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Self-locking Cable Tie in bulk from Chinese Factory

    DIFVAN has 17 years’ rich manufacturing experience of nylon cable ties with Factory Working area of 5000 square meters, 300 professional enployees, Followed by ISO9001 qualitymanagement system during production process,  we have professional inspection team during the production, Choose 100% PA66 raw material with 94V-2 UL approved to make the nylon cable ties in high tensile with no break, no color change during your customer’s using. Ensure no complaint from your customer.

Other Types of Nylon Cable ties from our Factory

Choose our Nylon Cable Ties to Boom Your Business

  1. 100% nylon Raw material:  Pure nylon makes cable ties excellect toghtness,100% Nylon PA 66–Reject PA6 Compound–Material certification can be provided
  2. Accurate Mold: accurate mold make cable ties hard to loose, smooth appearance, no burrs.
  3. Gurantee Enough Quantity: make enough quanqity in each bag, no less quantity per bag.
  4.  Strictly QC check: at least four times QC checking: raw material check, production check, packing check, overall before delivery check. Tensile Testing: Our tensile are higher then Standard Tensile–tensile tested more then three times during the production for each order
  5. Warranty Time: 2 years warranty time after order dispatched.

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How DIFVAN Control the Quality of Cable Tie

  • Raw Material-100% Pure nylon from Dupont-Pure nylon can make the nylon cable ties last longer time without break no and color change.
  • 58 sets 50 tons high speed injection machines-ensure us in large production capacity, and larger capacity of the injection machines ensure the nylon cable ties in good quality
  • Accurate Mold-Better mold can make the nylon cable ties produced in low tempreture, and surface in smooth and nice appearances,no burs.
  • Tensile Test during production-three time checking in production, Each batch of nylon cable ties had been tested by our QC team at least three times, make sure all cable ties are in high tensile.
  • Insertion Test-double check the cable tie teeth-We do extra Insertion test for the nylon cable tie teeth to make sure each cable tie goes smoothly.
  • Moiture Test-Moiture test by professional tester, Because of the nylon materail, each nylon cable ties shoud absorb enough water to ensure teh cable ties can last longer time withour break.
  • Frozen Test-especialy for cold whether, if you’re in Russia, in some place where the tempreture is -40° in winter, this test will be a must for you.
  • Packing and Quantity check-make sure no less quantity and labeled well, We packed the cable ties in bags by measuring the weight, but also checked by pieces to make sure enought quantity in each bag. also checking the label per your design as well.
Raw Material of cable ties
Raw Material
Accurate Mold
Accraute Mold
Moiture Test
Moiture Test
Insertion Test
Insertion Test
Tensile Test Before Delivery
Tensile Test

nylon cable ties factory

nylon cable ties factory

Zip ties in bulk



As a nylon Cable Ties Factory, we do our 100% effort to Guarantee our customer’s repution from customers


ISO cable ties factory

DIFVAN also have different packing stype for the nylon cable ties to help you to fit different customer’s needs:

bulk cable ties packing

cable ties in bulk

bulk nylon cable ties


Other Questions for the Nylon Cable Ties?--Find Answers Here

What is the your material of nylon cable tie?

the material we use are 100% nylon PA66 with UL 94-2 approved.

brand are: Dupont Zytel,  Vydyne. ( these two brands are the ones we used most usually)

and also we due to the raw material price increasing in the global market, we try to find the alternative one like Rhodia, Invista, Radici as well.

we’re testing now, but the first of all, the quality should be the same as Dupont Zytel and  Vydyne made.

for more raw material brand, here please check:  Nylon Material Brand

What is the operation whether of the nylon cable tie?

Temperature of nylon cable tie can be -30°-90°.


What is the ideal stock temperature of nylon cable tie?

Cable Tie Manufacturer Answer: ideal Temperature of nylon cable tie can be -20°-30°

Also here is the Storage suggestion for cable ties:

Nylon is hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture, and lose the moisture too. to ensure optimum performance, the nylon cable tie must maintain a 2.5% water, our DIFVAN packing style can keep the moisture. in order to keep the quality, it’s better to remain the original packaging for inventories.

if stored improperly especially in dry or cold environment, it will lose water from cable ties, and impact the use of cable ties.

once the package is opened, pls use out the cable ties as soon as possible.

Here are our suggestion for the cable tie storage:

1, Do not expose or place the cable ties in direct sunlight environment.

2, Do not expose or placed the cable ties near direct heat source.


Is there MOQ for the cable ties?

As a directly cable ties factory in China,  there’s No MOQ needed, because we have most sizes and colors nylon cable ties in our warehouse,

but considering the long distance delivery distance, the freight will be different per the different shipping method.

in this way, we have EXW, FOB, CIF per your different requests.

What kind of packing can be used for the cable ties?

normal packing for export is 100 pcs per polybag, also some customized packing style can be available, like blister card packing, jaw and bottle packing.

we listed the packing ways in my above description, you can find answers there.

If there is some quality problem after we bought the products, how to solve it?

DIFVAN cable ties havd 1 year quality guarantee period.

If it is the quality problem by confirmation, not caused by the outer factors, we will compensate each piece for the customers.

What is your payment terms?

TT will be best choice, LC also acceptable

others also can be discussed.

What is your delivery time?

7-30 days depend on different quantity.

30 days for a 20ft container,

45 days for a 40ft container.

if quantity less than a 20 ft container, delivery date will be 7-20 days per your packing requests.

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