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DIFVAN Keystone Jack Types

Cat5e  UTP keystone jack

Cat5e UTP keystone jack can work and exceed TIA / EIA 568-B. They are 8P8C and easily attach to our Cat5e cables such as stranded, riser, and plenum.

Cat6 UTP keystone jack

They are used in a home network installation or driven to the limit by the largest data hungry applications out there; these keystone jacks will live up to expectations time and time again.

Cat6a UTP keystone jack

Cat 6A total solution products applied with patch panels, keystone jacks, outlets, patch cords, and verified cables, the performance could meet your requirements for high-speed transmission from the telecommunications room to the work area.

Cat7 UTP keystone jack

Fast and secure wire terminations without special punching tools Suitable for RJ45 female to LSA patch panels and mounting outlets, 8P8C Cable installation via LSA strips, color-coded according to EIA / TIA 568 A & B.

Cat5e STP keystone jack

It is a high-quality connector that guarantees system reliability and automatic production line stability. The dust-preventing shutter design doesn’t allow you to buy extra dust cover for safety.

Cat6 STP keystone jack

 It provides superior performance and efficiency, enabling applications on Gigabit Ethernet and beyond. The advance printed circuit board with full headroom provides maximal integrity.

Cat6a STP keystone jack

The most cost-effective way to connect up several network cables. It has a compact design; it could be snapped into a blank patch panel to act as a feed-through interconnect.

Cat7 STP keystone jack

The Metal shell provides complete shield protection to eliminate noise. Integrated with Shield LAN Cable, Patch Cords, and Patch Board, it offers excellent compatible performance and added DB value for the full series cabling network.

Punch down tool

Punch down tool is commonly used for the termination works in the copper neawork. It is used to terminate the Ethernet cables (Cat5/5e/6/6a) by inserting the cables wires into the insulation-displacement connectors (IDC) on the punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and the surface mount of boxes.

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DIFVAN have a wide range of keystone jack.

Keystone jack can be devide into UTP(unshielded twisted pair) keystone jack and FTP(foiled twisted pair) ketstone jack. they include UTP cat5e keystone jack.UTP cat6  ketstone jack,UTP cat6a keystone jack,UTP cat7 keystone jack, FTP cat5e keystone jack,FTP cat6 keystone jack,FTP cat6a keystone jack,FTP cat7 keystone jack.

rj45 keystone are connectors to keystone modules used in data transmission and LAN cabling. This is the female connector that is normally placed on a wall plate or patch panel and attached to the corresponding male connector, called the keystone plug.

rj45 keystone jack is a snap- kit used to install various types of low- electric jacks. Ethernet keystone can also be used to insert optical connectors into the plate or patch panel of the wall.

rj45 keystone coupler are used in LAN and Ethernet link cabling systems. These are called keystone jacks, because the jack looks like an architectural keystone, like the regular RJ-11 wall jack that connects telephones, fax machines, and dial-up networks.

You may use a single panel to install several types of keystone jacks in either shielded or unshielded designs. It can also handle various types of cords, wires, and different sizes and numbers of conductors. Shielded keystone jacks help protect the data from contact with electromagnetics.


keystone jackscat6 keystone jacks

Complete Guide of keystone jack

The keystone jack is an important device in a busy office for any high-end entertainment system, high-tech computer unit or for any data-heavy communication machine. You can find the answers for the following questions in this articles:

How to Choose a Correct Keystone Jack?

rj45 keystone jack and plug come in different designs in a snap-in box that you can use to install any form of cable or cord. This environment will also include annexed conductors to the electrical equipment.

By knowing the different types of keystone jacks will help you make a good decision. Major types you can look at:

  • Shielded jacks
  • Mini Jacks
  • Flush Mount Jacks
  • Optical Fiber Connectors
  • Banana Connectors
  • HDMI Jacks
  • F connector for TV Antenna, cable or satellite


It must have a compact company case that fits into a standard-sized faceplate, panel or outlet box without any effort from the end of the case. Aside from that, it is also important to make sure that the device meets all the required standards. They’re not expensive, but checking for these parameters will assure you that you don’t have to be satisfied with less-than-optimal performance or other issues. It’s going to benefit your business in more than many ways.

Definition of Keystone Jack Tool-less

These ethernet keystone  are the core of a high-performance installation in a high-value package. Ideal for patch panel or faceplate mounting, the clever design features quick and easy tool-less termination; incorporates 2 ‘butterfly’ style levers to form a dual end point at the back.

The UTP CAT5e and UTP CAT6 jacks are housed in a plastic body. The CAT6A jack is housed in a fully shielded die-cast body that is robust and delivers outstanding performance by eliminating alien cross-talk.

But, here are the most commonly used ethernet keystone  and their uses to help you in choosing the right ethernet keystone jack:


Flush Mount

  • Flush mount keystone jacks are among the newest on the market. They lie flush to the system which means that this close proximity makes good connections and fibers possible.
  • You won’t encounter packet loss or other dropped calls while everything is running in sync. The keystone jack is able to work with your phone in tandem and maintain a high-quality connection. Flush mount jacks are available nationally at most major retailers and shops.

Mini Jack

  • Because these devices are so small, they can fit into your hand palm and other tight spaces. If you’re thinking about shifting your keystone jack from place to place, use the mini jacks to make the most of it.
  • These happen to be among the cheapest items on the market as well. These are perfect for people who need to attend important conferences on the go.

RJ-11 And RJ-12

  • They are available in “tool less” varieties which means that without using a screwdriver or other soldering device you can connect the wires.
  • This is where cables are connected and then pulled down to hold the wires securely in the sockets. They show different colors on the telecoms. Two lines, one long and one short signify the color of the wire going into a specific slot.
  • The long color patch shows the primary color while the shorter one shows the color of the stripe on a thread.


Cat5e Keystone Jacks

  • Cat5e jack’s construction style is popular because you won’t have to replace blades when switching from keystone jacks to patch panels.
  • When you commit to purchase the accepted standard, it ensures that your unit is durable, durable and of superior performance.
  • You also need to make sure that the jack you buy is properly labeled with both wiring color codes.

Cat6 Keystone Jacks

  • Cat6  jack is one of the most sophisticated and known for outstanding performance in both domestic and business settings.
  • The most important part is that you can buy these jacks without making a hole in your pocket.
  • It may also be gold plated to provide additional strength and increased conductivity.
  • You can use these jacks with unloaded keystone wall panels and patch panels, angled multimedia wall panels, surface boxes, and more.


Features of Toolless Keystone Jacks

  • Snap-in and out of the patch screen, surface boxes, or any other function.
  • Keystone jack is self-terminating which means no tool required.
  • Ethernet jack prevents corrosion and is fire-resistant.
  • Ethernet keystone jack is easy to install.
  • Toolless keystone jack is compatible with 24-port applications in 1U.

Ways of use of Toolless Keystone Jacks

ethernet keystone jack

  • Step 1. Strip about 1” off of the outer jacket of the cable. If using Cat6 cable, trim off the spleen so that it doesn’t get in the way of the wires.
  • Step 2. Open the lid of the keystone and insert the wires through the loop at the end. Untwist and splay out the wires and sort them through the appropriate slots on the lid. Follow the color coding diagram on the side of the lid for the proper wiring standard you wish to use.
  • Step 3. Close the lid and squeeze tightly.
  • Step 4. Use the included lever to snap the lid all the way down.
  • Step 5. Trim away the excess wires from both sides of the keystone.
  • Step 6. If your model came with a zip tie, use it to secure the cable jacket to the keystone.

Ways of use of Punch Down Keystone Jack

Step1: Strip back the cable jacket.What should be noticed is that always leave about 2.5 inches (6 cm) at the end of the cable.

keystone jack

Step2: Expose the wires.After removing the cable jacket, you will have a few inches of exposed cable.

rj45 keystone

Step3: Place the cable wires in the jack.Take the protective cover off the top of the jack and set the cable into the block of the jack.

cat6 jack

Step4: Terminate the conductor wires.Take your punch down tool and press it down on the conductor wires to cut them.

rj45 keystone jack

Step5: Inspect the wires.Look at each wire to make sure there is no overhang out the side of the jack.

ethernet keystone

Step6 :Place a dust cap on the jack.Snap the dust caps in place to protect the wires.

rj45 keystone coupler

Features of Punch Down Keystone Jack

  • User-friendly making it convenient for customers.
  • Provide outstanding performance that meets the industry standard TIA / EIA 568-B / A, making these jacks suitable for use in today’s high-speed networks while being completely backward compatible with all previous requirements.
  • It balances signal transmission of loss of insertion and crosstalk.

Keystone Jack tool

A Keystone Jack tool terminates and cuts excess wire in one simple way. It has an ergonomic handle for daily use. It is lightweight and easy to use also.

Suitable for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, UTP, STP, Fast Tool Compatible RJ45 jacks.

keystone jack tool

Keystone Jack Color Code

The purpose of this color coding is to lessen errors in punching down or terminating wires. Just follow their color schemes.

Here are the 2 types of wiring color schemes:

cat6 punch down

White/Green (receive +)White/Orange (transmit +)
Green (receive -)Orange (transmit -)
White/Orange (transmit +)White/Green (receive +)
Orange (transmit -)Green (receive -)



Loose cables and wires can be a problem in any kind of environment. Proper cable management, with the appropriate use of keystone jacks and outlets and panels, can eliminate most, if not all, of these problems.

I hope this helps!



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