Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Hydraulic Crimping Tool crimping power have 10 ton/12 ton /16 ton. The hydraulic crimper range can be suitable for 4-300mm² Cable Lugs. The head of our yqk hydraulic crimping tool can be rotated 180° freely to benefit narrow space working. with durable materials with high strength and good toughness futures, Difvan hydraulic crimping pliers  provide a good choice for battery and welding cables, power wires, electrical cables, etc.

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  • hydraulic crimping pliers
  • hydraulic crimping plier

Hydraulic Crimping Tool

YQK-70—Crimping range 50-400mm², Output power 14T

YQK-120—Crimping range 16-300mm², Output power 13T

YQK-300—Crimping range 4-70mm², Output power 13T

DIFVAN electric is a professional tool supplier for all kinds of hydraulic wire crimping tool like :

YQK-70, YQK-120, YQK-240 and YQK-300.

These hydraulic cable crimping tool can be used to crimp terminals and also cable lugs. yqk hydraulic crimping tool are used for crimping aluminum and cooper or metal type materials.



YQK 70 Crimper


Product ModelYQK 70 Crimper
Range of Application4-70 MM2
Crimping Force6 Ton
Length Size310 MM
Standard Dies4/6/10/16/25/35/50/70 MM2
Weight2.5 Kgs


YQK 240 Crimper

wire lug connectors

Product ModelYQK 240 Crimper
Range of Application10-240 MM2
Crimping Force8 Ton
Length Size475 MM
Standard Dies16/25/35/50/70/95/120/150/185/240 MM2
Weight4.8 Kgs

YQK 300 crimper

cable crimp lugs

Product ModelYQK 300 crimper
Range of Application10-300 MM2
Crimping Force8 Ton
Length Size475 MM
Standard Dies25/35/50/70/95/120/150/185/240/300 MM2
Weight6.4 Kgs

Hydraulic crimping tool is made up of 4 parts:

pump handle, flxed handle, hydraulic oil return valve, crimping dies.



Advantage of DIFVAN hydraulic ferrule crimper:

  •  comfortable operation by ergonomic desing

  • Excellent anti oill leakage structure

How to use the Hydraulic Crimping Tool:

Step 1: Please confirm the pressed terminals match the cable specifications.

Step 2: Select the pressing die to match the crimping terminal and tight the dies with the hydraulic crimper.

Step 3: Put the connecting terminal into the tool head, operate the movable handle and start pressing.

Step 4: Loosen the oil return switch and the piston is automatically reset.



DIFVAN Hydraulic crimper is a kind of manual hydraulic crimper. The main feature of hydraulic cable crimper is the use of hydraulic principle to generate strong pressure to complete very thick steel cables, high-voltage wires riveting and crimping.

Hydraulic crimping pliers is much easier than using a pair of hand crimpers ,with this powerful crimper, you can crimp wires and cable lugs easily. It provides more convenient and secure crimping operations.

Hydraulic crimper made of durable materials with high strength and good toughness. Dies are made of hardened steel with chrome finish.Vinyl-dipped grip for comfort and easy control.

Cable Cutter of hydraulic wire crimper is made by forging SK5 high carbon steel Seiko with durable futures.

YQK 70 crimper have a crimping range from 4-70mm², with output power 12 ton.

YQK 120 crimper have a crimping range from 10-120mm², with output power 12 ton.

YQK 240 crimper have a crimping range from 16-240mm², with output power 16 ton.

YQK 300 crimper have a crimping range from 16-300mm², with output power 20 ton.

Our hydraulic cable lug crimper is working for jointing cable lugs to power wires, electrical cables, battery cables and welding cables.

YQK series hydraulic hand crimper is designed for hydraulic crimping on power cable and wire by hand but easy to operated. this kind of hydraulic lug crimper has futures as quick joint, easy operating, high precision, light weight, small size, solidpress and small resistance.

The crimped conductor of hydraulic terminal crimper is tested in high conductivity and close contact so that its uneasy to break out and turn hot.

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