Heat shrink solder connectors

The heat shrink solder connector is a heat shrink connector that only needs a solder to connect one wire to another.

The transparent sleeves with color-coded sealing rings will allow easy inspection.

Unique Dual-walled Design: polyolefin tubing outside and hot melt adhesive inside. When heat is applied, polyolefin tubing reduces in size and adhesive flows inside the insulation, creating waterproof seal and preventing wire corrosion.

  • heat shrink solder connectors
  • low heat solder connectors
  • waterproof wire solder connectors

heat shrink self solder connectors

Heat shrink solder connectors

White Heat shrink solder splice connector;

Red Heat shrink solder splice connector;

Blue Heat shrink solder splice connector;

Yellow Heat shrink solder splice connector;

Choosing a high-quality waterproof solder wire connectors is very important because it prevents wire corrosion and provides a waterproof seal.

  • Construction of Heat shrink solder splice connector

heat solder connectors

  • Four color-coded heat shrink solder wire connectors

low temperature solder connectors

  • Red Heat shrink solder  connector

waterproof solder connections

 Product Dimension

heat shrink tubing solder connectors

ITEM NO.Connector Size(mm)Wire Size(mm)INSULATED


Using the step:

1, Insert and position two wire ends into connector;

2, Apply heat to the connector then wacth  the solder and inner adhesives melt though the stripped wires.

low temp solder connectors

DIFVAN has other kinds of heat shrink terminals you can choice, heat shrink solder terminals is also liked by many people.

Heat shrink solder connectors are Heat solder connectors that a simple way to connect two wires.

low temp solder connectors to set up reliable and long lasting joints. It will save you from frustrated and time taking process of making alloy joints by using soldering iron.

DIFVAN solder and seal wire connectors are made of flame retardant material which protect the joints from fire, under high temperature.

Heat shrink solder connectors have easy design , it consists of transparent heat shrinkable sleeve , low temperature solder sleeve and hot melt adhesive.

Transparent heat shrinkable sleeve will shrink down , shrinking ratio2:1.Transparent sleeve can make easy to inspect when strip and insert wires inside.

Low temperature solder sleeve can make two wires together is more firmly and not easily fall off heat shrink sleeve.

There is two hot melt adhesive rings and color hot melt adhesive on two ends of waterproof solder connectors.

Hot melt adhesive rings would effectively improve the waterproof performance of these waterproof solder wire connectors.

Color hot melt adhesive is very convenience to select wire dimension.

DIFVAN heat shrink self solder connectors have four color standard size:

White-26-24 gauge Heat shrink solder connector;

Red-22-18 gauge Heat shrink solder connector;

Blue-16-14 gauge Heat shrink solder connector;

Yellow-12-10 gauge Heat shrink solder connector;

Red/Blue/Yellow heat shrink solder connector is more liked.

low heat solder connectors operated temperature from-55to125degrees(131 to 257degrees F),minimum shrink temperature 60degrees(140degrees F) Starting temperature of solder melt 138 degrees(280degrees F) temperature of fully solder melt is 160degrees(320 degrees F)

Due to high waterproof, these waterproof wire solder connectors are commonly used in automotive as well as marine,can also used for vehicle, home or scientific wiring projects.

Features of DIFVAN low temp solder connectors:

Only two steps to finish,first Insert position two wires ends into the solder sleeve, second use hot gun to apply heat to finish the connection.Don’t need to crimp.

solder and seal wire connectors have color-coded tubing, makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application.

Low temp solder connectors adopt insulated polyolefin material, it will easy to save install cost.

DIFVAN also have heat shrink ring terminals,heat shrink spade terminals,heat shrink butt connectors, heat shrink male disconnectors, heat shrink female disconnectors, heat shrink bullet connectors, here is good choice for you.

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