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Motor terminal blocks are created to protect applications. For junction box protection, motor terminal block has the capability to provide systematic method into motors.

The motor terminal block links can be assembled for either wye or delta wiring configurations.

  • motor connector block
  • motor terminal board
  • terminal block motor

Motor Terminal Block

  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different sizes for your types of motors
  • Original motor terminal block Supplier

KM  series motor terminal block is used to connect electric motors to the electricity grid.

Base MaterialFlame Retardant Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (Polyester-Glass Laminate)
Flame Retardant RatingUL 94 V-0
Oxygen Index30% (BS 2782 method 141 & ISO 4589)
Stud MaterialMild steel, zinc plated & yellow chromate.
Number of Studs6
ThreadIsometrix Medium Fit Coarse Thread Class 6H / 6G
CTI>600 Volts (BS 5901 & IEC 112)
Working Voltage (Ue)660 Volts (BS 2618)
KM series motor terminal block data sheet
ITEM NO.ABCDEFHole SizeHJThread Size
DF-KM420mm54mm34mm5mm16mm29mm5.5mm Ø20mm10mmM4
DF-KM523mm64mm40mm5mm18mm31mm5.5mm Ø23mm10mmM5
DF-KM628mm78mm48mm6mm23mm39mm6.6mm Ø28mm11mmM6
DF-KM835mm96mm60mm8mm28mm46mm9mm Ø35mm15mmM8
DF-KM1045mm120mm75mm10mm34mm56mm11mm Ø45mm18mmM10
DF-KM1255mm150mm95mm16mm40mm65mm11.5mm Ø55mm19mmM12

ST series motor termnial block direct replacement terminal blocks for electric motors, generators and similar machines.

cage clamp terminal

Insulating Materialphenolic plastic , BMC
Bolt Materialbrass,nickel plated brass,nickel plate steel,
brass plated steel,galvanized steel
Termination Method:screw
Number of Circuits:3
Maximum Voltage Rating:1000V
Maximum Current Rating:35A
ST series motor terminal block data sheet

clamp terminal

ITEM No.A(mm/in)B(mm/in)C(mm/in)D(mm/in)E(mm/in)F(mm/in)G(mm/in)H(mm/in)I(mm/in)J(mm/in)K(mm/in)L(mm/in)Thread size

Compared to other types of connectors, ceramic motor terminal blocks are inexpensive.

stud type terminal block

Current rating16A
Mounting typepanel mount
Number of positions6 position
Pin spacing20mm/23mm/28mm/35mm/45mm
Primary typepanel mount
Voltage rating500V
Wire termination typescrew
Ceramic motor terminal block data sheet

ITEM No.  L(mm/in)  W(mm/in) H(mm/in)A(mm/in)B (mm/in)C(mm/in)Wire size

Motor terminal boards for use in electrical equipment such as electric motors, generators and other machines.

A range of electric motor terminal blocks. All terminal blocks are supplied with 3 brass terminal links to enable a ‘Star’ or ‘Delta’ motor lead termination.
Every terminal block is supplied with nuts, washers and terminal links. The terminal links are usually used for bridging out the STAR or DELTA connection for the cable ends.
KM Series motor terminal blocks are widely used on low to medium voltage electric motors.

High quality 6 stud terminal block motor made from a flame-retardant base.

Motor block Details

  • Insulating material is made of bakelite(phenolic plastics) or BMC(DMC) SMC
  • Bolts material can be brass,nickel plated brass,brass plated steel,nickel plate steel,zinc-plated steel and so on
  • General color is black,white,blue,green,orange,red and customized color
  • The motor terminal blocks are high strength, withstand high torque
  • Flame class UL94-V0
  • General thermal class F(150℃) and class H (180°C).on request, motor terminal plate in thermal class C(220°C)
  • Motor terminal blocks with 2-3-4-5-6-8-9-11-12-14-16 studs
  • Links,nuts and washers are available,depand on your request

Application of motor block

The terminal block is used for electric motor

10A motor block

Packing style of the DIFVAN motor block:

motor block

Studs made from mild steel that has been zinc plated and yellow chromate passivated.
The new motor blocks provide a systematic method to wire electrical motors in the motor’s junction box and allow for circuit management.
The circuit testing most is very easier with the help of our fabricated motor terminal blocks.

Motor terminal board have two purposes to provide. It has the capability to connect together the circuits. And it also provides ground electric circuit. It provides reliable power distribution in each application you may need.

DIFVAN manufactured motor connector block from strong and reinforced. It is created to terminate simplest form of wires. In a long strip, motor terminal blocks are consist of different terminals. It is also useful for connecting wires into grounds, electrical switches, when applying electrical power and outlets connect to the mains.

Maximum voltage rating and current rating of terminal board motor is 1000 V, 160 A,
Ceramic motor terminal board have two recessed mounting holes; they feature separating walls molded between each clamping bolt to help prevent unwanted contact between adjacent connections.

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