Heat shrink ring terminal

Heat shrink  ring connectors are perfect for marine and automotive use. Heat shrink terminals are adhesive-lined and color-coded to the industry standard wire range. The shrink tube cover has the added advantage of acting as a strain relief on the wire for added pull strength. Rated to 600 volts.

Adhesive tubing: 3:1 heat shrink ratio and adhesive shrink properties of our electrical connectors will leave you in peace. ensure fluids could not get inside of our waterproof electrical connectors.

  • heat shrink ring terminal
  • heat shrink ring connectors
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heat shrink crimp connectors

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals

22-16 gauge Heat shrink Ring terminal

16-14 gauge Heat shrink Ring terminal

12-10 gauge Heat shrink Ring terminal


Heat shrink ring terminals designed to wire-stop in connectors to prevent over-insertion and solder seal terminals.

The adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing shrinks to provide you a watertight seal connector.

Crimping the heat shrink terminals also provides as a dual protection against vibration and corrosion.

  • 22-16 gague heat shrink terminals

heat shrink electrical connectors

  • 16-14 gague heat shrink terminals

shrink electrical connectors

  • 12-10 gauge heat shrink terminals

shrink connectors

Heat shrink ring terminals Size:


shrink wire connectors

22-16/0.5-1.5 RHBS1-
16-14/1.5-2.5 RHBS2-
12-10/4-6 RHBL5-44.39.534.2YELLOW
8/8 RHBS8-66.41237RED

Using Instruction


1, Strip insulation to 8mm and insert into splice barrel;

2,Crimp use the tool for heat shrink connectors;


heat shrink terminal connectors


3, Apply heat while rotating the connector;

4, Allow the terminal to cool down.


insulated heat shrink connectors

DIFVAN have a wide range of heat shrink terminals can be used in marine,Heat shrink ring terminals is the popular one.

Heat shrink ring terminals are Heat shrink terminals that are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire to a screw or stud to form a electrical connection.

The Heat shrink material DIFVAN used can completely sealed the heat shrink wire terminals and is the most durable insulation type for electrical connections.

Solder seal ring terminals are made of high conductivity copper insulated with polyolefin, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion.

heat shrink wire terminals Providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environments, which completely insulates and protects electrical connections.

DIFVAN Heat shrink wire terminals offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimping splices terminals.

DIFVAN Marine ring terminals used for Automotive/truck wiring repair and fleet maintenance . automotive heat shrink connectors provide a super function for Automotive,truck and RV wire harness fabrication .

Waterproof heat shrink wire connectors give you a better choice during the repair for for pumps, pools and spas . Marine grade heat shrink connectors will be your no.1 choice for Fleet maintenance and Marine electronics.

Installed cost of heat shrink crimp terminals is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals. It will save your cost when you choose this kind of heat shrink crimp terminals.

Futures of DIFVAN heat shrink solder terminals are Easy for Applications:

  • you just need to strip wire insulation, crimp heat shrink and solder terminals barrel with a wire crimper,
  • and apply heat with a heat gun while rotating a connector,
  • the heat shrink tubing will reduce in size and adhere to the wire,
  • no more soldering kit needed , electrical wire connectors start making secure and durable connections in seconds.


DIFVAN Heat shrink ring connectors Specifications:

  • Red Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from size 22 to 16 gauge means 0.5-1.5mm².
  • Blue Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from 16 to 14 gauge means 1.5-2.5mm².
  • Yellow Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from 12 to 10 gauge from 4-6mm²

So you can select heat shrink ring terminal according to your wire size .

heat shrink connectors marine provide excellent Wire Contact – the copper barrel of the heat shrink connectors marine provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.

Except Heat shrink ring terminal, we have other kinds heat shrink terminals like heat shrink spade terminals, heat shrink butt terminal, heat shrink female spade connectors,heat shrink bullet connectors,solder seal wire connectors.

These kinds of heat shrink terminals all can be used for marine electronic maintenance, automotive wire harness fabrication, pumps and pools repairing.


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