Piggyback Connectors

DIFVAN Piggy back connectors is used for both female connectors and male connectors. It is used for connecting two wires.

Flared funny entry making the piggy back connectors more easy and convenient to insert.

  • piggyback wire connectors
  • piggyback terminal
  • piggyback connector
  • piggyback spade connector

piggyback disconnect

Piggyback Connectors

  • Vinyl piggyback crimp Terminals
  • Nylon piggyback crimp Terminals
  • Double crimp piggyback crimp Terminals

DIFVAN piggyback connectors are quite popularly used.

They are made using high quality brass, insulated by fireproof vinyl and nylon.

The product is well crimped by a crimping tool very easily.

  • Vinyl insulated piggyback crimp Terminals
  • Nylon insulated piggyback crimp Terminals
  • Double crimp piggyback crimp Terminals


Single crimp vinyl piggyback connector vs. double crimp piggyback connectors

Wire Range

Piggyback Connectors ITEM NO.



22-16 A.W.G



16-14 A.W.G

12-10 A.W.G


Advantage of DIFVAN Piggyback Connectors

1. Different insulation can be chosen per different using place.

2. The material of piggy slide connectors is made high-quality, oxygen-free copper with tin plating to make it corrosion resistant.

3. Material thickness more than normal supplier’s to make the spade connector more strong

4. CE & SGS test standard to make the piggyback push on terminals more safe and reliable.

piggyback disconnect


DIFVAN-30JDF and DIFVAN-02CDF Tool can be used for piggyback quick disconnect terminal.

Using place:

piggyback wire connectors

  1. Aftermarket audio
  2. Consumer electronics appliances like white goods and brown goods
  3. Terminal blocks, Sockets, circuit breaker, and wiring, harnesses in Industrial applications
  4. Industrial Automation like Electrical panels

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

Difvan: Your Best Piggyback Connectors Manufacturer


DIFVAN piggyback connectors are made with brass.

Surface can be natural and tin-plated as per customers’ request. Optional current flow can be up to 600V.

As a professional piggyback spade connector manufacturer, DIFVAN can provide piggyback wire connectors in any sizes based on your detailed requirements.

DIFVAN piggyback crimp connectors are ideal to allow for additional terminals to be connected.

Piggy back push on terminals are connected to a 1/4 inch female push on terminals with a male tab to piggyback.

A second circuit on to the existing quick connects terminals by attaching an additional push on terminals.

When you’re looking for an alternative component to allow a second tab connector to be connected to the same original tab, here DIFVAN piggyback spade terminals is your choice.

Insulated Piggyback connectors are insulated by Nylon, PVC (means Vinyl) and heat shrink per different circumstance with a flared funny entry to make the connectors easier to insert.

DIFVAN piggyback spade terminal connectors are coded by different colors to identify various wire ranges and different tab dimensions.

For example red piggyback electrical connectors mean 0.5-1.5mm2 with A.W.G 22-16, NEMA Tab size is 0.8mm×6.4MM insulation color in red. Also, we have blue for A.W.G 16-14 in blue and 12-10 A.W.G in yellow color.

By choosing the right piggyback disconnects, first, make sure you know your wire sizes and then choose the right NEMA tab.

As the best terminal connectors manufacturer here in China, DIFVAN will provide you with very competitive prices and support you in every detail.

Other than Piggyback terminals, DIFVAN also have Ring Terminals, Spade Terminals, Pin Terminal, Butt connectors,Male and Female Connectors.

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