Solder wire connector kit

DIFVAN solder wire  connector kit fit any range of wires from 26-10 AWG.

DIFVAN Seal wire connector kit are crafted from only the highest quality materials to create a rock solid connection.

Seal terminal connector is made of polyolefin, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion.

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butt connector kit

Solder wire connector kit

120 PCS solder wire connector kit

220 PCS solder wire connector kit

300 PCS solder wire connector kit


DIFVAN have different kit,such as 120 PCS solder wiere connector kit,220 PCS solder wiere connector kit,300 PCS solder wiere connector kit,and you can enjoy customized services.

120 PCS solder wire connector kit(Yellow 10 pcs,Blue 40 pcs,Red 45 pcs,White 25 pcs)

solder sleeve kit

220 PCS solder wire connector kit(Yellow 20 pcs,Blue 80 pcs,Red 80 pcs,White 40 pcs)

wire terminal assortment

300 PCS solder wire connector kit(Yellow 30 pcs,Blue 100 pcs,Red 100 pcs, White 70 pcs)

assorted wire connectors kit


No Crimping Required.shrink with only a heat gun necessary.

terminal assortment

Waterproof and insulated.the design that polyolefin tubing outside and hot melt adhesive inside creates a durable waterproof seal .

wire terminal connector kits

Lowering the melting point of the solder.solving the problem that heat shrink shell melts before the solder.

automotive terminal kit



Solder wire connector takes is a hot air gun to control the temperature and connect in a confined, narrow space. Solderless & crimpless, easier to operate and saving more time than heat shrink butt connectors.



3,Scientifical experiment


terminal connector kit


DIFVAN has different kinds of terminal kit ,solder wire connector kit is also popular.

Seal terminal and connector is an insulated terminal that is durable and a versatile product that can terminate one wire to another.

Seal terminal and connector is a solder seal connector designed with a low-temp solder that melts easily as the tubing shrink with the heat for maximum connection, conductivity, and protection of your connection.

Seal terminal and connectors are specifically color-coded to easily identify any connection.

You can simply look at wire gauge imprint on polyolefin tubing when you measure or connect your wires.

Our Seal terminal and  connectors have high-quality polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt rings on the inside ensure a tight waterproof seal which prevent wires from corrosion.

These wire connectors heat shrink have an insulation tubing that ensures a tight waterproof seal which prevents wires from corrosion.

These solder shrink connectors are perfect for automotive, marine, home wiring and other outdoor applications. Our connectors provide a safe, strong, long-lasting grip through the year.

Difvan seal terminal and connector kit including the most popular four sizes from 26-24 A.W.G, 22-18 A.W.G, 16-14 A.W.G, 12-10 A.W.G in white, red, blue, and yellow colors.

The heat shrink wire connector is a versatile product that may be used in general electrical applications.

DIFVAN also has heat shrink terminal kit,if you need other terminal kit, there is right place.

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