DIFVAN Stainless Steel Cable Clamp is P-Style design makes the clamps stylish, The quality rubber insulation on the clamps holds up flawlessly.
Rubber cable clamp designed with an insulating rubber that perfectly holds your cables and tubes, 304 insulated cable clamp Corrosion resistant, oil resistant, rust resistant, salt resistant.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Clamp
  • insulated cable clamp
  • stainless cable clamp

RIC6 rubber cable clamp

RIC10 rubber cable clamp

RIC16 rubber cable clamp

RIC25 rubber cable clamp

Advantage of DIFVAN insulated cable clamp

rubber cable clamp is premium 304 Stainless steel material with quality rubber cushioned

Rubber gasket can slow down the vibration and turbulence, reduce the abrasion of cables and hoses, fit closely with hose and cable, to make sure the clamp firmly fixed in place.


Used in stainless steel wire and cable, new energy vehicles, hoses,etc




machine room

package: 10pcs/bag, 5pcs/bag or as your request.

stainless steel cable clamp

DIFVAN stainless cable clamp is a versatile clamping tool designed to protect and secure your cable connections. It aims to fix the problem of tangling cables and provide a clutter-free environment for your workplace.

Stainless steel cable clamps is made from 304 Premium Stainless steel material with quality rubber cushioned.

Cushioned cable clamp Perfect to apply in automotive, industrial, boat/marine, windshield, household etc. for wiring, cables, pipe, rack, line management and restoration.

1 inch cable clamp are also designed to manage cables that deals from low up to high voltage circuitry,

Insulated cable clamp can be maintain hoses and cables without chafing or damaging the surface of the component being clamped. Easy to twist, bend, manipulate when install uitable for 6M( 1/4”) screw bolts and nuts to thread. Cable clamp inside diameter range: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8′ (6.4mm~16mm)

Rubber cable clamp have three furtures:

1, Compatibility in Harsh Environment,steel cable clamps is compatible and safe to use in workplace and connections that is exposed to environmental hazards

2, Easy Installation,stainless cable clamp  is one of the cable managing tools that doesn’t require any complicated tools to install.

3, Cable Organizer, stainless steel cable clamps is a versatile clamping tool suitable for all types and sizes of cable.

DIFVAN electric also produce Adjustable Cable Clamp, adhesive cable clamps,if you want to find cable clamp, DIFVAN electric is a great choice.

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