Round cable clips is a tool,It can be used both in home and workplace application.

Ethernet cable nail clips allows you to secure and organize your cables in a fixed position like the ceiling, floor or the wall.

Nail clips for wires is available in various types and sizes that provides you with a wider range of applications.

  • round cable clip
  • round cable clip
  • round cable wire clips


Size:4-40mm Round Cable Clips

Material: PP


Weather Resistant,

Impact Resistant


4mm5.34 mm1.7×15
5mm6.55 mm1.7×15
6mm8.16 mm1.7×17
7mm8.77 mm1.8×19
8mm9.68 mm1.9X21
9mm10.79 mm2.0X22
10mm11.710 mm2.05X25
12mm12.812 mm2.05X27
14mm14.914 mm2.4X32
16mm16.916 mm2.5X35
18mm20.818 mm2.5X37
20mm23.620 mm2.8X42
22mm25.022 mm2.8X48
25mm27.725 mm3.2X48
30mm33.130 mm3.2X53
35mm36.635 mm3.2X58
40mm45.240 mm3.4X60



Advantage of circle cable clips


1, used after, Multiple lines are grouped together, looking less messy.

2, Different sizes can be used for cables of different sizes, Make the room more tidy


Using of cable clip round type:

1, Select the most suftable cable clip

2, Align and hold the nail

3, Hammer the nail with a hammer

4, Done



Round cable clip is a tool that allows you to secure and organize your cables in a fixed position like the ceiling, floor or the wall.

Wall cable clips is a perfect tool for those who are not allowed to make holes on their walls or on other places.

cable clip round  made of sturdy and durable PE material . Round Plastic Cable Clips protects Insulation and are Futu Complete with Corrosion Resistant Hardened Nails for Securing Cable to Wood, Cement, Plaster, Brick, etc.

DIFVAN electrical have various sizes nail clips for wires,4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm etc,

These will handle up to 4 to 10 mm cable diameter as their Size. Well-made clips completely hold cable well without looseness.

cable clip round have three main furtures:

1, Keeps your cables secure and in place at all times whether they are in spacious or tight spaces around the house or work area

2,  Practical cable management tool that can help prevent accidents or disconnection especially when you have kids or pets around the house

3, Perfect solution for your TV coaxial cables or long antenna cables, computer cables, or electric appliances

Circle cable clips easily can use in Electrical, Ethernet, Dish Wire, Coax Cable, RG6, RG59, CAT6, RJ45 or any wire / cable which you want to organize in proper manner.

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