PDU socket

PDU power socket is the first and most closely related component of the equipment operation. The quality of the PDU directly affects each device.

PDU power socket is a new type of socket device with reliable safety factor.

Reliable contact of the PDU power socket is far greater than that of the ordinary power socket, and the single-pole plug-in life is more than 5,000 times, which is much higher than the ordinary power socket. PDU power outlets have excellent connectivity and electrical continuity.

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PDU socket

4-way PDU socket

6-way PDU socket

8-way PDU socket

PDU power outlets are easy to install and maintain.The PDU socket has a local area or network online detection current and voltage and other power environment and early warning functions, and has protection functions such as leakage prevention, lightning protection, overload, and surge.

1,4-way PDU socket

2,6-Way PDU socket

3,8-Way PDU socket

1, Socket Style for all PDUs



2, Function for choose

1,Master Switch  2, Power Indicator  3, SPD surge protector  4, Overload protector

5, 2 pole circult breaker  6, Voltage and ampere meter  7, 3 led surge protector with filter  8, Leakage protector

3, Different socket for choose


1, Construction Plant

2, Conputer Server Lab

3, Repair Workshop

4, Factory Facility


1, Horrizotal

2, Vertical









A power distribution unit (PDU)  is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center.
DIFVAN PDU 6 socket had used many extreme conditions.In the course of use, all kinds of leakage and over-current overload can be protected.

The PDU power socket is the first and most closely related component of the equipment operation.
The quality of the PDU directly affects each device. PDU series cabinet socket type power protection lightning protection device is designed according to IEC standard.

It is specially designed for fine protection of single-phase AC power supply sensitive equipment.
It is applied to the equipment side as the third-level protection of power supply, so that the equipment is protected from lightning or electronic interference. State overvoltage damage.

The power protection lightning protection device adopts two-stage series linkage protection, the maximum flow rate can reach 20kA, the voltage protection level can be as low as 800V, the input and output are compatible with multi-national standard plugs and various power matching, and the overload protection device can be restored.
The lightning device is perfectly combined with the power strip.

DIFVAN PDU power outlet is a new type of socket device with a reliable safety factor.
DIFVAN PDU is made out of robust all aluminium housing allowing for excellent durability.

PDU socket model:13APDU socket, 16A PDU socket,PDU 4 socket, PDU 6 socket.

PDU socket have many function for choose ,like PDU socket with leakage protector, PDU socket with 2 pole circuit breaker,  PDU socket with voltage and ampere meter,  PDU socket with 3 led surge protector with filter, PDU socket with air switch, PDU socket with power indicator, PDU socket with SPD surge protector, PDU socket with master switch.

PDU socket style have many kinds for choose,like UK/BS1636 socket,IEC 19 socket, IEC 13 socket, us socket,16A Unversal ,AUS socket,16A CN socket, 10A socket,10A Unversal ,Schuko socket.
BS1363 UK socket Features with external earth facility.Choice of standard and filtered solutions with input plug variants.

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