Heat shrink bullet connectors

Heat shrink bullet connector is crafted from high quality copper, and dual wall heat shrink tubing with adhesive lining.

Heat shrink bullet connector provide excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance .

Heat shrink bullet connector installation steps are simple

  • waterproof heat shrink connectors
  • shrink connectors
  • heat shrink bullet connector

Heat shrink bullet connectors

22-16 gague Heat shrink bullet connectors

16-14 gague Heat shrink bullet connectors

12-10 gague Heat shrink bullet connectors

Available in three color-coded standard sizes, this provides you with a wide range of wire sizes compatibility connector.

  • 22-16A.W.G Heat shrink bullet connectors

  • 16-14 A.W.G Heat shrink bullet connectors

  • 12-10 A.W.G Heat shrink bullet connectors


Product Dimension



Heat shrink bullet connectors are widely used in following place.

1, DIY  eletrical repair

2, Boat

3, Vehicle

4. Motorcycle


Due to these heat shrink crimp connectors shape look likes bullet,so is also named Heat shrink bullet connectors.

Heat Shrink bullet terminals are designed to be connected and separated quickly and easily.

Shrink connectors always worked bullet male connectors and bullet female connectors that snap together to create a wired connection. They can be pulled apart if needed.

Heat shrink bullet terminals consist of heat shrink tube and copper.

The copper barrel provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.

Heat shrink tube is made by polyolefin, with adhesive lining for protecting splices from water and corrosion.

heat shrink crimp connectors have a greater pull strength when compared to nylon and vinyl material.

Insulated heat shrink connectors provide strain relief and against vibration in rugged environment, which completely insulates and protects electrical connections.

Eventronic insulated wire connector have three color-coded according to industry standard wire range. The translucent, gauge printed heat shrink allows for visual inspection.

selecting the correct sized heat shrink electrical connectors based on the wire gauge you will be using.

waterproof heat shrink wire connectors keeps moisture out while protecting against corrosion. They are a safe and convenient way to create secure electrical connections.

shrink wire connectors Used by the automotive and marine industries, these terminals are built to handle harsh environments.

Heat shrink bullet terminals can be installed quickly and last for years.

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