Spade Terminal

DIFVAN Spade terminals are made of high-quality, oxygen-free copper with tin-plating to defense against corrosion, mechanical stress or tension.

This kind of Spade terminal is effortless to be connected to a wire by a standard crimper.

  • insulated spade terminals
  • electrical spade terminals 
  • heat shrink forck terminal

pvc spade terminal

Spade Terminal

  • PVC Spade Terminal
  • Nylon Spade Terminal
  • Heat Shrink Spade Terminal
  • Non-insulated Spade Terminal

DIFVAN Spade terminals have many insulation types due to the insulation material changes in different using places.

The Vinyl insulated terminal is the most popular type among all the types.

Nylon fork terminals are convenient for use because wires can be seen clearly through the insulation.

Heat shrink fork terminal can have the function of water-proof.

Double crimp fork terminals with extra sleeves help your wire to connect the terminals more solidly.

  • RV PVC Spade Terminal

insulated spade terminals

  • NRV Nylon Spade Terminal

electrical spade terminals 

  • HRV Heat Shrink Spade Terminal

heat shrink frock terminal

Spade terminal size chart as following:

Cable Size:0.5-1.5mm2(A.W.G 22-16) Max Current:1max=19A

Spade Terminal Item No.Americand2Φ(mm)Dimension(mm)
PVC InsulatedNylon InsulatedHeat shrink InsulatedDouble Crimp
e.g.: PVC insulated
Bolt numberWLF


Cable Size:1.5-2.5mm2      (A.W.G 16-14)     Max Current:1max=27A
Spade Terminal Item No.Americand2Φ(mm)Dimension(mm)Color
PVC InsulatedNylon InsulatedHeat shrink InsulatedDouble Crimp
e.g.: PVC insulated
Bolt numberWLFE    DΦ
SV 2-3.2NSV 2-3.2HSV 2-3.2SV 2-3.2-D#43.25.721.26.510.0      4.9   Blue
SVS 2-3.5NSVS 2-3.5HSVS 2-3.5SVS 2-3.5-D#63.75.721.26.5
SVL 2-3.5NSVL 2-3.5HSVL 2-3.5SVL 2-3.5-D#63.7621.26.5
SVS 2-4NSVS 2-4HSVS 2-4SVS 2-4-D#84.36.421.26.5
SVM 2-4NSVM 2-4HSVM 2-4SVM 2-4-D#
SVL 2-4NSVL 2-4HSVL 2-4SVL 2-4-D#
SVS 2-5NSVS 2-5HSVS 2-5SVS 2-5-D#
SVL 2-5NSVL 2-5HSVL 2-5SVL 2-5-D#105.39.521.26.5
SVS 2-6NSVS 2-6HSVS 2-6SVS 2-6-D1/46.49.521.26.5
SVL 2-6NSVL 2-6HSVL 2-6SVL 2-6-D1/46.41227.211
SV 2-8NSV 2-8HSV 2-8SV 2-8-D5/168.514.530.512.55


Conductor section:4-6mm2  (A.W.G12-10)   1max=48A   Thickness:1.0mm
Spade Terminal Item No.Americand2Φ(mm) Dimension(mm)Color
PVC InsulatedNylon InsulatedHeat shrink InsulatedDouble Crimp
e.g.: PVC insulated
Bolt numberWLFE

1. Four types of insulation can be chosen per different using place: Vinyl insulated fork terminals, Nylon insulated fork terminals, heat shrink insulated fork terminals and double crimp spade terminals.

2. The material is made of 100% pure copper with oxygen free.

3. Smooth appearance with no burs, extra annealing process to make the terminals more strength.

4. CE & SGS standard to ensure all terminals are at the high-quality level.

Insulated Spade terminals and non-insulated ring terminals are widely used in the following places:

spade fork terminal

  1. Used in Automotive for Aftermarket audio and Aftermarket wiring harnesses
  2. Used in Consumer electronics for Appliances, white goods, and brown goods
  3. Used in Industrial applications for Terminal blocks, Sockets, circuit breakers, and Wiring Harnesses.
  4. Used in Industrial Automation like Electrical panels.

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

DIFVAN: Your Best Spade Terminal Manufacturer


Other than Ring terminals, DIFVAN Spade Terminal is also a popular type of terminal.

There’s only a shape difference with the ring terminals. This spade terminals take a fork shape, so it is also sometimes referred to as fork terminal and Y terminal connector.

We highly recommend this fork type because it’s very easy to be connected to a wire by a standard crimper.

This fork shape terminals also have wide-usage.

You can find them in aftermarket audios or videos, wiring harnesses, and some white goods.

DIFVAN fork terminals are made of high-quality, oxygen-free copper with tin-plating to protect against corrosion, mechanical stress or tension.

DIFVAN terminals forge lasting connections with a variety of types, sizes, and materials that meet a wide application range, including the request of temperature and weather.

DIFVAN electrical spade terminals and connectors withstand a temperature range from -40 to 105 degrees (-40 to 221 degrees F),600V-rated for building a wire and 1000V for signs, fixtures or luminaries.

So our spade wire terminals can be found everywhere in electrical applications.

DIFVAN insulated spade terminal provides perfect electrical performance for both small spade terminals and large spade terminals.

When you’re choosing the right fork terminal for your application, please make sure which type of fork terminal you need because we have several kinds of fork terminals.

They are in the same fork shape, just in different insulation.

Now DIFVAN has three insulated fork terminals: red spade terminal, blue spade terminals, and yellow spade terminals.

These three colors can have amp spade terminals, locking spade terminal, block spade terminal, crimp spade connector and spade wire connectors, waterproof spade connectors.

8 AWG spade terminal and 4 gauge spade terminal are the popular sizes.

If you have any other needs for Terminal Connectors, DIFVAN also can provide ODM / OEM service for you.

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