Rack cable management

The cable management frame is a tool for organizing electronic wires.

The cable management frame simplifies the planning and installation of the cross-connect system. In short, it is used to sort out the network cable. It has no direct relationship with the network, and is only convenient for management in the future.

  • horizontal cable management
  • horizontal cable management 1u
  • vertical wire manager

horizontal cable management

Cable Manager

1, Vertical cable management

2, Horizontal cable management

1, Vertical cable management

rack cable management

2, Horizontal cable management



3, 1u cable manager

cable management panel

4, 2u cable mangement

network rack cable management

rack mount cable management

1, Making the wiring system clean and beautiful.

rack management


cabinet cable management

3, Simple design, flexible, efficient and secure management of various cables.

rack wire management

DIFVAN have professional experiences in producing different kinds of rack cable management, there are vertical cable management and horizontal cable management.

The server room cable management can be installed at the front end of the rack to provide horizontal cable management for wiring or equipment jumpers.

Because all kinds of jumpers have a certain weight, they will naturally sag after jumping to the interface of the patch panel module.

If the connection point is stressed for a long time, it will cause the interface to cause poor contact and cause network failure.

The network rack cable management can flatten the cable so that the cable does not apply force to the module, which essentially solves this long-standing problem.

Rack mount cable management lifts the cable, and the jumper connector enters the RJ-45 module horizontally, so that the cable is not turned into a right angle before the cable is inserted into the module, which reduces the loss of its own signal .

The rack management frame should be installed according to the cable direction and be naturally connected to form a maintenance-friendly system.

Cabinet cable management have different height,so we liked called 1u cable management and 2u cable management.

Due to server cable management can be installed at 19 inch rack,we also liked named rack wire management or 19 rack cable management.

Cable management panel made by high-quality steel and plastic,make it sturdy.

According to the 19” rack standard, it is suitable for the horizontal and vertical cables of the patch panel and equipment jumpers.

Management, simple design, flexible, effective and safe management of various cables, making the wiring system clean and beautiful.

If you want your network cabling system to be more beautiful, you can combine it with cat5e patch panel.patch panel cat6,PDU socket.


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