Screw Mount Cable Ties

Screw mount cable ties are designed to be mounted directly to a chassis or panel with a screw. Screw Mount Cable Ties allow you to attach your secured cable bundle to any surface you desire – communication racks, walls, or ceiling. These zip ties with screw holes allow for quick permanent mounting installation.

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mounting hole cable ties

Screw Mount Cable Ties

Material: nylon 66

Color: black and white

Fire-rated: 94V-2

Screw mount head nylon cable ties also known as mounted head zip ties

Screw mount cable ties comprised of 6/6 Nylon with a compact molecular structure provides better weathering and sunlight resistance

cable tie saddle mount

ITEM NO              LW(mm)Screw DiameterMax BundleMix Tensile

Advantage of screw mount cable ties:

1, Lock design: The lock is specially designed to prevent the rough surface of its back from hooking, and it can make the cable tie easier to pass and easy to install
2, New material: new nylon material, high quality, good toughness, strong bearing capacity, not easy to age, durable
3, Fine workmanship: Fine workmanship, no burrs, and ribbed design make the cable tie firmer and prevent slippage.

zip tie with mounting hole

The cable tie saddle seat is used in conjunction with the cable tie

1,Fix the required wall with screws

2,Put the cable tie into the fixing seat

3,Put the cable tightly and fix it

cable tie saddle

Zip tie screw mount, as the name implies, are used to tie things. screw mount cable ties are also called: zip ties with screw holes.

DIFVAN screw mount cable tiesare made of UL-approved nylon 66 (Nylon 66) material and are fire-rated 94V-2.  with a compact molecular structure They have good acid resistance, corrosion, and insulation, and are not easy to age and have a strong bearing capacity.

Zip tie screw mount has the characteristics of fast lashing, good insulation, self-locking fastening, and easy use.

Cable ties with screw hole feature smooth rounded edges making these cable ties easy on the hands, in addition to a finely spaced gear rack allowing for exact adjustment ensuring a snug fit.

The screw holes can be used with nails. Both screws and steel nails can be used. After the product is tied, it is fixed on the wall with nail.

Zip tie screw mount widely used in the fixing of wiring in cables, lighting, motors, electronic toys and other products. Can be used for bundling multiple wires, office, home wiring and object bundling.

Screw mount cable ties has four features:

1, New nylon material: This product is made of UL approved nylon injection material, which is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We firmly believe that only good raw materials can make good products.

2, Anti-return design: This product is self-locking and fastened, with anti-return function.

3, Not easy to aging: made of high-quality nylon new material, good toughness, strong fastness, anti-aging, durable.

4, Good toughness: This cable tie has good toughness, stronger bearing capacity, not easy to slip wire, and convenient strapping.

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