Reusable Cable Ties

DIFVAN reusable cable ties are made of weather and UV resistant nylon for durability, Releasable cable ties are simple to install by hand and will remain firmly locked until intentionally released with the finger catch on the head. Ideal for temporary installations where addition or removal of cables are required.

  • releasable zip ties
  • adjustable zip ties
  • removable zip tie

reusable cable ties

Material of PReusable Cable Ties: Nylon 6/6

Flammability: UL 94V-2

Color of Reusable Cable Ties: Nature & Black

Working temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

DIFVAN reusable cable ties are made of nylon pa66 material, fire rating 94V-2.

Releasable cable ties have virtually limitless applications for just about every industry. Suitable for most applications.

reusable tie wraps

ITEM  NOlenghtWidth(mm)Max Bundle Dia.E(mm)Tensile Strength

Releasable design makes the zip ties reusable, Any time you want to adjust or remove it, just press the lock head and release it, no need to cut it.

reusable zip ties


Easy to Use and Adjust for Multi-purpose: Perfect for home/business/office/ Garden and any intended use – Organizing Electrical Wires & Cords, Securing Loose Objects, Cable Management and gardening plants.

removable cable ties

Releasable Cable Ties are a perfect reusable solution for any wire and cable bundling needs that may require changes in the future. Also known as Reusable Cable Ties and Reusable Zip Ties.

Reusable tie wraps are made of nylon 66 material, with a compact molecular structure provides better weathering and sunlight resistance, higher melting point, superior colorfastness and excellent abrasion resistanceno smell & none toxic, not easy to break

DIFVAN releasable cable ties have a continuous working temperature of 40°F ~185°F(-40 ~+85°C).fire rating 94V-2

Releasable zip ties perfect for organizing a home office or a project around the house; doing small home renovations or a commercial construction job; merchandising product hanging signs and banners craft sports or seasonal holiday ornaments and so much more; Cambridge cable ties are the perfect choice for your cable management organizational or bundling projects

Removable zip tie are durable and insulated, releasable and strong,the teeth engage as they should,strong releasable latch ensure zip ties reusable many times as well as adjustable the bundle size when you bundle wires too tightly,perfect stuff of cord management.

Except Reusable Cable Ties, we also have other types of cable ties: colored cable ties, heavy duty cable ties, zip tie tags.

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