Heat Resistant Zip Ties

Heat Resistant Zip Ties

Heat resistant cable tie using industrial grade strong and pliable Nylon 66. Our plastic tie wraps design with self-locking and thickened head core, good toughness and durability, widely using.

The wire ties are extremely UV and heat resistant. Withstanding temperatures from 5℉to 140℉, the UL Flammability is 94V-2.

Self-locking Cable Ties

Self-locking cable ties comes with a bent tip at the end of the zip tie, which ensures smooth and quicker insertion to ratchet case. In addition, the small locking teeth on the cable tie perfectly engage with the ratchet due to its precise mold and strict manufacturing process, which provides a secure connection and does lock items in place.

Screw Mount Cable Ties

Screw mount cable ties with screw hole feature smooth rounded edges making these cable ties easy on the hands, in addition to a finely spaced gear rack allowing for exact adjustment ensuring a snug fit.

Double Loop Cable Ties

Double Loop Cable Ties offer a solution for the installation of a second parallel cable without the need for additonal cable ties. The design of the head gives the option for creating two cable bundles instead of the usual one bundle. Stocked in Black Nylon 66.

Push Mount Cable Tie

Push mount cable tie are an ideal solution when you need to bundle and mount a cable bundle with one product. They are used to attache bundles to another surface such as a flat panel. The anchor is easily pressed into a pre-formed hole and locks into place.

Beaded Cable Tie

Beaded reusable cable ties are a simple way to secure bundles. They secure quickly and can be released easily to add wires or cables. Beads lock and release through keyhole slots.

Colored Cable Tie

Colored cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths. Standard colors include Natural, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow. Available Fluorescent Colors are Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Yellow.

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1.Really heavy duty zip ties can hold up to 40 pounds tensile strength, can meet almost all of your daily use.

2.Made of durable and weather resistant material, withstanding temperatures from 5℉to 176℉. UV resistant makes sure that our wire ties will not become weak easily when use it outdoor in direct sunlight.

3.Nylon PA66 material is impossible to break without assistance from scissors. At same time, our nylon tie wraps have passed safety and environmental verification.

4.Multi-purpose use! Our nylon zip ties are not only for organizing cables and wires in home, office, and garage, but also a great choice for gardening, permanent fix, hanging heavy stuff, and so on.

5.Easy to use, just bind what you want to sort out and then put the wrap wire into the head, self locking!

Best Tips on How to Choose the Right Heat Resistant Cable Ties

With hundreds of online shops available in the internet market today, it is not surprising that we get numerous mistakes when buying something online. Buyers rely on customers’ review of the product, or they trust the common brand though they find it a little pricey than those generics types you can see from small stores.

Since its new year, many people wanted something new in their homes. That is why, dads and moms usually take the lead in decluttering and fixing things inside the house. When you find yourself busy doing some general cleaning, you need those small but very helpful tools to  organize your stuffs and work on some home-projects that you have delayed for some time.

In our recent articles, we defined what a heat resistant cable tie is. You have seen this being used in many industries and it is now a common tool for daily life hacks. As a recap, a heat resistant zip ties is also what you call the  bundle or zip tie or, hose tie that is used to fasten and hold items together. It is widely used because of its versatility, practicality, and availability. Brands like 3M and Ty-Rap are famous examples.

So, how do you get the right cable ties for your projects? Are there things you need to know and remember when buying them?  Read on and we’ll give you helpful tips!

Do Heat Resistant Cable Ties Have The Same Category?

No. Heat resistant cable ties have different categories or types. There are many kinds of high temperature cable ties based on materials, tensile strength and sizes and even temperature rating that goes with other specific features. When choosing the right heat resistant tie wraps, you must check what it can accommodate, what weather or temperature it can stand ( let’s say you want to use it indoors or outdoors); and consider the type of environment you’ll have it under so you can decide if you will pick a nylon cable tie type or you need to opt to a stainless-steel cable ties.

You can refer to this article if you want to learn the different types of cable ties. ____________________________________( add the link of the article).

if you still think that there’s only one type of cable tie which is what you normally see in home depot or hardware shops, let us give you some more factors to consider before you buy them.  In the checklist below, pick those that are applicable to your installation.

Perhaps this checklist will let you decide the type of cable ties you must get: (we will explain it later why this checklist is important !!)

☐   I need it for indoor environment like home and office.

☐   I need it for outdoor space with harsh environment.

☐   I need a cable tie with one-piece construction.

☐   I need a cable tie with two-piece construction.

☐   I need a small-size cable tie.

☐   I need a long-size cable tie.

☐   I need a nylon cable tie.

☐   I need a stainless steel cable tie.

☐   I need a permanent-lock cable tie.

☐   I need a resealable cable tie.

☐   I need different colors of cable ties.

☐   I need single color of cable ties.

☐   I need a non-heavy duty cable tie.

☐   I need heavy-duty cable ties.

Now that you have checked the boxes that you need, we will explain further the different factors to be considered when choosing the right cable ties. These factors will help you decide and buy the right type of cable tie, so you don’t have to spend more than what’s needed.  Basically, heat resistant zip ties are made differently by materials, size, tensile strength, temperature resistance, construction, and usability. Each one is explained below so keep reading!

       1.Cable ties are made of different materials.

We discussed in this article ( append the link in the word article) that cable ties can be made of nylon, stainless steel, or Tefzel materials. For everyday use and indoor projects, the nylon cable ties are very much applicable and widely used. They are affordable, versatile and can be purchased in bulk packaging.

If you are going to use the cable tie and expose them to environment with heavy or extreme temperature, you may choose a stainless steel cable tie since they heat or fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sturdy one that can withstand radiation or chemicals, you need to opt for a Halar or Tefzel cable ties.

Tefzel cable ties

       2.Cable ties are available in different sizes and colors.

You can get a cable from standard inch-size up to feet size. You also have to consider the trimmings you do after installation. Get the length and width accordingly as to how it will fit the cable or stuff that you need to bundle and make sure that you can lock them securely.

Do you want it plain and simple, or colorful? You can choose just plain black or white. This option is available so you can do more with your projects. If you are using a color-coding scheme for your installation, then you wont be disappointed as you can get different colors like green, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink and even clear crystal color.

coloured cable ties

          3.Cable ties have different tensile strength.

Since not only do you use cable ties in simple installations at home, using it in different industries like packaging, shipping, marine, industrial, or electronics will require extra strength and high-quality materials. LTS or Loop Tensile Strength is the breaking point of the cable tie. The higher the LTS, the stronger it is. The LTS can range from 18lbs up to 250lbs. So think about how tough the job would be so you can pick the right tensile strength of your cable tie.

         4.Cable ties have different working temperature resistance.

The standard working temperature is between 40-85 degrees Celsius or 40-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether it is a simple household installation , there are conditions that require a strong resistance when it comes to environmental condition. Getting a remarkably durable cable tie that can perform even in harsh environmental conditions will safeguard your indoor or outdoor installation in any extreme cold or heat. Other things you might need to look for are weather-resistant, oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

        5.Cable ties is classified as one-piece or two-piece construction.

The cable tie construction will avoid breakage or over-tightening when you do your installation. The locking mechanism varies from one-piece of two-piece. One-piece construction is used in basic installations and with locking mechanism made of single material; while a two-piece construction is used for tough installations with a stainless-steel locking mechanism that’s why they more expensive, long-lasting and highly-durable.

       6.Cable ties can be reusable on non-reusable.

Yes! Cable ties can be a single-used only tool or can be reusable for many times.  When you are not very good in installation and you know that you can commit an error, reusable cable ties are ideal! These ties can be retracted easily and can be used several times. This will allow you to re-do your bundle and add more cables or adjust the lock to avoid over-tightening. Some examples of reusable cable ties are  releasable cable ties, beaded cable ties, Velcro and hook cable ties, and loop ties.

reusable cable ties


Since cable tie is a necessity, getting the right type will ensure maximum protection to your cables or anything you’d use it for. It is easy to go to the hardware store and just pick whatever your eye may find pleasing especially when you see the colorful ones; but as soon as you use them, you’ll figure out that you got a wrong one! If you order them online, it might take some days before you get it  or reading through the product description may seem confusing.

The advantage of knowing these factors when picking a high temperature cable ties is that you can compare brands and see which one gets the best features. You can save money and time purchasing them and  making sure you’ll get a good output in your cable management. Your cabling system may require you to get different types and sizes of cable ties. Good thing, you can get a pack of these ties starting from 20 pieces and up. You can also purchase a tool kit that consists of different sizes, tensile strength, and construction type.

We hope that you find this information helpful so you can get the right type of cable tie for your project. Just remember that a cable tie can also be called as Steggel tie, Zap strap, Wire wrap, Zip tie, Mouse or rat belt and tie wraps! This super tool can have monikers and you might think it is a different item. Nevertheless, they are all the same and can be presented in different variations depending on the manufacturer.

Do you have questions or inquiry about cable ties? Send us an email and we are happy to assist!

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