Distribution Terminal Block

Power distribution terminal block, one go in and more out. Wiring is simple and quick.

To satisfy all kinds of cable branches, the normal operation of equipments can be effectively guaranteed at high current and voltage.

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Distribution Terminal Block

Compact structure

High conductivity

Easy wiring

  1. Material:Cover: PC UL94-V0                 Body: PA66 UL94-V0                     Block: Copper(Ni Plated)Screw: Steel(Zinc Plated)        Fixed Part: Steel(Zinc Plated)         Standard: IEC 60947-7-1 IP20
  2. Electrical:(1) Voltage rating/Current rating: 1000V/125A;(2) Insulation resistance: DC 1000V 1000MΩ min;(3) Contact resistance: 20MΩ max;


    • Fully enclosed block for touch-safe isolation of live parts
    • IP20 rating under specific conditions
    • Integrated DIN-rail or direct panel mounting. (Panel mount only for EPDB306 and EPDB702)
    • Captive termination screws cannot be lost
    • Used in UL508A panels for both feeder and branch circuit applications
    • Suitable for both factory and field wiring
    • Tin-plated aluminum connectors suitable for copper conductors
Item NO.Incoming line(mm²Out of linemm²
DF-UKK5004*15.5*0.8 to 8*242*35

   distribution terminal


  • Used in UL508A panels for branch circuit applications
  • Standard aluminum box connectors accommodate copper wire. PB401x, PB512x and PB712x series accommodate copper or aluminum wire.
  • Tin-plated aluminum connectors suitable for copper conductors
  • Available safety covers for greater protection (purchase separately)
  • Suitable for both factory and field wiring
  • Ampere ratings up to 760 Amps


  • For DIN rail or chassis mounting with screws.
  • IP20 rated with hinged and removable cover.
  • High conductivity with excellent electrical contacts.
  • Compact design.
  • CE marked and RoHs compliant.
  • Space saving: compact
Item NO.L*W*H(mm)Model typeQuantity of hole
DF-20767*45*501 enter  6 output2*7
DF-211100*45*501 enter  10 output2*11
DF-215134*45*501 enter  14 output2*15
DF-40767*90*501 enter  6 output2*7
DF-411100*90*501 enter  10 output2*11
DF-415134*90*501 enter  14 output2*15



Distribution terminal block manage power wiring and branching, as well as provide tap-off points.

DIFVAN distribution terminal include open style, finger-safe styles and modular distribution block provide a high short-circuit current rating, and are available in a range of pole options and amperage ratings.

Materials of distribution block schneider conform UL94-V0 international standard.

Electric distribution block have compact design for space saving and Tinned copper block with high conductivity.


The entrelec distribution block are a convenient way to manage your power distribution needs. Optional safety covers are available for added protection.

Copper distribution block used for cable termination.Open style distribution block comply with UL certification.SCCR rating of 200kA with copper conductors and an SCCR of 10 kA for aluminum conductors


The power terminal block to manage your power distribution needs, from splitting primary power circuits into a variety of branch circuits to providing a fixed junction tap-off point.

Power distribution terminal block adopt modular design to select and configure the number of poles required by each application.

Power terminal blocks electrical is used in electrical high-current power distribution.

Power distribution terminal is a convenient, economical and safer way to distribute power from a single input source to multiple outputs.

Power terminal block connector engineered to allow copper conductors and maintain an SCCR rating of 200kA.

Electric distribution block can perfect solution to today’s power circuit wiring requirements.

Din rail power distribution block offer a safe,convenient way of splicing cables, providing a fixed junction tap-off point or splitting primary power into secondary circuits.

Din rail distribution block offers DIN-Rail mount installation and an optional hinged safety cover. Optional power distribution block covers provide protection against accidental shorting between poles caused by loose wires, tools, or other conductive material. They also protect personnel from accidentally contacting energized connectors.

You can use the din rail power distribution to establish an electromechanical connection between a wire with a large cross-section and one or more wires with small cross-sections.

DIFVAN distribution terminal block have divided DF-207,DF-211,DF-215, DF-407,DF-411,DF-415. They are have different dimension.

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