Hook Cable Clips

Cable mounting clips are made by PE material,l, extra strong, non-toxic, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and UV resistant, easy to use for indoor and outdoor use electrical cord clips are pin type.

DIFVAN hook cable clip management alternative to wire mold, raceway, cable holder, or conduit; Ideal solution for routing cables.

Cable nail clips route cables along baseboards or wood trim; run Ethernet clips in the narrow space around the door frame and be sure they will stay in place.

  • 8mm cable clips
  • 4mm cable clips
  • 10mm cable clips

cable wall clips

Hook Cable Clips

DF-0304 Hook cable clip

DF-0607 Hook cable clip

DF-0711 Hook cable clip

DF-1620 Hook cable clip

DIFVAN hook cable clips are made by PE material.

electrical cable fixings

ITEM NOH(mm)W-D(mm)NAIL(mm)

How to use the hook cable clips

hook cable clip

1, Take one out hook cable clip

2, Straight through the line

3, Nail the nail to the wall with a hammer

4, Then fix the nails

DIFVAN hook cable clip Can be used in many different places, such as indoor, industrial.

ethernet cable nail clips

DIFVAN has professional experiences in producing different kinds of cable clips, one of the popular types is a hook cable clip.

DIFVAN hook cable clips also named cable wall clips, apply to your home, office cable management, no matter indoor or outdoor; cable mounting clips can use easily in electrical, Ethernet, dish wire, coax cable, RG6, RG59, CAT6, RJ45 or other wire/ cable which you want to organize in a proper manner.

Electrical cord clips are made by PE material. electrical cord clips are pin type, steel nails are directly attached to the plastic seat.

Hook Plastic Cable Clips Protects Insulation and are Weather Resistant, Impact Resistant & Non-Corrosive Complete with Corrosion Resistant Hardened Nails for Securing Cable to Wood, Cement, Plaster, Brick, etc.

our cable tacks are made of UV stabilized plastic, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, strong bearing capacity.

Rg6 cable clips are very convenient for fixed wires, this is the reason why people called it cable fixing clips or cable cord clips.

cable nail clips route cables along baseboards or wood trim molding; Run Ethernet clips in tight spaces around door frames with the confidence that they will remain in place.

DIFVAN also produces flat cable clip,round cable clip,if you want to find cable clip ,DIFVAN is a great choice.

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