Heat shrink male disconnects

DIFVAN Heat shrink male connectors offer heat activated adhesive built into the sleeve of the heat shrink tubing. When heated, these connectors form a water tight seal and the ultimate vibration and strain relief.

DIFVAN Heat shrink male disconnect provides a tough, environmentally sealed wire connection. Their crimp barrel or terminal, encased in rugged, heat shrinkable nylon tubing lined with a special hot-melt adhesive, resists damage from abrasions and cuts.


  • heat shrink male disconnector
  • electrical crimp connectors 
  • electrical wire clamp connector

electric cable crimp connectors 

Heat shrink male disconnects

22-16 gague Heat shrink male disconnector

16-14 gague Heat shrink male disconnect

12-10 gague Heat shrink male disconnect

DIFVAN Heat shrink male quick disconnect have strong crimps.Thick copper barrels can be crimped tightly on any wire. Heat shrink tubing adhesive seals the wire for enhanced protection from stretch and weather. Your wire will never pull out of these spade connectors.

  • High quality materials and guaranteed performance
electrical crimp connectors 


  • Three color-coded standard sizes

electrical wire end connectors


  • Heat shrink male quick disconnects with female quick disconnects can be used together

electrical crimp connectors

Product dimension

electrical terminal connectors


    How to install Heat shrink male disconnect?

1, Strip wire insulation to 8mm and insert into splice barrel;

2, Crimp it with a crimoing tool for heat shrink connectors;

disconnects wire connectors 

3, Apply heat while rotating the connector to make it enenly heated;

4, Done. Allow the terminal to cool down for use.

electrical wire t connector


Heat shrink male disconnect is a male connector used in easily connecting and disconnecting female connectors.

Heat shrink male quick disconnects made of polyolefin compounded with hot melt adhesive, it has excellent insulation protection, waterproof and anti-corrosion performance.

The middle copper of electrical crimp connectors  tube is high pure purple copper tube with superior conductivity.

The electrical wire clamp connector’s heat shrink material completely seals the terminal and is the most durable insulation type for electrical connections.

Electric cable crimp connectors providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environment, which completely insulates and protects electrical connections.

Electrical end connectors offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals.

Heat shrink male quick disconnects with female quick disconnects can be used together for one pair.

DIFVAN Heat shrink male disconnect terminal Specifications:

Red Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from 22 to 16 gauge,

Blue Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from 16 to 14 gauge,

Yellow Heat shrink ring terminal will fit any wire from 12 to 10 gauge.

So you can accord to your wire size to selection heat shrink ring terminal.

DIFVAN electrical wire end connectors used Automotive/truck wiring repair and fleet maintenance ;Automotive/truck/RV wire harness fabrication ;Commercial wiring for pumps, pools and spas ;Fleet maintenance & Marine electronics.

Electrical terminal connectors have excellent Wire Contact ,The copper barrel provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.

These heat shrink terminal connectors will help you, like: Heat shrink ring terminalHeat shrink spade terminalHeat shrink female quick Connectors,  Heat shrink bullet receptable connectors,Heat shrink butt connector,Heat shrink solder splice connector.

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