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Heat Shrink Terminal Connector

Heat Shrink Ring Terminal

Difvan heat shrink ring terminal connector from 0.5mm-6mm in red, blue, yellow are available for your selection. Copper made with Heat shrink ring terminals stud size can be  #4 to 1/2 with international standard coded.

Heat Shrink Spade Terminal

Difvan heat shrink fork terminal connector is constructed of copper with electro tin-plated to ensure maximum electrical conductivity after crimping unless otherwise stated.

Heat shrink Male Quick Disconnects

Difvan heat shrink male quick disconnects with female quick disconnects can be used together for one pair when using in the marine or auto to have the water proof function.

Heat shrink Female Quick Disconnects

Difvan heat shrink includes the most popular heat shrinkable crimp splices and terminals, male and female quick disconnects are the popular ones.size can be 22-18, 16-14 and 12-10 gauges.

Heat shrink Bullet Receptable Connectors

Difvan shrink bullet receptable connectors can packed with heat shrink ring terminals, heat shrink spade terminals in a box for retails and bulk packaging options.

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Difvan heat shrink butt connectors operation temperature can be -55 degree to 110 degree. With pullout force after crimping & recovery: red: 25lbs, blue: 50lbs,yellow: 60lbs.

Heat Shrink Solder Splice Connector

Difvan heat shrink Solder Splice connector adopt transparent insulation sleeves makes inspection easy, prevent wire corrosion and provides a waterproof seal.

Crimp Solder Terminal Kit

Difvan crimp solder terminal connector kit includes the most popular heat shrink crimp terminals including heat shrink ring terminals, heat shrink spade terminals, heat shrink quick splice connectors.

Seal Terminal and Connector Kit

Difvan seal terminal and connector kit including the most popular four sizes from 26-24 A.W.G, 22-18 A.W.G, 16-14 A.W.G, 12-10 A.W.G in white, red, blue, and yellow colors.

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Heat Shrink Wire Terminals are most popular in AMAZON, many shops sell heat shrink wire terminal kits there including 110 pcs heat shrink butt connector, 200 pcs heat shrink crimp terminals, 540 pcs heat shrink waterproof marine automotive terminals sets and other different sets. We DIFVAN factory can support you in all kinds of wire terminals sets in different packing style and OEM stickers.

Heat shrink butt connectors are the most popular type, with dual walled design, polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt adhesive inside. Widely used in marine and automotive application because of waterproof futures.

Except for heat shrink butt connectors, heat shrink ring terminals, heat shrink fork terminals, heat shrink male and female terminals are also popular and widely used in marine and automotive.

Futures of these heat shrink wire terminals:

  1. Easy identification: wire gauge were printed on different color-coded heat shrink tube, easy for you to recognize the wire size of different heat shrink terminals.
  2. Excellent wire contact: Thick barrel ensures strong crimp, a copper barrel of the heat shrink terminal provides increased current flow to decrease voltage drop.
  3. Water-proof: Polyolefin tubing outside and hot melt adhesive inside, after heat shrink, Dual wall tubing making the heat shrink terminal waterproof and prevents wire corrosion.
  4. Durability: copper tube inside to avoid the problem of the barrel opening.

If you’re selecting one connector for under-water or use in automotive, DIFVAN heat shrink terminals are your best choice.

heat shrink bullet connectorsheat shrink connectors

Heat Shrink Wire Connectors: Buying Guide

The Heat Shrink Wire Connector is one of the most convenient wire connectors that the electrical industry has to offer. this kind of heat shrink crimp connectors are designed to terminate single wire and connect a wire for any electrical application.

DIFVAN heat shrink wire connector is a versatile product that may be used in general electrical applications.

The following are where it is commonly used:

  1. Automotive wiring
  2. Marine equipment
  3. Household appliances

In this article you will the answers for the following questions:

What is a Heat Shrink Wire Connector?

One of heat shrink wire connector’s main features is, it is made of polyolefin heat shrinkable tube that shrinks when heat is added, this material secures your connection better from corrosion and waterproof sealed.

If other terminals give you a hard time knowing what suitable terminals you should use, the heat shrink wire connector makes it easier because of its color-coded standard (red, yellow, and blue) that helps you to easily identify the appropriate size to use.

The standard sizes of wires it can accommodate ranges from 0.25 mm² ̶ 6mm ² or 24 a.w.g ̶̶ 10 a.w.g. Other than that, the heat shrink tubing is also designed to be translucent so that it allows you to visually inspect your connection.

The Heat Shrink Wire Connector has 2 Types- Heat Shrink Crimp Connector and Heat Shrink Solder Splice. Here’s how each one can be described:

Heat Shrink Crimp Connectors Set

Heat Shrink Crimp Connectors

The Heat Shrink Crimp Connector is a type of wire connector designed to protect your wire from pull-out abrasions, moisture, and corrosion. It is available in different terminals according to your connection needs and sizes.

This is also a connector that needs to be crimped using a heat shrink crimping tool. the Heat Shrink Crimping Tool is an all-in-one tool that is designed with 3-4 crimping stations.

It enables you to use fewer tools since each crimping station is color-coded in wire sizes it can accommodate and have built-in wire stripper for various wire sizes.



A (mm)L (mm)
DF-BHT1.251.73422-18 A.W.G (0.5-1.0 mm²)Red
DF-BHT22.73416-14 A.W.G (1.5- 2.5 mm²)Blue
DF-BHT5.3.44112-10 A.W.G (4-6 mm²)Yellow

The following are different types of Heat Shrink Crimp Connectors:

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

The heat shrink butt connector is one of the most popular connectors used to terminate a single wire. It is an insulated terminal that is durable and a versatile product that can terminate one wire to another.

Difvan’s solder seal connector designed with a low-temp solder that melts easily as the tubing shrink with the heat for maximum connection, conductivity, and protection of your connection, marine grade heat shrink connectors is commonly used in automobile and marine equipment.

For heat shrink connectors marine applications, there are available kits that features an easy one-step connection of wires. Heat shrink butt connectors are specifically color-coded to easily identify any connection.

You can simply look at wire gauge imprint on polyolefin tubing when you measure or connect your wires. The copper barrel gives you an excellent wire contact with a strong and secure crimp to ensure the following:

  • Decrease voltage drop
  • Provide increased current flow
  • Prevent wiring failures
  • Reduce equipment downtime

If you are going to use heat shrink butt connectors for the boat, home or vehicle use, look for a kit with insulated and waterproof terminals to guarantee a strong crimp and secure connection. Dual-walled tubing designs will ensure the waterproof seal and prevent wire corrosion.

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals

The heat shrink ring terminal is used to terminate two or more wire to a single connection. Difvan heat shrink ring connectors is designed to wire-stop in connectors to prevent over-insertion and solder seal terminals. The adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing shrinks to provide you a watertight seal connector.

Crimping the terminal also provides as a dual protection against vibration and corrosion to provide you a mechanically reliable tight joint. it is used for connecting terminal bullet and available in three color-coded standard sizes that you need.

Heat Shrink Male Disconnects

heat shrink male disconnect

The heat shrink male disconnect is a male connector used in easily connecting and disconnecting female connectors. It is made with heat shrink polyolefin and has a terminal made of copper and electro-tin plated. this kind of  heat shrink female spade connectors also available in various gauges and wire sizes to give you different options when you buy and when accommodating your need.

Heat Shrink Female Disconnects

heat shrink female disconnect

The heat shrink female disconnect is a female connector used to connect with a male connector. It is a heat shrink quick disconnect terminal that provides you a watertight seal connection. The dents and rolled edges of this female disconnect is designed for better holding force when connecting to a heat shrink male disconnect.

It is also available in three color-coded standards which are a fully insulated connector.

Heat Shrink Fork Terminals

heat shrink spade connector

The shrink fork terminal is a heat shrink and tin-plated copper connector used in various terminals.It is designed with adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing, solder, and tin-plated copper.

Difvan heat shrink spade connectors can withstand up to a maximum of 194° F temperature. this kind of heat shrink spade connectors is also available in three color-coded standard sizes that provide you with proper information on its wire size compatibility and secures your wire connections from moisture and other corrosion.

heat shrink bullet connector

Heat Shrink Bullet Male/Female Disconnects

Heat shrink bullet male disconnect is a pole type connector used to connect a wire and a female bullet terminal.This kind of heat shrink bullet connectors provides you with an easy connection and protects your wires from water and vibration corrosion.

Difvan heat shrink bullet connectors available in three color-coded standard sizes, this provides you with a wide range of wire sizes compatibility connector.
Heat Shrink Bullet Female Disconnects

The waterproof heat shrink connectors is a terminal used to connect a wire and a male bullet terminal. waterproof heat shrink connectors also has a tin-plated copper connection that provides you with a better wiring connection and available in various sizes.

Difvan heat shrink wire connectors are widely used in wire connection that prevents the wire from shorting out. It can withstand up to 257° F and a maximum of 600 V.

Solder Butt Connectors

The heat shrink solder connectors is a heat shrink connector that only needs a solder to connect one wire to another. It is designed with a heat shrinkable and waterproof tubing.

It is also color coded.The middle part is a low-temperature solder alloy. When it is heated, the tubing shrinks along with the solder melting, hence securing your wire connections.




A (mm)L (mm)
DF-S111.72626-24 A.W.G (0.25-0.34mm²)White
DF-S212.74022-18 A.W.G (0.5-1.0 mm²)Red
DF-S31.4.54016-14 A.W.G (1.5- 2.5 mm²)Blue
DF-S416.04012-10 A.W.G (4-6 mm²)Yellow

Choosing a high-quality Heat shrink solder splice is very important because it prevents wire corrosion and provides a waterproof seal. solder butt connectors can give you an easy, one-step solution for wires, soldered, insulated and sealed.

The transparent sleeves with color-coded sealing rings will allow easy inspection. Difvan solder butt connectors can be used in the following application:

  • Ideal for wire splices on various automotive, watercraft and marine environments
  • For motorcycle and ATV applications
  • Best for terminating wires to component terminals like motor tabs, connector pins, and switch terminals

Heat Shrink solder butt connectors includes the following type:
Types of Heat Shrink Solder Splice

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors VS Heat Shrink Solder Butt Connectors

The Heat Shrink Butt Connector and Heat Shrink Solder Splice are the two types of the Heat Shrinking Connectors.
Both are designed to offer you a long-lasting wiring connection that is durable, mechanically reliable and water-proof sealant.
But what is the difference between the two?

Heat Shrink Butt Connector

The Heat Shrink Butt Connector is a solder crimp heat shrink connector that requires the connector to be crimped using a crimping tool. This makes the connection mechanical reliable and is soldered for better conductivity and durability.

Crimp Connector:

  • Seamless butt connectors
  • Prevents over-insertion
  • Crimp indicators are positioned

Solder Sleeve:

  • Low-temperature solder alloy
  • Pre-measure solder

Heat Shrinking Tube:

  • Adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing
  • Color-coded with imprinted wire gauge identification
  • Translucent in color for visual inspection
  • Waterproof insulation


  • Automotive
  • Boats
  • Marine
  • Appliances
  • Speakers
  • Motorcycle
  • Trucks trail

Heat Shrink Solder Butt Connectors

Heat Shrink Solder Butt Connectors is a one-step wire connecting for it doesn’t require crimping. It promotes lower installation cost while still providing you a better conductivity and reliability.

Solder Sleeve:

  • Low-temperature solder alloy
  • Pre-measure solder
  • Provides Strain relief

Heat Shrinking Tube:

  • Adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing
  • Color-coded with imprinted wire gauge identification
  • Translucent in color for visual inspection
  • Waterproof Hot Melt Adhesive


  • Water-craft
  • Marine
  • Motor Tabs
  • Automotive
  • ATV applications
  • Switch Terminals
  • Connector Pins

In conclusion, both connectors are good to use for its maximum potential and usage coverage. Both are water-resistant, easy to install and can cater to a wide range of wiring connections. Its Heat Shrink features also increase its pull-out resistance and superior conductivity.

How to Use Heat Shrink Butt Connectors?

The Heat Shrink Butt Connectors is used in various wiring connections and one of the most popular among heat shrink connectors. It makes your connection long-lasting and more secure.

For quick installation, you can simply follow these easy, simple steps:

Step 1: Peel the wire with a suitable length to suit the connector. Next, insert it into the connector. Make sure the peeled wire sticks to the copper in the connector.

Heat Shrink Butt Connector Installation

Step 2. Use a crimping plier to crimp the connector with one of the wires. Make sure the wire in the connector is joint tightly.

Shrink Butt Connector

This is how the wire and connector should look like after crimping. Make sure it is well crimped.

Step 3. Do the same for the other end of the wire.

heat shrink terminal

This is how it should look like after working on the other end.

waterproof connector

Step 4. Shrink the connector with a heat gun.  You should shrink it from one side to the other side slowly. The outer heat shrink tubing will be completely shrunk over 130°C for seconds.

heat shrink tool

This is the final product:

heat shrink terminal connector

Following these simple steps can give you very strong and waterproof joint wires.

For an additional guide, here’s a video on how to use and make a connection using Heat shrink and solder crimp fewer butt connectors:

How to use Heat Shrink Solder Splice?

The Heat Shrink Solder Splice is an easier way of connecting single-wire connection.heat shrink solder connectors doesn’t need a crimping tool. because of its own solder and connects your wires tightly and water-proof as you use heat to shrink the connector.

Here is an easy, simple step to follow in installing your Heat Shrink Solder Splice:

Step 1. Peel the wire using a wire stripper with the right length for the connector. Make sure to choose the right color-coded connector to your wire size.

Step 2.  The Heat Shrink Solder Splice doesn’t require crimping, so you just have to simply insert both wires ends to meet in the solder.

Step 3. Apply heat using a heat gun and evenly distribute the heat across the tubing. Make sure the solder is properly melted and the tubing properly shrinks. Do not overheat.

Heat Shrink Solder Splice Installation Process

For an additional installation process, here’s a video on how to install it:

Important Reminders on Heat Shrink Wire Connector Installation

In installing your Heat Shrink Connectors, there are a few key notes to consider. If overlooked, this could cause wiring failure, short circuit, and fire.

So, it is important to remember the following installation key points:

Cut the right Length

In stripping the wire make sure it’s just the right length for the length of the connectors- preferably 1/3 of the wire end.

Choose the right connector

The Heat Shrink Wire Connectors are designed with color-coded insulation tubing. It’s easier to identify what wire size it can fit in. DIFVAN heat shrink wire connectors have a wide selection of wire connectors and terminals.

Use the right crimping tool

In crimping the heat shrink crimp connectors, make sure that you do not over-crimp it.

Use an appropriate crimping tool and avoid using pliers or other tools as an alternative.

Do not isolate heat in one place

In heating your Heat Shrink connectors, make sure to evenly distribute the across throughout the tubing.

This is to avoid burning your heat shrink connectors and perfectly sealing your wire connection.

Use the right heating tool

It is recommended to use a heat gun and if possible to avoid using a torch, a lighter or any other fire-related heating tool.

Though it works, it still might be too hot for the connector and burn it.

Allow it to cool down

Heating the connectors doesn’t have to be fast, letting it cool once in a while allows you to ensure that you properly shrink and seal the tubing and the solder properly melted through the stripped wires.

Different Packing Style For Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

The Heat Shrink Wire Connector is available per piece or as a set. A Heat Shrink Wire Connectors Kit usually comes with 250 ̶ 270 pieces of waterproof heat shrink wire connectors.

But mostly, it depends on the number of connectors you might need and the type of connectors you commonly used. Each set may be bought with different types of heat shrink wire connectors or one type with multiple heat shrink wire connector. Both are set with all of the color-coded standard sizes.

Some may be bought in a sealed plastic container upon delivery, or in plastic case set. This will allow you to organize your connectors professionally and put it aside safely.

heat shrink terminal kit

The Heat Shrink Wire Connectors Kit is available in five types of kit:

1) 180 pcs Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

This kit provides you 180 Heat Shrink Butt Connector Types that can accommodate 22-10 a.w.g. It also

has dual wall heat shrink tubing according to ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE Standards.

2) 110 pcs Solder Seal Butt Connectors

This kit is available with 110 Solder Seal Butt Connectors that can accommodate 26-10 a.w.g and

designed with a low-temperature solder.

3) 120 pcs Heat Shrink Connectors

This kit provides you butt rings, male spades, female spades, and forks heat shrink connectors that can

accommodate 22-10 a.w.g. This is also designed with a dual wall heat shrink tubing and tinned copper


4) 270 pcs Heat Shrink Connectors

It is a Heat Shrink Connector Kit that provides you with Butt, Ring, Male Spades, Female Spades, Forks,

and Hooks Heat Shrink Connector that can accommodate 22-10 a.w.g.

This set is provided with 30 pcs of each type and color-coded standard sizes.

5) 540 pcs Heat Shrink Connectors

This is the largest kit that has Butt, Rings, Male Spades, Female Spades, Forks, and Hooks Heat Shrink connectors that can accommodate 22-10 a.w.g.

Difvan heat shrink wire connectors are designed tested according to ROHS SGS and CE Standards. DIFVAN company audited by , ISO 9001:2008.

Typically, this is how the kit looks like when you purchase it:

heat shrink kits

270 pcs Heat Shrink Connectors 1

heat shrink kits

It is important to know that some may be bought in a sealed plastic container upon delivery, or in plastic case set.

Make sure that your product is well sealed when you buy it. These heat shrink wire connectors are decent quality for most applications. Difavn heat shrink wire connectors stay on wires crimped by high tensile tools so it makes a good connection and the shrink wrap seals tightly.

It is also applicable for trailer wiring, auto wiring, and for sound & audio projects.


In summary, these heat shrink wire connectors are convenient for connecting single-wires without using too much tool.

DIFVAN heat shrink wire connectors also helps you know what sizes of wires each connector can accommodate because of its color-coded standard that is standardized in sizes, so you won’t have to worry about different standards from a different country.

If you’re going to buy in a set, special cases organizing your connectors well and easily set it aside without cluttering. It comes with information guides on what wire size and heat shrink connector are capable to each other.

Its polyolefin heat shrink tube does not just protect your connection from corrosion, but it’s also waterproof giving it a dual-purpose protection. Other than that, it’s available in different types of connectors making these connectors versatile in of your connection need from a simple household appliance to automobile and marine equipment.


  • Easier and Faster Installation
  • Color-coded Standards
  • Waterproof wire connections
  • Better Conductivity and Durability
  • Wide range of connection use
  • Available in different terminals and connectors
  • Translucent in color for better visual inspection


  • Crimping Error
  • Too much heat can over melt the connector during installation

If you need more help and information about Heat Shrink Wire Connectors, you can send us an email and we’ll be glad to assist you with any of your concerns!

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