Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties is a kind of releasable zip ties, durable and reusable, and it is more flexible and convenient to bundle,It is much better Traditional cables than plastic cable ties and you don’t need to trim it, The cable wrap opens and closes easily and quickly.

Apply them on your home, office, studio wires and cords, help keep them tidy. Our wire ties can be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, computers cables, microphone mic, electronics, and much more.

Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties is a kind of Releasable Zip Ties, but you can untie it without cutting the zipper tie, And can be reused, Is more flexible and convenient to bundle; It is very environmentally friendly and economical.

Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded cable ties are made of nylon PA66 material, 94 v-2 fireproof, acid proof, corrosion resistant, good insulation, not easy ageing.

Beaded reusable cable ties are ideal for temporary fastening solutions. With their unique design, they can be released and reused as often as you want.

Hook & Loop Ties

Hook & loop ties made from fabric material with hook & loop attachments, these cable straps are both reusable and durable.

Hook & loop ties use in home, office, garage. Excellent for organizing charger, telephone, electrical audio, coaxial cables. These thin ties can safely be used indoors or outdoors for your organizing and storage needs.

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Black Cable Ties

Black plastic cable ties are made of industrial-strength nylon 66 fire-resistant material.

Black cable tie also named black tie wraps, perfect for home, office, garage, travel and workshop tidy, whenever you need sort out your different wires, zippers, and other accessories, it’s a good choice

Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Heavy-duty cable ties are made of the latest PA66 nylon material and can handle most outdoor tasks.

Heavy-duty cable ties have extra-heavy durability, extra-thick weather resistance, teeth that can be engaged on demand, self-locking design ensures tight and safe bundled cables, perfect cable management.

Double Loop Cable Ties

Double loop cable ties are made of UL approved nylon 66 material with a fire rating of 94V-2.

Double cable ties are designed with two keyholes in the head of the cable tie, It is the separation effect when the two objects are fixed together.

Fir Tree Cable Ties

The head of fir tree mount cable ties adopts a fir tree design, which can be applied to substrates of various thickness or threaded single-sided apertures, push mounts lock securely into position through panel holes to enhance the stability of the installed pipelines and wires.

Self Locking Cable Ties

Self locking cable ties use a very strong and flexible nylon material. This self locking ties will be able to tackle any outdoor task without any issue whatsoever.

Self locking cable ties can lock items in place very securely, and the locking teeth stop the cable tie at the desired length which will be getting tighter each time you pull.

Serial Number Zip Ties

Numbered zip tiesis a one-time seal.Insulating plastic seal products, plastic seals can also be used to secure the wires, cables and other lines.

Serial number zip ties are made of high density polypropylene for greater durability.

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Different Types Reusable Cable Ties for Your Chosing:


  • Can be used again for several times–To organize wires and cables, bundle temporarily, organize documents
  • 10 years manufacturing experiences–To garantee reusable cable ties quality
  • Factory directly sell–To save your purchasing cost


Reusable cable ties are much more resourceful, efficient, and sustainable compared to regular cable ties. They can be used again for several times.

Reusable tie wraps are made of Nylon 66 (PA66) with a fire rating of 94V-2. They are safe to be used even in electrical lines because it is made of plastic, which is a good insulator for electricity and heat.

Releasable zip ties are easy to use. You can install it by hand and will be securely locked to the bundle. To release or undo it, you only need to use the trigger on the head of the cable tie.

reusable zip ties


reusable cable ties

  1. Releasableties have a quick release button used for easy removal of the lock of the cable tie
  2. Excellent for keeping gadgets, organizing wires and cables, bundling temporarily, organizing documents
  3. Easy to use just by simply insert then pull to tighten
  4. Suitable for indoor use such cable management, DIY projects, food packing, luggage lock, packages to be delivered, and many more
  5. Can also be used outdoors like automotive, electrical lines, securing your water hose, gardening, grafting and budding, etc.
  6. Reusable cable tieshave a wide range of working temperature of 40°F up to 185°F(-40°C up to 85°C) which is much higher compared to other cable ties
  7. It is flexible and versatile because it can be used to many things such as your documents, cables, wires, and many more.
  8. Have compact molecular structure that provides better for:
  • Weathering Resistance– to resist vulnerability to a range of weather conditions like from sunlight and heat to humidity, or vice versa. Change in temperatures can make the material of the cable tie brittle which can snap. But because reusable tie wraps are made of Nylon 66, it can tolerate the changes of temperature in the atmosphere.
  • Ultraviolet Resistance– which is great for fighting the sun’s rays which has ultraviolet rays. It can make the releasable zip ties last for a long time even if it is directly hit by the sun.
  • Discoloration Resistance– reusable ties can keep its natural color even used for a long time and reused to other objects which can appear to be like still brand new
  • Corrosion Resistance– when being used especially to metal objects, which can be prone to corrosion when the metal is exposed to moisture, the cable tie will not be affected by the metal corroding because it is made of plastic
  • Higher Melting Point– the reusable cable ties will not easily melt when exposed or have contact with high temperatures because the material of the reusable tie wraps is Nylon 66 (PA66). It can tolerate heat even up to 85 degrees celsius
  • Non-toxicity– the cable tie is safe and will not affect your health when used

Strength – it will not easily break and can be used for many times
reusable cable ties


  1. Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable stainless steel cable ties

Releasable cable ties are a considerable solution for your home or office projects and assignments. They can be used countless times for bundling your documents, paper works, appliances’ wirings and cables, and many more.

     2. Beaded Cable Ties

reusable tie wraps

Beaded cable ties come with more different colors, and different materials used in making. They are more alterable to be used in harsh environments. It is easy to use for its beads and keyhole system of locking.

The beaded cable ties can be used many times in different kinds of work or project. The different colors also can help you to make your things, such as files, wires and cables, more easily identified and organized.

     3. Velcro Hook & Loop Ties

hook and loop cable ties

Velcro is a brand which is already well known and reliable. Velcro hook & loop ties are best used with fragile objects, and wirings which can be sensitive. And be used for many times over and over again.

Velcro Hook & Loop Ties are very flexible and very easy to use and come with continuous roll so you can always have the ties readily available. It can be used for bundling cables and wires and cut to desired length.

     4. Reusable Nylon Cable Ties

reusable zip ties

Reusable cable ties are made of Nylon 66 and are fire resistance. It is easy to use and can be used again. It is best used for cable management, tube hose fastening, plant organizing, and many more.

These cable ties are releasable, durable, strong, and insulated. It can secure your wires to be bundled very well. It is safe to be used because the edges are made round to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Reusable cable ties have a wide range of sizes depending on to where or what you will be using the cable tie. Here is a chart that shows the reusable cable ties’ sizes from our shop:







4.6*2008 inches200 mm4.6 mm45 mm
7.5*1506 inches150 mm7.5 mm35 mm
7.5*2008 inches200 mm7.5 mm45 mm
7.5*25010 inches250 mm7.5 mm60 mm
7.5*30012″ inches300 mm7.5 mm75 mm
7.5*40016″ inches400 mm7.5 mm100 mm
7.5*45020″ inches450 mm7.5 mm125 mm


Here are tips that may be a great help for you when using reusable cable ties:

  1. How to properly use Velcro reusable cable ties:
  • For a more secure hold, thread one end through the eye hole to form a wrap.
  • Cut ties to length if the reusable cable tie has excess tail or combine ties to suit any application.

velcro reusable cable ties

  1. Choose the right size of reusable cable ties depending on what you are to bundle

If you are planning on organizing thin cables like in the system unit of your personal computer, or so called “cable management”, you can use smaller sizes of reusable tie wraps. You will not need to use longer cable ties for it because you will still tend to cut the excess end of the reusable cable ties.

Then if you are to bundle thicker cable ties or heavy duty cable ties, it is better to use heavy duty reusable cable ties or even the extra heavy duty reusable cable ties in order for you to bundle the cable well. It will help you organize heavy cables and can hold it without breaking.

loop ties

  1. Use black reusable cable ties when working outdoors

Black reusable cable ties are ultraviolet resistant which is a best possible option for using or working outdoors.

The cable ties can tolerate higher than normal amounts of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. It is specially fabricated for being continuously used outdoors and bears the different weathers outside.

  1. You can use different colors of reusable cable ties

Reusable tie wraps can be in different colors such as black, blue, red, yellow, green, and white. These different colors can help you organize your cables and wires very well. It can help you determine which is which.

When reusable ties are used during cable management, the different colors will make your cables look more organized and neater, You will not be confused where the cables are connected to the system.

Especially when you are doing some troubleshooting, with the help of the different colors of the reusable cable ties, you can follow the cable lines according to the color of the cable tie you used. It will be less of a hassle for you while working on the problems.

releasable zip ties

  1. Do not tighten the reusable cable ties too much

Tightening your reusable tie wraps too much against the object you are bundling or organizing, especially wires and cables, may cause damage or stress which can lead to further accidents.

If the cable tie is too tight, the covering or the sheath of the cable may be cut open due to stress leading to making an opening for the conductors. Accidents may occur such as electrical shock, ground, short circuit, or in the worst case scenario, it can lead to a huge fire.


Here are some FAQs about reusable cable ties that you may want to know:

Are reusable cable ties durable?

  • Here is the table that shows the tensile strengths of reusable cable ties, which can determine how much can the cable ties hold a certain object, according to it its sizes:
4.6*20050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*15050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*20050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*25050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*30050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*40050 lbs22 kgs
7.5*45075 lbs 34 kgs

What are the available packages for reusable cable ties?

  • Reusable cable ties can be packed in 50s, 100s, and 1,000s depending on the size of the cable tie and also the manufacturer

Can you trim reusable cable ties if they are long?

  • If you think the reusable cable ties are too long, you can clip out the excess to make it look neater.
  • If you think the fastened tie is too short, you can choose to take multiple Velcro straps to merge just by inserting the tip of the cable tie to the head of the other cable tie. Perfect for organizing your cables under your desk, behind your media center, in your drawers, at home, and in your office.

Are thick reusable cable ties better than short ones?

  • It depends on what you are to be bundling with the reusable cable tie. If you are only to bundle thin cables or wires then you should go use the short ones. And if you are to bundle thick and heavy-duty cables or wires then you should use thick reusable cable ties.

What are the advantages of using reusable cable ties?

releasable ties

  • Reusabletie wraps are can be used all over again, great for organizing a home office files and documents, DIY projects around the house, constructing small renovations in your house, commercial construction jobs, for your business advertisements or banners at you store, supporting banners to support your favorite sports team, and many more
  • Made of Nylon 66 which makes it durable and flexible to different kinds of jobs like packaging, securing, organizing, and many more
  • Reusable cable ties are made of plastic which makes it also recyclable
  • It has wide range of working temperature that the reusable cable ties can be used to cold and hot areas or workspace

Are there disadvantages when using reusable cable ties?

  • There is a rare chance that the reusable cable tie may be disadvantageous. But the only disadvantage possible for reusable cable ties is that the lock can be easily released if it is accidentally triggered

Are there other reusable cable ties which are not made of nylon?


  • Yes! There is a reusable cable tie which is also called a “Flexi Tie”. This cable tie is made of rubber. Unlike rubber bands, flexi ties are reusable. It is flexible and soft, and it is used by wrapping it around cables, wires, and cords.

Some may refer to it as ‘twist ties” as you can easily twist it around the cords you will bundle and get the wires or cables organized. This is widely used to bundle thing that you use over and over and can go from 7 inches or longer, depending on the manufacturer.

Reusable Cable Ties is a great tool for you if you want to bundle things temporarily because it   It comes with different sizes that fit to your different activities and projects.

It is safe and easy to use. Durable and insulated for protection to electrical currents and heat. Strong and releasable for holding your stuff. Has teeth that engage with each other to securely lock. Adjustable and releasable for you to use it many times to different jobs.


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