs/bag

L stainless steel packging deduction

stainless steel wire cable ties

Part numberWidth inches(mm)Thickness(mm)Pcs/bag

The following is how to use the banding buckle.

stainless steel ball lock cable ties

1, Cut length of stainless steel cable tieaccording to the actual use.put the buckle to one end of the cable tie and reserve a length of about 5cm.

2, Bend the reserve cable tie to fix the stainless steel buckle.

3, Put the another end of the stainelss steel cable tie as picture shows,and  set aside 10cm for the tool use when tightening the cable tie.

4, Tie the straps with the strap presser and start to shake the straps slowlyto tighten the strap to ensure that the straps are tight.

5, When the cable tie is tightrned,fold the whole of the tight belt back,and then pull the handle of the tight belt blade to cut off the cable tie.

6, Hammer the two corners of the buckle with a hammer to catch the last reserved tie head.

Stainless steel banding buckle use good stainless steel ,has good corrosion resistance.

1, Dental stainless steel packaging deduction can releasable and re-usable.

stainless steel tyraps

2, L stainless steel packaging deduction reasonable structure and easy to use.

stainless steel roller ball cable ties

DIFVAN is very professional in producing stainless steel cable ties.There many types of stainless steel zip ties can be choose for you,like stainless steel banding buckle.

Banding buckle is the process of binding a metal strap to a box, structure, or other item to ensure that the particular object does not move.

The stainless steel buckle is made of 201, 202, 304 and 306 stainless steel. It is formed by stamping.

Strapping buckle has the characteristics of smooth surface, no burr on the edges and corners, rust prevention.

Thereby made of good stainless steel,and have corrosion resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient use and large bearing.

DIFVAN offers dental stainless steel packaging deduction and L stainless steel packaging deduction.

dental stainless steel packaging deduction has unique buckle design provides quick and easy application,releasable and re-usable.The additional ear can be bent over to increase the tensile strength.

L stainless steel packaging deduction has the advantages of simple, fast and unresolvable installation.

Banding buckle width is from 1/4 inch(8mm) to 3/4 inch(19mm),thickness is from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

Banding buckles can be used with many types of stainless steel banding providing superior fastening strength.

Band clamps can be formed over any contour or shape to to offer firm strapping ,for example pipes ,timbers, cable.

Black polyester-coated stainless steel banding buckle has excellent abrasion and UV resistance.

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