R-Type Cable Clamp

R-type cable clips are made of nylon plastic, and the screws are made of stainless steel, they can be applied repeatedly.

Black r type cable clamp Can be used as wire management clips, electronic cord organizer, throttle cable clamps, marine cable clamps, stainless steel cable clamps, or anywhere clean looking wiring is needed!

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plastic cable clamp

3/16″ R-type Cable Clamp

1/4″ R-type Cable Clamp

3/8″R-type Cable Clamp

1/2″ R-type Cable Clamp

3/4″R-type Cable Clamp

DIFVAN R-Type Cable Clamps 3/16″ 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ Clips Fasteners Assortment for Cable Conduit

1 inch cable clamp

Item NoAB(mm)C(mm)D(mm)
5/4R26.21231.81 1/4″46.2
3/2R301236.71 1/2″50


Using way of the r-type cable clamp:

Divided into three steps:

1, Put the wire into the clip

2, Tighten with out matching screws

3, Mount it into wall or grand

nylon wire clamps




Advantage of r-type cable clamp:

1, plastic cable clamps have a fire-resistance rating of 94V-2, which is resistant to UV, corrosion and cold.

2, Easy installation,plastic wire clamp only need to put the wire into the round hole and tighten the wires with one screw.

plastic cable clamps


DIFVAN cable clamp is developed for cable management for Your Home and Office.

The most popular is the R-Type cable clamp. R-type cable clamps are available in various sizes, 3/16 “1/4” 3/8 “1/2” 3/4 “5/16″ 1 ” .

Nylon cable clamps are mechanical devices or clips that define a route for one or more cables along a building wall or within the instrumentation, control or another type of electrical enclosure.

Plastic wire clamp is made of durable nylon material, fire rating reaches to 94V-2, with resistance to UV, corrosion, and cold

nylon cable clamp can help orderly organize your cables and keep them in place neatly, away from the annoyance of mess wires

Cable p clips can be used for the management of various electrical cables, commonly used in electrical, electronic, air conditioning, electrical boxes, computer wiring fixed. Can hold a wire or several wires according to wire’s diameter.

nylon cable clamps black easy to use:Only need to put the wire into the round hole and tighten the wires with one screw. Fast and convenient. Not only save you time but also save your energy.

DIFVAN cable wall clips are packed in boxes and bags. You can choose from many different quantities of packaging.

You can choose from 100 packs or 200 packs. You can also choose from 100 per box or 200 per box, or even more.

DIFVAN electric also produces Adhesive Based Cable Clamp, Adjustable Plastic Cable Clamp, wire rope clamp, if you want to find cable clamps, DIFVAN electric is a great choice.

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