Patch Panel 24 Port

The 24-port patch panel helps to make cable management, and troubleshooting works easier to your 24-port network switch connection

The patch panels are used to manage the equipment. For example, if there is no patch panel, the information points of the front end are directly connected to the switch, so if there is a problem with the cable, it will face rewiring. In addition, the management is also confusing, multiple plug-ins may cause damage to the switch port.

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24 port rj45 patch panel

Patch Panel 24 Port

1, 24 port patch panel cat5e

2, 24 port cat6 patch panel


DIFVAN Patch Panel has many types because the application is diffeerent.

1, 24 port patch panel cat5e

24 port patch panel cat5e

2, 24 port cat6 patch panel

patch panel 24 port cat 6



How to install the patch panel?

1, Put the cable into the special stripper tool;

2, Revolve the sripper tool, cut off the sheath;

3, Put the corresponding wire to the terminal on the T568B Standard;

4, Puch down the wire into the IDC terminal,then cut down the spare wire;

1u 24 port patch panel

5, The spare wire in the picture;

6, Puch down another cable by the previous method;

7, Use the ties to bind the cable;

8, Cut down the spare ties.

24 port unloaded patch panel

Where did the patch panel used?


1,Data center/MDF

24 port panel

2,Server room/Computer room

24 port patch


24 port ethernet patch panel


24 port ethernet patch panel

DIFVAN have different kinds of patch panel, one of the popular type is patch panel 24 port.

The function of the patch panel is to cross-connect the twisted pairs in the management subsystem, which is used in the main distribution room and between the distribution lines.

Front plate of patch panel have 24 ports are used to directly connect Ethernet ,so we called 24 patch panel.

The needle core of patch panel is made of pure copper gold-plated,also named 24 port copper patch panel.

24 port rj45 patch panel have 24RJ45 port with thick phosphor bronze,it can wiring stable contact and resistance to plug-in.Ensuring stable data transmission and long service life.

In the rear, phosphor bronze wire clamp,is made of high-strength polycabonate wire post and phosphor bronze wire clamp material.To ensure that the cable can easily be broken,thereby improving the contact and transmission performance of the conductor.

Frame of patch panel adopt cold forming used cold rolled steel material and make the finishing structure stronger.

Patch panel 24 port include 24 port patch panel cat5e, 24 port cat6 patch panel,patch panel cat 7 24 port.

You can according your maximum data transfer rate to choose them.

Patch panel 24 port length 19 inch,width 1U,we always give name 1u 24 port patch panel.

Patch panel24 port is mounted on the wall and 19 inch rack,so we liked called 24 port wall mount patch panel and 24 port rack mount patch panel.

UTP(unshielded twisted pair) patch panels 24 port and fiber-optic patch panels are commonly used in network engineering.

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