PCB terminal block

DIFVAN offers a very wide range of fixed wiring PCB terminal blocks to solve Commercial, Industrial, Signal, High Current, Space Saving Multi-Level, Subminiature Compact and Angled Wiring applications.
Fixed Wiring Printed Circuit Board Terminal Blocks are used in those applications where you would like to connect your wiring directly to the printed circuit board.


  • pcb terminal block
  • pcb terminal
  • pcb screw terminal

pcb terminal block connector

PCB terminal block

Housing PA66, flame retardant grade V0

Large current products, 2P and 3P products can be spliced to meet different number of requirements

pcb mount screw terminal



Pitch :2.54-12.7mmm

Poles: 2P, 3P

Screw: M2.5, nickel plated steel

Wire cage: Steel Zinc plated or brass Ni plated

Pin header: Brass, Tin plated

Housing: PA66, UL 94V-0


Rated voltage: 300V

Rated current: 10A

Wire range: 26AWG to 12AWG


Temperature range: -40℃-+150℃

Torque: 0.4Nm(3.5 lb.in)

Strip length: 6-7mm



ScrewM2.5, steel, Zinc plated
ContactPhosphor bronze Ni plated
Wire cageBrass Ni plated
HousingPA66 , UL94V-0
Rated voltage300V(UL)
Reated current20A
Withstanding voltageAC2000V/1Min
Wire range28-12A WG
Temperature range-40°C~+105°C
Max Soldering+250°C for 5 sec
Torque0.4 Nm(1.8 lb.in)
Strip length7-8mm





1, Compact structure

pcb mount screw

2, Multiple wiring position

pcb screw terminal block connector

When you need the best possible wiring connections to your printed circuit board but you have cost constraints Automation Systems Interconnect industrial fixed wiring terminal blocks are your choice.

PCB terminal blocks enable the easy and safe transmission of signals, data, and power directly to the PCB.

pcb screw terminal are modular, insulated devices that mount on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and secure two or more wires together.

pcb terminal block connector also known as electronic blocks, are manufactured to be mounted on a printed circuit board, or PCB.

pcb mount screw is composed of the following materials: Insulation material: PA66; Pin material: tinned iron; Screw type: M2.5, nickel plated steel.

pcb mount screw terminal is a through hole, 2 /3/4 position vertical terminal block with screw connection.

pcb screw terminal block comes from 2.54mm to 12.7mm  pitch spacing and is suitable for wire size ranging from 26AWG to 12AWG.

Rating of pcb mount terminal block Rating is 300V, 16A Frequency: low

pcb terminal connector operating temperature range from -40°C to 105°C.

The standard colors of pcb terminal blocks manufacturers is  green, depending on the model. Alternate colors are available on request.

Connecting a wire to the  pcb mount screw is accomplished with either a screw clamp or spring clamp screwless termination method, making it easy and quick to terminate any wire to a printed circuit board.


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