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As an real wiring accessories supplier, DIFVAN can provide more competitive price to help you to boom your business.

Free Samples

Tell me your address and contact information, you can get free samples in your office.

On time Delivery

Goods will be delivered out within ten days if your order amount under 5000 USD, 20 days for 20ft container.

For Wire Connection You Can Choose

Wire Terminals

Difvan Terminal Connector passed CE,ROHS certification, It include: Ring Terminal, Spade Terminal,Pin Terminal, Bullet Male Disconnects, Bullet Female Disconnects, Male Disconnects, Female Disconnects, Butt Connectors, Cord end Terminal, Twin Cord End Ferrules

Cable Lug

Difvan Cable Lug Made by High Purity Copper with Electro Tin-plated, it include: Copper Cable Lug, European Copper lugs and German style Copper lugs. Except Copper material, Difvan also have aluminum crimp lugs, aluminum and copper bimetal lugs

Terminal Block

Difvan Terminal Block have PP,PE,PA material, also it have U type and H type, Current can be from 3 Ampere to 150 Ampere

For Wire Holding You Can Choose

Cable Ties

Difvan Cable ties can be divided into Nylon Cable Ties and Stainless Steel cable tie. Nylon Cable ties made by Nylon 66 94-2 certificated by UL, heat-resisting, Erosion Control. Material of Stainless steel cable tie can be steel 304 and 316

Cable Clips

Difvan Cable Clips was made by PP and steel nail。 Cable Clips are widely used across industries in managing cables and wires by firmly securing them to a surface such as a wall, floor or ceiling. Circle cable clips allow you to secure runs of round cables

Cable Gland

DIFVAN Cable glands are used in conjunction with cable and wiring for electrical, instrumentation & control, and automation systems, including lighting, power, data and telecoms. act as a sealing and terminating device to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures.1

For Wire Protection You Can Choose

Heat Shrink Tube

DIFVAN Heat-shrink tube is e used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical work

Wrapping Bands

DIFVAN spiral wrapping band is perfect for organizing and protecting your wiring and cables. It helps eliminate accidents that can be cause d by loose cords and provides a neat appearance for any entertainment system or office setting

Wiring Duct

DIFVAN wiring duct efficiently routes and protects wires and cables while providing a professional appearance. Manufactured from high-impact, rigid PVC, the Pro-Duct family of products includes solid, slotted, and high-density slotted styles.1

Choose Difvan, Choose Extra Service

OEM service

Free Packing Design
If you need to design your own brand on the sticker of all the wiring accessories,
Yes, we can do for you

Free Warehouse Storage Service

If you purchase our terminals and cable ties, but some other goods like cable gland, cable clips from other supplier, but you want to send all items to one place to load together,
Yes, we can do for you

Free QC Service

If you purchase from our company, live-video can show you to help you to see your good production schedule If your goods not from our company, we can provide Free QC check service for you if you order reach 5000 USD.

Difvan want to be your good business partner here in China, Difvan also want to be your good friend here in China.

if you want to import some wiring accessories like terminal, connectors, cable ties, cable lugs, terminal blocks, cable clips, DIN rail, busbar, pls just contact Difvan, we can provide you competitive price for all items to boom your business. For all wiring accessories, Difvan can provide you solutions for packing and quality check and delivery.

If your shop need some other items but not in our production range, Difvan can help you to source it. Because we’re located in Lliushi ( the place also name capital city of China, here have all kinds of electric products like Relay, Circuit Breaker, Socket, Distribution box and so on)

If you want to find a guide here in China, no problem, just tell Difvan your requirements, we can be your friends here to help you to arrange your visiting schedule, to book hotel and tickets, to contact factories. What else you want just contact Difvan. Difvan can help you.

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