Heat Air Gun

Heat air gun is a versatile tool for stripping paint and varnish, softening caulking and putty for removal, removing adhesive labels.

Our heat guns provide variable temperature control. The black dial provides rheostat-type heating, the high / low switch on its handle provides air flow control.

  • heat air gun
  • electric heat shrink gun
  • mini heat shrink gun

858d hot air gun

Heat Air Gun

Strong power with 2 modes

Overload protection

Wide application


The external structure and internal structure

Two speed wind speed control temperature at any time and warm heat, anti-iroing sheath

Stainess steel air outlet and double heating wire stepless requlating temperature


High and low temperature setting and 4 nozzle attachments

Fast heating and hans free operation

Ideal for varnish and paint removable (stripping paint), decorating, home improvement, upcycling, adhesives as well as thawing frozen pipes, shrinking PVC, loosening rusted bolts, bending plastics and much more.

heat blower gun

The method of operation of a hot air gun is similar to that of a hair dryer,a fan draws cool air into the body of the tool and drives it across an electric heating element, which heats the air rapidly, and pushes it out through. This electric heat shrink gun is then directed onto the surface on which you are carrying out the task.

Heat blower gun is directed onto the painted surface, causing it to soften so that it can be easily stripped off – either by using a stripping knife or hook. For best results it is best to work up the surface with the hot air gun above the stripping tool, softening the paint just before the stripping tool reaches it.

The center of gravity of this electric heat shrink gun is placed above the handle and the balance is very good. The back cover is parallel to the ground and you can place it upside down.

2 flow modes can be switched freely with temperature changes 572℉-300L / min, 1112℉-600L / min, you can adjust the temperature and wind speed as needed.

High and Low Temperature Settings, You can switch the temperature between the low setting of 572℉(300℃)and high of 1112℉ (600℃) with a single push of a button to easily help complete household home improvement tasks. Dual temperature option to meet different needs in your project.

There are four accessories, heat reflector nozzle, concentrated nozzle, wide concentrated nozzle, glass protection nozzle.

Hot air blower gun can be used to scrape old paint, thaw water pipes, refrigerator defrosting, connecting cables, repairing leather, softening soldering, posting automotive films, sterilization and more.

Our hot blower gun also possess overload protector to avoid damaging your heat gun.

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