Heat shrink female quick disconnects

Heat shrink female disconnect is crafted from high quality copper, and dual wall heat shrink tubing with adhesive lining. These wire connectors crimp, shrink, and seal well.

Heat shrink tubing has adhesive on the inside, which seals the wire for better protection against weather and mechanical stretch.

  • waterproof heat shrink wire connectors
  • automotive heat shrink connectors
  • heat shrink crimp terminals

Heat shrink female quick disconnects

22-16 gague Heat shrink female quick disconnects

16-14 gague Heat shrink female quick disconnects

12-10 gague Heat shrink female quick disconnects

Thick copper barrels can be crimped tightly on any wire. Heat shrink tubing adhesive seals the wire for enhanced protection from stretch and weather.

Quick Disconnects Where You Need Them,Make connections that can be disconnected in seconds.

Product Dimension


1, Strip wire insulation to 8mm and insert into splice barrle;

2, Crimp it with a crimping tool for heat shrink connectors;

3, Apply heat while roating the connector to make it evenly heated;

4, Done. Allow the terminal to cool down for use.


Heat shrink female disconnector offer the fastest way to connect and disconnect two wires.

Wire connectors  are also reusable. Simply slide the male terminal into the female terminal.these quick-disconnect Also known as slip-on or fast-on connectors.

DIFVAN wire terminals and connectors has dents and rolled edges for easy disconnect.

The butted-seam barrel of wire crimp connectors is covered by an adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing to offer moisture-seal protection.

Wire to wire connectors withstands a maximum temperature of 221 degrees F (105 degrees C) and its durable brass construction offers good conductivity and a tin-plated finish resists corrosion.

Heat Shrink Female Disconnetor Terminal attaches to the mating part with a tongue that slips over the male tab.

The full insulation of wire to wire crimp connectors provides a “mini-enclosure” for where the two contacts meet, keeping liquids and contaminants away from the electrical connection.

Cable terminal connectors’ heat shrink tubing offers better pullout strength and strain relief when shrunk.

For use in harsh environments, disconnects wire connectors  feature a heat shrink connection that also has an internal sealant.

After crimping the terminal onto the wire, simply apply heat. Keeps moisture out while ensuring your wire does not pull out of the terminal.

DIFVAN Heat shrink female quick disconnect Specifications:

Red Heat shrink female disconnect will fit any wire from 22 to 16 gauge,
Blue Heat shrink female disconnect will fit any wire from 16 to 14 gauge,
Yellow Heat shrink female disconnect will fit any wire from 12 to 10 gauge.

So you can accord to your wire size to selection heat shrink female disconnect.

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