Rack screw

The rack screw surface is processed to prevent rack mounting screws and slide lock nuts from rusting.

Data rack screws have precision manufacture With quality craftsanship.These nuts, screws and washers have been carefully made for the perfect fit to keep your equipment safe.

Network rack screws can be easily installed into square-hole racks, making installation quicker and easier.

  • rack screws
  • rack mount screws
  • cage nuts and bolts

server rack screws

Rack screw

M5 rack screw

M6 rack screw

cage nuts and screws
d L D H thread length
M5 16mm 12mm 4mm 12mm
M5 20mm 12mm 4mm 16mm
M5 24mm 12mm 4mm 20mm
M5 29mm 12mm 4mm 25mm
M6 16mm 12mm 4mm 12mm
M6 20mm 12mm 4mm 16mm
M6 24mm 12mm 4mm 20mm
M6 29mm 12mm 4mm 25mm

screw rack

model B H S
M4 12.5mm 9.35mm 7.35mm
M5 12.5mm 9.35mm 7.35mm
M6 12.5mm 9.35mm 7.35mm
M8 16.5mm 12mm 9.4mm
M10 16.5mm 12mm 9.4mm

1, M5 rack screw
M5 rack screw
2, M6 rack screw
m6 rack screw

It is used on the panel of the chassis, on the network cabinet, on the cabinet and with the clamp nut. It is more convenient to disassemble and install, which is more beautiful.

server rack screws and clip nuts

rack cage nuts

DIFVAN has a series of products related to network engineering cabling. When you are concerned about how to secure the equipment in the cabinet, rack screws are your best choice.
Rack mount screws are used to attach equipment to the vertical uprights of a rack. Racks do not have a standard thread type.
cage nuts and bolts, also known as decorative nail, is a panel decorative screw, which is composed of three components. Semicircular countersunk head screws + concave meson + PVC washer and cassette nut are used together.
Carbon steel and stainless steel are commonly used. M5 and M6 are the two most common models.
Server rack screws are generally used in combination with cage nuts and are highly decorative.
Cage nuts and screws have black color and gray color to choose.
server rack cage nutsrack screws and cage nuts
DIFVAN’s screw rack have multiple processes,like Zinc Plated, Ni Plated, Brass Plated, Passivation, Anodize.
Standard inner cross,smooth and round surface ,stainless steel material ,can be used in humid environment and water , it also plays an anti- corrosion role.
Sharp spiral thread:deep thread,uniform force,sharper screw teeth ,it is not easy to slip during rotation.
Smooth surface treatment:the surface treatment is smooth and without burrs,and the workmanship is exquisite,durable.
Use a standard digital caliper to measure. The cabinet screw is a standard part. The positive and negative error range can be accurate to 0.01mm.

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