Fir Tree Cable Ties

DIFVAN fir tree cable tie snap quickly into a hole to attach a bundle to another surface and the mount portion is easily passed into a pre-drilled hole and locks into place,  Easy “slip” during pull-through due to smooth radiused edges as you tighten while finger grips on the end ensure a secure and comfortable grip when hand-tightening.


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fir tree mount

Fir Tree Cable Ties

Material of Fir Tree Cable Ties: Nylon 6/6

Flammability: UL 94V-2

Color of Fir Tree Cable Ties: Nature & Black

Working temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

DIFVAN fir tree cable ties are made of industrial strength 6/6 nylon material.

Effective under a wide range of temperatures 40 ~ 185°F (-40 ~+85°C), UL94V2 flame resistance rating.

fir tree push mount

tree cable ties

Advantage of fir tree cable ties:

1, Lock design: The lock is specially designed to prevent the rough surface of its back from hooking, and it can make the cable tie easier to pass and easy to install.

2, New material: new nylon material, high quality, good toughness, strong bearing capacity, not easy to age, durable.

3, Fine workmanship: no burr, thread design makes the cable tie more stable and prevents sliding.

plastic cable ties

Consisted of a toothed plastic strip with a one-way ratcheting hole at one end.You slide the pointed end into the hole and pull it tight, but it will not loosen up.

Used widely bundling interior connecting wire of TV set, computer, car install, home appliances, lamp decor, electric toy, etc. Also be used for fixing piping of mechanical machine or other things.

nylon cable zip ties

Fir tree cable ties are made of industrial strength 6/6 nylon material,, safe, environmentally friendly, high toughness, acid and corrosion resistant, fire rating 94V-2

fir tree push mount cable ties with push mount design,anti-aging, the gears are clear, good insulation and durability, withstanding temperatures from 40 ~ 185°F (-40 ~+85°C).

The head of fir tree mount cable ties adopts a fir tree design, which can be applied to substrates of various thickness or threaded single-sided apertures, push mounts lock securely into position through panel holes to enhance the stability of the installed pipelines and wires. The disc of the head can reduce dust and water falling into the aperture of the substrate and increase the stability.

Fir tree zip ties for retaining wires, cable, components or tubing away from panel or conductive chassis.can be used to bundle and sort various cables and wires, such as the fixing of wires of lighting, electronic toys, oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, etc. Widely used in household, construction industry, electronic industry, auto industry, cable and wire assembly, packaging and shipping, outdoor activities.

Except fir tree cable ties, we also have other types of cable ties:double loop cable ties, self-locking cable ties, heavy duty cable ties.

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