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Heavy duty Zip ties are straps that are made of Nylon 66 that can bundle, and organize heavy duty cables and wires.

We use strong and flexible material, weather resistant and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue.

Heavy duty tie wraps are easy to use. You just need to insert the tail or the end of the cable to its head. It will instantly lock itself up to how tight you pulled the end.


Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Heavy Duty Natural Cable Ties

Heavy duty natural nylon cable ties were designed for applications where standard tensile strength zip ties could no longer perform under the pressure and weight they were subjected to.

Due to extra material being added to the manufacturing process heavy duty zip ties have wider strap widths which allows them to withstand more pressure.

Heavy Duty UV Black Cable Ties

Heavy duty zip ties made to offer greater strength but the also provide increased resistance to the elements and direct exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Most commonly UV black cable ties are used outdoors however they can be used indoors as well.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Heavy duty stainless steel cable ties are commonly used in applications that require the combination of extreme durability and highest tensile break strength possible.

Heavy duty steel cable ties can easily be tightened by hand.

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Colored Cable ties

Colored cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths, A range of colored cables ties available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Self Locking Cabel Ties

Self locking cable ties use a very strong and flexible nylon material. This self locking ties will be able to tackle any outdoor task without any issue whatsoever.

Self locking cable ties can lock items in place very securely, and the locking teeth stop the cable tie at the desired length which will be getting tighter each time you pull.

Srew Mount Cabe Ties

Screw mount cable ties are designed to be mounted directly to a chassis or panel with a screw.

Screw Mount Cable Ties allow you to attach your secured cable bundle to any surface you desire – communication racks, walls, or ceiling.

Zip Tie Tags

Zip tie tags made of high strong purity nylon so it can last for a long time, and it has self-locking teeth will not loosen, can easy to use.

The cable marker ties have tabs that make them easy to label and identify bundles of cables or anything you would like to easily tag.

Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties are made of weather and UV resistant nylon for durability, Releasable cable ties are simple to install by hand and will remain firmly locked until intentionally released with the finger catch on the head. Ideal for temporary installations where addition or removal of cables are required.

Push Mount Cable Ties

Push mount cable ties is resistant to acid, corrosion and insulation, and is not easy to age and high tensile strength.

Push mount ties with mountable head are not only for bundling and holding items together, but also for fixing at the boards.

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Different Types Heavy Duty Cable Ties for Your Chosing:

  • without break no and color change–To secure cable bundles, harness wiring components and keep them in place
  • 10 years manufacturing experiences–To garantee heavy  duty cable ties quality
  • Factory directly sell–To save your purchasing cost


Heavy duty cable ties are straps that are made of Nylon 66 that can bundle, and organize heavy duty cables and wires.

It can also be used in fixing things into place or securing your stuff. Heavy duty zip ties can manage outdoor tasks for its strength and resistance to every factor occurring outside.

Heavy duty tie wraps are easy to use. You just need to insert the tail or the end of the cable to its head. It will instantly lock itself up to how tight you pulled the end.

This cable tie can also be used in different kinds of work in pretty much any field.

heavy duty cable ties


Here are the feature of our heavy duty cable ties:

  • Heavy duty tiesare made of PA66 Nylon which makes it outstandingly stiff that even if it is used many times, it will still maintain its form
  • The edges of the cable tie is made round to avoid damage to the cables and wires to be bundled, and also for your safety when using
  • It is a good insulator which can protect you from electric shock when working with electrical lines such as the cables of your personal computer, television, music player, and other appliances

heavy duty cable ties

  • Heavy duty zipties have a flammability rating of UL 94 V-2 that makes it efficient when working to even high temperature surfaces such as your car’s engine, marine machineries, solar panels, and your electrical lines in your house
  • It has a wide range of operating temperature which can work at as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius up to 88 degrees Celsius)
  • These cable ties are ultraviolet resistant that can tolerate the sun’s rays which is the source of ultraviolet. The heavy duty tie wrapswill not be easily deteriorated even being exposed to the sun for a long time.

  • Heavy duty tieshave the capability to withstand the stress that may occur in holding or bundling the wires and cables. It will not be easily broken even if it is forcibly teared
  • The cable ties are extra thick for weathering resistance wherein the heavy duty cable tiescan work with different weathers.

It is safe to use even if it is cold like when raining or snowing. It can also work in high temperature weather like in the summer. It will not easily break even with the changes of temperature in the surrounding

  • Heavy duty zipties have teeth that will engage or automatically lock up to how tight you pulled the end of the cable tie
  • It can secure your things such as your luggage when travelling because as long as the cable tie is holding the zippers, it will not let go until you undo it or cut it
  • It is best to be used for cable management as it can hold your cables and wires firmly and will keep your cables organized. Doing your cable management will be easy and can save you from further unnecessary accidents

heavy duty cable tties

  • Heavy duty tie wrapsare used by designers by using the cable ties to hold their masterpiece in place
  • It is used by decorators for the decorations they are having for the different events they are managing or organizing. They use it by securing the designs into place because the cable ties can be used also to attach something to a surface where the cable tie can be wrapped around
  • These cable ties are also famous to engineers who are working with machineries. Due to its tolerance to heat, the heavy duty cable tiesare used by engineers to manage the wirings of the machineries and also hold some of the parts of the engine even it the surface is at a high temperature
  • Heavy duty zipties have different varieties of sizes for you to choose from. This chart shows the specification of our heavy duty cable ties that can be a great help for you in choosing the right heavy duty ties for your work:
ITEM NOLengthWidthMax Bundle Diameter
DF-1.8*8080 mm3.2 inches1.8 mm16 mm
DF-1.8*100100 mm4 inches1.8 mm22 mm
DF-1.8*120120 mm4.8 inches1.8 mm30 mm
DF-2.0*150150 mm6 inches2 mm35 mm
DF-2.0*200200 mm8 inches2 mm50 mm
DF-2.5*100100 mm4 inches2.5 mm22 mm
DF-2.5*120120 mm4.8 inches2.5 mm30 mm
DF-2.5*150150 mm6 inches2.5 mm35 mm
DF-2.5*200200 mm8 inches2.5 mm50 mm
DF-2.7*150150 mm6 inches2.7 mm35 mm
DF-2.7*200200 mm8 inches2.7 mm50 mm
DF-2.7*250250 mm10 inches2.7 mm65 mm
DF-3.0*150150 mm6 inches3 mm35 mm
DF-3.0*200200 mm8 inches3 mm50 mm
DF-3.3*200200 mm8 inches3.2 mm50 mm
DF-3.3*250250 mm10 inches3.2 mm65 mm
DF-3.3*300300 mm12 inches3.3 mm82 mm
DF-3.3*350350 mm14 inches3.3 mm90 mm
DF-4.8*200200 mm8 inches4.8 mm50 mm
DF-4.8*250250 mm10 inches4.8 mm65 mm
DF-4.8*300300 mm12 inches4.8 mm82 mm
DF-4.8*450450 mm18 inches4.8 mm130 mm
DF-7.2*600600 mm24 inches7.2 mm170 mm
DF-7.6*250250 mm10 inches7.6 mm63 mm
DF-7.6*300300 mm12 inches7.6 mm82 mm
DF-7.6*400400 mm16 inches7.6 mm105 mm
DF-7.6*500500 mm20 inches7.6 mm150 mm
DF-8.8*400400 mm16 inches8.8 mm105 mm
DF-8.8*450450 mm18 inches8.8 mm120 mm
DF-8.8*550550 mm22 inches8.8 mm160 mm
DF-8.8*600600 mm24 inches8.8 mm170 mm


Heavy duty cable ties have different types according to the material used. Here are the types of heavy duty zip ties:

  • Heavy Duty Natural Cable Ties

These cable ties are made of nylon and were made for jobs wherein standard sizes of cable ties cannot handle any more the weight and pressure being exerted by the cables or other things it is trying to hold. With the help of the added materials to the cable ties, heavy duty cable ties are broader which makes them hold more weight and pressure.

heavy duty natural cable ties

Heavy-duty natural cable ties work best in between the temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best used for indoor jobs and has high tensile strength with easy installation procedure.

  • Heavy Duty UV Black Cable Ties

Heavy-Duty UV Black Cable Ties are specially made for outdoor jobs. These heavy duty zip ties are made with ultraviolet resistance that can tolerate the sun’s rays that have ultraviolet. It can withstand extra weight and pressure of the load being bundled to give more security and safety of the cables or the things being handled.

heavy duty UV black cable ties

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Heavy-duty stainless steel cable ties have high corrosion resistance that makes it last long even if it is exposed to water or moisture. It can be used outdoors because it can tolerate the different weathers that occur like rainy and sunny.

It have ultraviolet resistance which can still maintain its strength or quality even continually exposed to the sun’s rays which have ultraviolet.

heavy duty stainless steel cable ties

The edges of these cable ties are made round for your protection and also for the protection of the cables and wires to be bundled. It is also good to avoid cutting off the cables’ protection that may cause an accident.

The cable ties have the highest tensile strength among the heavy duty cable ties which can hold from 250 lbs up to 485 lbs of weight.


In using heavy duty zip ties, you should consider the following in order for you to utilize well and properly heavy duty tie wraps:

  1. In bundling cables and wires, you should organize them first. Aligning each cable according to the lengths to make it look neater.  You should also sort the thickness of the cable ties in order for you to choose the appropriate size of the cable tie you will be using.

You should also not tighten too much the cable ties against the cables and wire because it may cause the protection of the cable to be stressed and have an open wire. This will be very dangerous for you if not properly used for the cables.

heavy duty tie wraps

  1. Using heavy duty tiesfor machineries of automotive or in marine applications, it safer to use nylon cable ties for the cables and connections to avoid melting of the cables’ protection. And if it is used for parts of the engine, you can use the stainless steel as it can cope or tolerate high temperatures that the engine may get.
  2. When used for your fences, you should consider bigger sizes of heavy duty cable tiesin order to firmly secure the fences. It will help you be safe from animals that try to enter through your fence. It can also be used for your fences’ maintenance when you want it to be snappy.
  3. Heavy duty zipties can also be used for your masterpiece. It can be used to hold the sculptures for support while being done. It can make your work easier. Instead of using glue or tapes, you can use heavy duty  ties that can make your work more pleasing to the eyes.


  • Heavyduty cable ties have thickened buckles that have a strong bite force as it engages or instantly lock as the end of the cable tie is pulled to place
  • The cable ties are anti-slip because of the anti-skid at the end of the cable tie. It will ensure security as it is installed to your cables and wires, or other things you bundled
  • It has smooth surfaces that will not give a scratch to you and also to your cables and wires being bundled. It will not give you problems to cases like an open wire that will cause accidents
  • It will has corrosion resistance that can protect it from the corrosion occurring to the metals being held by the cable tie


  • What is  the difference between heavy duty vs extra-heavy duty cable ties?

Extra-heavy duty cable ties offer more tensile strength, thicker width, and longer lengths. It can be used for some same applications but more applicable for much cables and wires that are really thick that the heavy duty zip ties cannot manage to handle

  • What is the available packaging for heavy duty cable ties?

Heavy duty cable ties are available in package of 20s, 50s, and 100s

heavy duty ties

  • What are heavy duty cable tie mounts for?

Heavy duty cable tie mounts are used to mount the cables and wires on a surface or on the wall for better arrangement

srew mount cable ties

  • Are there other materials used for heavy duty cable ties?

The available materials used for heavy duty cable ties are natural nylon, ultraviolet-resistant nylon, and stainless steel.

  • What are the tensile strengths of heavy duty cable ties?

These cable ties have a tensile strength that can handle or hold your cables and wires. Here is the table of the tensile strength of a heavy duty cable  wraps in terms of its size:

ITEM NOTensile Strength
DF-1.8*8013 lbs6 kgs
DF-1.8*10013 lbs6 kgs
DF-1.8*12013 lbs6 kgs
DF-2.0*15013 lbs6 kgs
DF-2.0*20013 lbs6 kgs
DF-2.5*10017 lbs8 kgs
DF-2.5*12017 lbs8 kgs
DF-2.5*15017 lbs8 kgs
DF-2.5*20017 lbs8 kgs
DF-2.7*15026 lbs12 kgs
DF-2.7*20026 lbs12 kgs
DF-2.7*25026 lbs12 kgs
DF-3.0*15030 lbs15 kgs
DF-3.0*20030 lbs15 kgs
DF-3.3*20035 lbs15 kgs
DF-3.3*25035 lbs15 kgs
DF-3.3*30035 lbs15 kgs
DF-3.3*35035 lbs15 kgs
DF-4.8*20057 lbs26 kgs
DF-4.8*25057 lbs26 kgs
DF-4.8*30057 lbs26 kgs
DF-4.8*45057 lbs26 kgs
DF-7.2*60079 lbs36 kgs
DF-7.6*250121 lbs55 kgs
DF-7.6*300121 lbs55 kgs
DF-7.6*400121 lbs55 kgs
DF-7.6*500121 lbs55 kgs
DF-8.8*400176 lbs80 kgs
DF-8.8*450176 lbs80 kgs
DF-8.8*550176 lbs80 kgs
DF-8.8*600176 lbs80 kgs

HEAVY-DUTY CABLE TIES are very helpful for your different works. It can handle heavy jobs and tolerate complex temperatures, ultraviolet rays, corrosion, and many more. It is a great tool in organizing, bundling, and arranging your cables. You can choose from different sizes that can be used for different workloads.

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