Screw Connector

DIFVAN screw on wire connector is also named twist on wire connectors and wire nuts.

These wire nuts are used to fasten two or more low-voltage electric conductors.

This twist on wire connectors are designed to improve the two wire ends connection instead of just twisting two wires in before use.

  • wire nuts
  • electrical wire nuts
  • crimp wire nuts 
  • twist on wire connectors


Screw Connector

  • Wire nut and wing type both available
  • Easy to twist, keep stable
  • Only by hand no need tool

Wire Nuts

Wire Nuts with Wing

Wire Nut      VS     Wire Nut with Wing


Lead combination range   Dimension(mm)


wire nut

wire nut with a wing





HP1Min0.75×1+0.5×1         Max1.25×18.53.514.7Gray
SP2HP2Min0.75×3                 Max1.5×310.16.517.5



HP3Min0.75×3            Max1.5×3+1×111.2821.4Orange
SP4HP4Min0.25×1+0.75×1 Max2.5×4+0.75×113.77.523.6



HP5Min0.25×2              Max6×3+4×216726.5


screw wire connectors

  • Easy entry to make the wire more easy to insert in
  • Standard wire nut and wire nuts with wing both available
  • Wire nut kit can be OEM

electrical nuts


Screw on wire connector

DIFVAN has been focusing on terminal fields for more than 20 years.

We have a full range of terminals including Ring Terminal, Fork Terminal, male and female disconnect, butt connector, quick splice connector, Pin terminal, Blade Terminal, Wire nuts, and closed-end terminals.

The most popular one is wire nuts.

DIFVAN wire nuts are made with PVC insulation and stainless steel with thread inside.

Twist two wire ends then insert the two wire ends into the stainless steel part by hand, squeezed together inside it.

The threads can hold the wire securely.

Electrical connections can be maintained by twisted wire to wire contact with the metal insert directly.

In this way, wire nuts also can be called twist on wire nuts.

Difvan: The Best Screw Connector Manufacturer


Wire nuts are also known as twisted nuts, electric nuts, crimp wire nuts which are widely used in North America in junction boxes and distribution boxes.

When you use the wire nuts, please make sure to twist the conductors together before applying the wire nut.

The reason for doing this is because when joining three or more wires, you have loose conductors “hidden” in the group of conductors resulting in a tight wire nu but an internal conductor that was not engaged in the wire nut.

You would not know this after the wire nut is applied.

The more wires in the connection, the greater the risk of a loose conductor unless you pre-twist the conductors.

DIFVAN wire nuts are available in various sizes and types. Color-coded by different sizes.

If you need 8 gauge wire nuts, please choose yellow wire nuts.

If 12 gauge wire nut needed, green wire nuts will be your choice.

Please do choose properly sized wire nuts as per your wire sizes.

Otherwise, the connection will loosen after you’ve twisted the wires.

Waterproof wire nuts with glue inside can be used even in moisture circumstances.

Ceramic twist-on connectors are made for high-temperature applications, such as heating appliances.

Any other quick splice connectors needed, kindly contact DIFVAN.

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