Quick connect terminal block

Quick connect terminalblock make the job much easier and neater, and they seem to hold on quite well.

Great Lever-Nut Lever Conductor make the job about and easier, more reliably, easy to use, save your time.

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  • lever nuts
  • electrical lever nuts



Quick connect terminal block

Easy  to install

Save space

 lever nuts lowesquick connect terminal block
Material and plating

Contact material: Phosphor bronze

Spring clamp: Stainless steel

Contact point coating: Tin plated

Plastic: PA66,UL94-V0

Electrical performance

Rated voltage: 250V

Rated current: 24A

Use wire: 0.08-4.0mm²

Mechanical properties

Temperature range: -40℃~+105℃

Strip length: 9-11mm


Easy to install

quick connect terminal block lowes

Suitable for various types of copper wires

quick wire connect terminal block

There is a line on each connectors that you can used as a guide in cutting the length of the wire. Once the wire is in place it’s very sturdy and fits snugly.

Used in junction box

lever nut wire connector


DIFVAN is specialized in the production of wire connector, one of the popular is lever nut wire connector.

Lever nut wire connector make the connecting easily save time and money in distribution boxes or junction boxes.With the compact body, we can make connecting possible to be done in the narrow space and enable the high wiring density.

Lever wire nuts is an alternative solution for traditional wire nuts to create quicker and more secure wire connections.

Insert stripped wires and close the lever to secure wire and create a common connection between the other terminals, no tools required. Lower the levers to connect wire and raise them to disconnect.

lever nuts are made from flaming retarding PA66.

Design with the operating levers for easily handling.

Levers can be used for a number of different connections, including, a connection requiring stranded/solid wires, a wide range of wire sizes, or a combination of different wire sizes and types within one connector.

Electrical lever nuts select the best flame retardant insulating material, which is a long life, no corrosion, anti-aging and against electrical shock.

Lever nuts lowes is widely used in building wiring where space is at premium for all connections requiring. Can be ideally used in home and small electrical wiring connection.

lever nut wire connector can be easy to use, quick splice solderless terminals, instead of traditional electrical tape and electrical butt connector twist-type, technological innovation reduce wiring time by 70%.

Lever nut wire is used to facilitate the connection of the wires.

This reusable connector guarantees a maintenance-free connection, and is also approved for grounding and bonding.


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