Nylon Zip Tie

DIFVAN nylon cable tie Pure new PA66 nylon material, cable tie is made of approved UL66 nylon new High tensile strength and A high degree of flexibility does not break easily material, safe and environmentally friendly.

This tie wrap has passed high temperature and tensile test, withstanding temperatures from 5℉ to 176℉ and fire-proof rating is 94V-2. UV resistant, outdoor use in direct sunlight is not an issue. Rain, snow, hot or cold, Bolt Dropper cable ties are made to last.

Releasable Cable Tie

Releasable zip ties perfect for organizing a home office or a project around the house; doing small home renovations or a commercial construction job; merchandising product hanging signs and banners craft sports or seasonal holiday ornaments and so much more;

Beaded Cable Tie

Beaded ties are not ties for cinching and there is no tool required.  The beads lock and release through keyhole slots and are effective for bundling and reinstallation of wires and cables.

Zip Tie Tag

Cable tie identification tags color scheme makes tracing cables a snap. Organize your different groups of cables with different colored labels, easy to identify the kind of labels at a glance.

Ladder Cable Tie

Ladder ties are especially useful for retail stores, where they can be used for bundling, pairing and securing merchandise. They also make ideal bag closure ties.

Parallel Entry Cable Tie

Parallel-entry cable ties limit exposure to sharp edges and protect workers’ arms/hands. Our ties are designed with a low profile head to avoid snags and reduce overall bundle size. Other features and benefits of AndFel’s wholesale security ties.

Heavy Duty Cable Tie

Heavy-duty cable ties have extra-heavy durability, extra-thick weather resistance, teeth that can be engaged on demand, self-locking design ensures tight and safe bundled cables.

Tear off Cable Tie

Tear-off cable ties are the perfect option for your temporary tie down application needs. The unique quick-release arm allows the wholesale tear-off cable tie to be removed without a cutting device.

Screw Mount Cable Tie

screw mount cable tie enables you to bundle, mount, loom, harnesses, wire, and cables to attach them directly to a panel, rack or chassis with the use of a screw. Zip ties are a great fastening device that provides strong support for positioning cables, wire, pipe bundles and more.

Colored Cable Tie

Colored cable tie strong and durable, insulated and colorfully, the teeth engage as they should, self-locking design ensure bundle wires more tightly and secure, And they’re designed with rounded edges to provide easy handling and prevent snagging in tight spaces.

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Our zip ties are made from 100% UV Resistant Nylon 66 giving them excellent durability in harsh conditions. Cable ties without UV inhibitors become brittle and decay when left in the sun. Bolt Dropper Zip Ties remain strong due to UV inhibitors added to the tie itself.

Temperature Resisitant

Rain, snow, hot or cold, Bolt Dropper cable ties are made to last. Our all weather zip ties are perfect to use in any condition, indoor and out. From hanging garden fences in the summer to securing Christmas lights in the winter, our ties will hold and get the job done!

20 Uses of Nylon Zip Ties That Will Blow Your Mind

Cable ties or zip ties are used to tie knots or cables. But did you know that it can offer more than just tying knots? We are all wrong! There are many ways to use zip ties aside from tying knots. So, here are some of the manners you can do with zip ties that will blow your mind. Enjoy reading, and make your mind be blown away!

  1. Cable Management

nylon cable zip ties

If you’ve got messy cables hanging behind your TV or home office desk, cleaning them up is time. Not only are rowdy cables an eyesore, but they are also dangerous as well. If a toddler makes a hold of them or liquid spills over them, exposed wires can be hazardous.

What’s more, they always get tangled even if you plan and order them neatly at first, and it’s still an irritating mess.

Instead of buying a pricey cable management system, you can use zip ties to arrange the rented cables and wires. Just wrap the wires together at even intervals and position zip ties.

If you want to hold the cables even more coordinated, use different colored zip ties. You won’t need to track the cable back to its location if you need to switch it.

Step 1: Getting Started

First, a fine large pack of zip ties and a pile of messy cables are needed.

Create some loops with the zip ties, but pull them at the first click to loosen them.

And move through all your cables.

Note: if you already connect your cables and you don’t want to unplug them, you can start with an open tie and close them around.

Step 2: Separators

Separate each of the wires and attach a zip tie around the one that binds the cables. Inside a loop, trap the cord and move to the next wire.

Fix this until all of your cables are together inside the large loop, separated by the ties that pass through; remember to keep everything loose for now as tightening any of the ties will prevent you from moving things to their final position.

Twitch the separating ties until they are close to being fit, but you can still move the loop, then tightly pull the main loop, and each separator follows.

Clip the tails off the ties with snips or side cutters.

Repeat this procedure at regular breaks along with the cable tie.

The use of this construction is that the run can be linked with new cables, and it only gets broader or if you can quit after a connection point, and the loom becomes narrower.

Step 3: Go Multi-Layered

If you have a tremendous amount of cabling or tidy cables from a network switch or patch panel, you can go multi-layered.

Begin the same with a loop for each sheet around the loom, then follow the dividers in the equal measure. This time, though, the separators are used to bind together the layers.

It will function with all styles and thicknesses of cables; the zip connection used should be measured proportional to the wires in the collection.

  1. Stops tools from rolling away

Even if you try to stay tidy while you’re working, as you fix things, you’ll always wind up with loads of supplies on your workbench. Most of the time, things stay where you place them, but sometimes things roll around and eventually off the table when you have screwdrivers and drill bits out there.

If you felt particularly coordinated, you might customize the zip ties with paint. The rope could also be designed to be a depth indicator with drill bits that have a zip tie on it to make sure you don’t dig too far into the workpiece.

This technique often works excellent to keep small pencils getting trapped in tight pockets of the tool belt, and the pens of the carpenter from falling through the cracks when used as spacers between deck boards.

  1. Drawer knob

Your drawer handle is destroyed. So what are we supposed to do? Without the handle, it will be very troublesome.

Don’t be scared. It’s time for our little one, our nylon zip line, to arrive. Get three connections with the cable. Then put two of them in the holes left by the handle. And attach the third one’s pipe.

Hey! A new drawer has just arrived. You don’t have to purchase a new drawer. Installation is simple. So buying the original drawer will save us much money.

  1. Key Ring Holder

You can use a small cable tie in a pinch as a key ring. It can be particularly helpful if, when you leave town, you give a few spare keys to a house or pet-sitter. Only zip the spare house key, mailbox key, and any other essential keys to keep track of them quickly.

  1. Drying Device for Pillows

Have you ever been upset again and again when the pillow slips off the bracket of the clothes? And placing the mattress directly on the ground for basking will dirty the pad.

So how can you do it? Here’s the first plastic zip tie’s new design. Put the link between two coat hangers. And then you can sleep in the heat with the blanket.

  1. DIY Spiral Notebook

One of my favorite shopping activities is buying a notebook. It’s because I like to use the pen to record all I see and all I say. For my thoughts, I need so many journals.

So for me, the DIY Loose Spiral Notebook is a great choice. I will take down a lot of stuff when I use it. And in my DIY loose spiral notebook, the cable ties also find their application.

  1. Snack/Food Sealer

Snacks are the most important companions in our lives, like most people. We can be with us when we’re alone. If we feel dull, they will make us feel happy.

But not all the snacks will be ruined because we’re going to worry about our weight. Thus several unfinished meals would occur.

The packaging of these snacks was opened. How do you handle them? Throwing them away might not be pleasant. It’s too much waste.

You got it right! Nylon zip ties are the best alternative for closing your opened snack to eliminate the air from coming in and make your food fresh and crispy.

8. Hang the Broom on the Wall

Our home environment will have a significant impact on our mood. But it is uncomfortable to see the dirty broom lying in the center of the living room.

Yes, we can keep it in our kitchen hanging on the wall, but it will fall back and forth. So, what you need to do is add a nylon zip tie on your broom so that when you hang it, there will be a bigger loop that will hold the brush from the wall hanging device.

  1. Patch Board Fixer

The repaired board is useful in our lives, as we all realize. But we may need it set on the wall often. The ladies can have a deep understanding of me, particularly in the kitchen.

Next to the electric cooker, the induction cooker, and the microwave, we need the board mounted on the ground. Yet when we use it, the patch board is always going here and there. And that’s bad.

Now we can ask for help from the plastic stuff. On the board, there is no need to consume holes. It’s quick to do the plastic cable ties.

  1. Emergency Zipper

When you lose or split the zipper stock, insert a cable tie through the zipper, make a small loop, and cut the rest off. You’ll be able to use the zipper until you fix it. Make sure that the cable tie loop you are making is just large enough to put your thumb through to make the zipper more comfortable to operate.

  1. Alternate Lock for Motorcycle

It is a perfect trick if you have to park your bike or car unattended for a short time. Step back and hold the front brake close. Use a heavy-duty cable tie to wrap it as securely as you can around the brake and handlebar and fasten it. To help it fit in, we consider using a black colored cable tie.

  1. First Aid and Bandage

Using cable ties to break a leg with a broken bone or a limb that has to be immobilized. Keep loose to allow for arm swelling for the first few hours. It is not advised to use cable ties as tourniquets, and in some situations, it can do more harm than good. The ties would be too restrictive and cut into the muscle and flesh, and once tightened, they would have to be cut with a knife or wire cutter, and this would be difficult if not impossible without damaging the limb.

  1. Temporary Snow Shackle

If you’re looking to get around on a bicycle in the winter-studded boots, it’s an excellent investment, but if you’re going to be commuting in the snow just this once, you can use a couple of hundred heavy-duty cable ties to make a set of tires. The links dig nicely into the snow, but they’re not thick enough to bounce the bike.

Caution: Be sure that if your bike has fenders that the zip tie heads are small enough to prevent visibility problems and make sure you don’t do this if your bike has rim brakes.

  1. Hand Cuff Chains

Naturally, an obvious use is for hand restraints. We don’t say you’re going to need limitations, we hope not, because we think you’re going to learn how to do that, just in case. You may need to restrict somebody in certain situations, and cable ties are ideal “handcuffs.” However, it is possible to manipulate the cheap links and free a person to break. So, in the end, quality products are paying off once again. 

  1. Curtain Hook

Most bathrooms have inside curtains. We use the curtain when we’re in the shower to keep us warm. And the curtain will stop the sprinkling water coming here and there for ourselves.

But after a long time of use, the curtain becomes dirty. We have to wash and replenish it. We may not locate the hooks at times. The hooks have been lost. The hooks are broken sometimes. These cable ties can also replace the curtain hooks.

  1. Novelty Lamp

Zip ties are so flexible that they can be used to significant effect even as an innovative lampshade. Through replacing the existing lampshade with square wire netting and layering with fun zip ties, I made this lampshade and put together an Instructable on this technique.

  1. Supports Plants

Zip bonds can also be a great addition to the garden. Tall plants can be trained to help stakes support them as they grow, make sure that the zip tie that could strangle the plant is not tightened. After the loop is locked, leave plenty of slack in the zip tie, enabling the plant to move as it grows but still benefit from the support provided by the rope.

The most significant part about using zip ties is that they come in loads of colors, so you can conveniently pick one that fits your plants.

  1. Trail Tracker

Zip ties are a handy item to have when camping, so why not take a few on your next camp hike with you to help mark the trail? It works best to use bright colors that are not always seen on hiking trails, such as orange or purple. Those colors stick out against the trees, and when you walk, you can capture your attention, taking you back to your campsite.

Zip ties will not rot and fall wherever they are attached, and when no longer needed, they will be easily removed with a camping knife. It is vital not to tighten when adding zip ties to any plant; this may strangle the plant and cause harm. The purpose of using zip ties in this fashion is only a visual aid method, so after securing the loop, leave plenty of slack in the link.

  1. Secure Hubcaps

While many modern cars have alloy wheel rims with a polished finish that does not need hubcaps, some vehicles still have plastic or metal hubcaps that cover the industrial wheel surface. Typically, these hubcaps are fitted with a spring clip or interruption cover, requiring a quick pull to detach them. But this also means that they can come off alone while driving if the conditions are right, making them dangerous for high speed.

Protect automobile hubcaps with zip ties to the wheel rims, meaning that the zip ties clear the brake rotors and don’t get stuck on anything inside the wheel rim (usually adequate clearance, but always check!).

  1. Fix Unsteady Outlets

Over the years, electrical sockets can be manipulated with cables being ruthlessly yanked from the plug, allowing the receptacle to break inside the wall’s electrical box.

If your outlet sits too far into the electrical box and the cover does not fit, try to add a zip tie on the machine screw behind the outlet to act as a standoff. It will enable you to stiffen the screw to the zip tie and give you extra height to secure the faceplate over and let it sit even.

Here’s the summary of uses these incredible ties can offer.

  1. Cable Management
  2. Stops tools from rolling away
  3. Drawer knob
  4. Key Ring Holder
  5. Drying Device for Pillows
  6. DIY Spiral Notebook
  7. Snack/Food Sealer
  8. 8. Hang the Broom on the Wall
  9. Patch Board Fixer
  10. Emergency Zipper
  11. Alternate Lock for Motorcycle
  12. First Aid and Bandage
  13. Temporary Snow Shackle
  14. Hand Cuff Chains
  15. Curtain Hook
  16. Novelty Lamp
  17. Supports Plants
  18. Trail Tracker
  19. Secure Hubcaps
  20. Fix Unsteady Outlets

There you have it! Zip ties have a lot to offer from being a cable management tool to securing your hubcaps and more. We can say that Nylon zip ties are very versatile and can make the most out of anything from inside your home to the forest and almost anywhere. There are several ways to use these incredible ties even at the smallest thing you can remember.



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