Nylon cable gland Consists of 5 parts:lock nut, washer, body, seal, sealing nut. Nylon cable gland apply to cable fixing, the waterproof cable connector design of the clamping die.

PA66 plastic,Wildly use to cable fixing, wire splices, machinery control boxes, distribution panels, and electrical appliances etc .

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Nylon cable gland

Metal cable gland

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ItemCable range(mm)L2(MM)L1(mm)L(mm)Spanner Size(mm)


Cable Range:G7 (0.12 – 0.26 inches); PG9 (0.16 – 0.31 inches); PG11 (0.2 – 0.4 inches); PG13.5 (0.24 – 0.43 inches); PG16 (0.4 – 0.51 inches)

Thread O.D: PG7 (0.49 inches), PG9 (0.6 inches), PG11 (0.73 inches), PG13.5 (0.81 inches), PG16 (0.89 inches)

IP68 protection grade, high water resistance of cable joints, salt water resistance, weak acid, alcohol, grease, heat resistance, etc. Working temperature: -40 ° C to 100 ° C



How Does a Cable Gland Work?

cable gland is a connector of a cable to an electric source. It is divided into different applications depending on where it will be used or what type of cable it is going to connect.
A Cable gland can be used for two purposes:
1.) General Industrial applications;
2.) Hazardous applications.
The former are your common applications for electrical connections like ethernet cable, household wiring and others. The latter is used for protection against high temperatures and/or risk of explosions

  • Electrical connection
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Automation systems: lighting, power, data and telecommunications

Cable Gland is a device designed to connect cables and wirings. It is used for electrical connections and may be used for sealing cables and protecting wiring connections from the elements that may cause corrosion and connection failure. It is also designed to be used in harsh or hazardous environments.

plastic cable gland are also known as Sealing Glands because it is designed to seal one or multiple wires and cables.

Nylon cable gland Made of high quality nylon PA66 plastic. IP68 cable gland. Waterproof. Wide adjustable cable range. Special design of the clamping die and rubber part, wide clamping range, strong stretching resistance, no damage to cables and devices.

PG9 cable gland used for cable fixing, wire splices, machinery control boxes, distribution panels and electrical appliances etc.

DIFVAN Nylon cable gland also named pg cable gland, M Cable Gland, NPT Cable Gland
It makes the seal against the inside of the surface you’re installing them on. thus are waterproof. can has a working temperature of -40°C to 100°C, depending on the cable gland manufacturers.

PG Cable gland provides your wiring connections the protection against dust, moisture and other chemical exposure that may cause corrosion or connection failure.

DIFVAN NPT cable gland allows electricity to pass through the cable, grounding the wire and insulating your cables, preventing electrical seepage.and the power source and ensures the safety of your connection and anyone nearby.

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