Feed through terminal block

Terminal blocks are used to terminate wires and arrange them in a long strip to connect the wiring to the mains.

Feed through terminal block are used on DIN rails, which are metal structures for mounting control equipment inside equipment racks or enclosures.

  • feed through terminal block
  • barrier terminal blocks
  • din rail terminal blocks

din terminal

An excellent vibration proof protection against loosening

Easy mounting and dismounting from the terminal rail


screw type terminal blocks

Plastic material: made from PA

Metal material: alloy copper and nickle-plated screw

Color : grey basic, other color can serve according customer’s request.


Item No.size
rated current
rated Voltage
rigid Wire size
flexible wire size
Rated cross section
Insulation striping length
Thread size


Packaging Display

fused terminal block


Model Number :DFBKKB2.5-AL

Type :Screw Terminal
Length/Height/Wide(mm): 63/47.3/5.2
Current :24A
Voltage :500V
Application :Wire Connecting
Applicable Solid cable cross section: 0.2-4mm²
Applicable Soft cable cross section :0.2-2.5mm²
Conductor Size :24-14 AWG
Color :Gray /Blue/Black/wine Red/ Customized
a fixed way :NS 35 / 7.5 rail fixed
Standard :IEC 60947-7-1


Wiring Method
Producr Display

entrelec terminal block

Series Modular terminal blocks are designed to conserve space, while allowing maximum flexibility and simple installation.

Screw terminal blocks are made from high-grade, strain-crack and corrosion proof brass to prevent electrolytic corrosion and rusting.

screw terminal

Feed-through terminal blocks are characterized by two terminal points and a compact design. Ground terminals of the same shape are available to match the feed-through terminal blocks. All bridgeable terminal blocks can be bridged together easily with multi-conductor and function terminals.

Feed through terminal block is a DIN rail terminal block at 20 Amps at 600 Volts, 20 to 12 AWG, 6.2 mm thick.

The body is made from the PA66 nylon housing and alloy copper bodies. It has a compact design that saves wiring space. The high reliability and robust design adapts vibration and harsh thermal variation to prevent terminal connection fault.

screw terminal block is the only one of its kind on the market and combines the advantages of screw connection technology with the benefits of spring-loaded contacts. The snap-on PE foot and standardized bridges save a considerable amount of time when creating terminal strips.

Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks offer a variety of design options and meet global standards.  series Screw Terminal Blocks feature snap-on feed-through terminal blocks that easily snap-onto a DIN Rail.

These terminal blocks provide a universal push-in jumper system with jumper channels for any jumper combination. terminal blocks are ideal for use in machines, control and automation, and power distribution applications.

A flat bottom can ensure the very fine wires to be pressed and connected firmly.

Difvan can offer accessories of feed through block, end cover, end Stopper, partition plate, marker trip, fixed bridge, insertion bridge, etc.

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