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DIFVAN Premier High Tensile Colored Zip Ties Supplier For Your Business

    DIFVAN has 17 years’ rich manufacturing experience of Colored zip ties with Factory Working area of 5000 square meters, 300 professional enployees, Followed by ISO9001 qualitymanagement system during production process,  we have professional inspection team during the production, Choose 100% PA66 raw material with 94V-2 UL approved to make the Colored cable ties in high tensile with no break, no color change during your customer’s using. Ensure no complaint from your customer.

Other Types of Nylon Zip ties from our Company

Choose our Colored Nylon Zip Ties to Boom Your Business

  1. 100% nylon Raw material:  Pure nylon makes cable ties excellect toghtness,100% Nylon PA 66–Reject PA6 Compound–Material certification can be provided
  2. Accurate Mold: accurate mold make cable ties hard to loose, smooth appearance, no burrs.
  3. Gurantee Enough Quantity: make enough quanqity in each bag, no less quantity per bag.
  4.  Strictly QC check: at least four times QC checking: raw material check, production check, packing check, overall before delivery check.
  5. Tensile Testing: Our tensile are higher then Standard Tensile–tensile tested more then three times during the production for each order
  6. Warranty Time: 2 years warranty time after order dispatched.

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How DIFVAN Control the Quality of Colored Cable Tie

  • Raw Material-100% Pure nylon from Dupont-Pure nylon can make the nylon Colored zip ties last longer time without break no and color change.
  • 58 sets 50 tons high speed injection machines-ensure us in large production capacity, and larger capacity of the injection machines ensure the colored Zip ties in good quality
  • Accurate Mold-Better mold can make the nylon zip ties produced in low tempreture, and surface in smooth and nice appearances,no burs.
  • Tensile Test during production-three time checking in production, Each batch of nylon zip ties had been tested by our QC team at least three times, make sure all zip ties are in high tensile.
  • Insertion Test-double check the cable tie teeth-We do extra Insertion test for the nylon cable tie teeth to make sure each cable tie goes smoothly.
  • Moiture Test-Moiture test by professional tester, Because of the nylon materail, each nylon cable ties shoud absorb enough water to ensure teh cable ties can last longer time withour break.
  • Frozen Test-especialy for cold whether, if you’re in Russia, in some place where the tempreture is -40° in winter, this test will be a must for you.
  • Packing and Quantity check-make sure no less quantity and labeled well, We packed the cable ties in bags by measuring the weight, but also checked by pieces to make sure enought quantity in each bag. also checking the label per your design as well.
Raw Material-100%
Raw Material
Accurate Mold
Accraute Mold
Moiture Test
Moiture Test
Insertion Test
Insertion Test
Tensile Test Before Delivery
Tensile Test

nylon cable ties factory

nylon cable ties factory

Zip ties in bulk

As a nylon Zip tie supplier, we do our 100% effort to Guarantee our customer’s repution from customers

cable ties factory

DIFVAN also have different packing stype for the nylon cable ties to help you to fit different customer’s needs:


bulk cable ties packing

cable ties in bulk

bulk nylon cable ties

A Colored Zip tie is a kind of snap used for securing items together, most commonly electrical wires or cables. Colored cable ties and black zip ties  are typically produced from nylon grade 6.6 and are used to bundle items. Working like straps to keep cables tidy, they’re available in a variety of colors and sizes from small to large.

The first cable ties were made from stainless steel but then changed to plastic and nylon in the 1970s. The first nylon cable tie had a steel pawl attached before the first all-nylon cable tie created in 1968. This self-locking, one-piece cable tie was very comparable to the cable ties in the present day.

Colored cable ties are available in different kinds of strengths and lengths. Regular lengths range from 4” – 15” and available standard strengths include 50lb, 40 lb, and 18 lbs. multi colored zip ties like Natural, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow are traditional colors. Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, and Yellow are available in neon colors.

Colored cable ties are the preferred option to differentiate links necessary for cable and wire bundling applications whenever needed, while black cable ties are ideal for outdoor with an average to higher ultra-violet rays from the sun.

Features of a Colored Cable Tie:

  • Made with Nylon 6-6 Material
  • Available in 12 color choices, including fluorescent colors.
  • Operating temperature range -40º to +185º F
  • Usually used for cable bundling and wire identification.


Technical Specifications
MaterialNylon 66
Operating Temp-40 to +85°C
FlammabilityUL 94 V2
UV Light/Ozone ResistanceMedium
Oils & Grease ResistanceExcellent
Solvents ResistanceGood
Petrol ResistanceExcellent
Tensile Strengths
80mm x 2.5mm8kg
All other 2.5mm8.1kg
All 3.6mm wide18.2kg
All 4.8mm wide22.2kg
All 7.6mm wide54.4kg
All 9mm wide79.4kg
All 12.7mm wide114kg


Standard Colored Zip Tie Chart

  • 18 lb. Miniature Nylon Cable

(4” ties are available in all colors: UV black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray and natural) Note: All other sizes are only available in UV black and Natural.

LengthWidthThicknessMax. Bundle Diameter
4.12 / 104.77.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.066.875 / 22.225
4.12 / 104.77.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.066.875 / 22.225
6.18 / 157.14.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.0661.500 / 38.10
6.18 / 157.14.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.0661.500 / 38.10
8.18 / 207.94.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.0662.187 / 55.562
8.18 / 207.94.095 / 2.413.042 / 1.0662.187 / 55.562


  • 40 lb. Intermediate Nylon Cable

(Available in colors UV Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and, Natural Only)


LengthWidthThicknessMax. Bundle Diameter
5.84 / 148.33.140 / 3.556.049 / 1.2441.437 / 36.512
5.84 / 148.33.140 / 3.556.049 / 1.2441.437 / 36.512
8.87 / 225.40.140 / 3.556.049 / 1.2442.37 / 60.32
8.87 / 225.40.140 / 3.556.049 / 1.2442.37 / 60.32


  • 50 lb. Standard Nylon Cable


(17” Cable Ties are Only Available in UV black and Natural, all other lengths are available in UV black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray and natural)


LengthWidthThicknessMax. Bundle Diameter
7.56 / 192.07.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3201.875 / 47.625
7.56 / 192.07.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3201.875 / 47.625
11.25 / 285.75.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3203.062 / 77.787
11.25 / 285.75.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3203.062 / 77.787
11.25 / 285.75.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3203.062 / 77.787
14.56 / 369.87.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3204.125 / 104.775
14.56 / 369.87.180 / 4.572.052 / 1.3204.125 / 104.775
17.09 / 434.16.187 / 4.749.060 / 1.5244.750 / 120.65


  • 120 lb. Heavy Duty Nylon Cable

(Only Available in UV Black and Natural Color)


LengthWidthThicknessMax Bundle Diameter
8.70 / 220.98.300 / 7.620.076 / 1.9302.060 / 52.38
15.09 / 383.36.300 / 7.620.076 / 1.9304.060 / 103.18
15.09 / 383.36.300 / 7.620.076 / 1.9304.060 / 103.18


  • 175 lb. Extra Heavy Duty

(Only Available in UV Black and Natural Color)


LengthWidthThicknessMax. Bundle Diameter
25.25 / 641.35.340 / 8.636.090 / 2.2867.180 / 182.56
48.56 / 1233.47.340 / 8.636.090 / 2.28614.500 / 368.3


Some common uses of Colored Zip Ties at Home

  • Cable Management

One of our utmost difficulties when it comes to cables or wires is that they are mostly twisted, disordered, and untidy. Fortunately, nylon cable ties are here to help us with our problem. Colored cable ties even make it more convenient for us since it distinguishes one part of the wire to the other. It will reduce confusion to which wire we need to use or take after.

  • Keep your keys organized

Keeping your keys organized can be tough, but with the use of a colored nylon cable tie, you can give your keys a new look. You can quickly identify which key to use on different doors. For example, you will use a blue colored cable tie for your main entrance or a yellow colored cable tie for your bedroom door. You only need to make a ring to each key, and you are good to go.

  • Packs Proficiently

Do you need to pack a lot of things in your small bag? Nylon colored cable tie is here to save you! You only need to roll your pants or shirts tightly then secure each one with a zip tie. Colored cable ties are a fun way to differentiate each item. Aside from packing lightly and quickly, you can also identify faster which one you are going to use on a specific day. (Be sure to add more zip ties on your trip, and do the same on your return.)

  •  Hang your cleaning tools

Nylon colored cable tie will make these home cleaning tools organized and be identified easily. It is a lot easier and neater to look at, too.

  • Use as a plant support

Colored Zip ties can also be an exceptional complement to the yard. Tall plants can be tied on stakes to help support them as they expand, make sure that the zip connection that could strangle the plant is not straightened.


With 16 years experiences in working with Colored Zip ties. DIFVAN is very family with coloured cable ties, Here we’d like to talk about the coloured cable ties advantages:

  1. Acid and Corrosion Resistance.

Coloured cable ties play a significant role in the production. It is a super-sector engaged in the human, mechanical and chemical manufacturing of raw objects, products, and parts into a finished product. So the first advantage of coloured cable ties should have the future of anti acid and corrosion.

The Nylon PA66 material are good at resisting acid and corrosion, so the coloured cable ties which is made by nylon PA66 have the performance of anti acid and corrosion.

Because of the nylon raw material, it also can save cost compared with stainless steel zip ties.

coloured zip ties provide a fast and easy use performance during its’ use.

all these factors made the nylon coloured zip ties be the most popular fixing items in the world. It’s just the right product for those people who just want it.

The material for our uv resistant multi colored zip ties is just Pure 100% PA66, to provide high performance in acid and corrosion resistance. DIFVAN is just the PA66 multi colored zip ties manufacturer for your choosing.

  1. Aging Resistance

PA66 material and the professional produce method can ensure the zip ties work long in daily life.

In DIFVAN company, our worker are 10 years rich experiences in manufacturing cable ties,  our coloured tie wraps molds are the newest ones.  material we use is the most high quality nylon PA66 which ensure coloured tie wraps have longer service life.

All these made our company to be the top coloured tie wraps manufacturers in China.

  1. High Tensile Strength

Besides, the anti-aging ability, our coloured tie wraps also have very high tensile strength. even the colored wire ties are very small in size, they are very strong. they can make the articles very secure.

Plastic colored wire ties are well known for their high tensile strength and convenience to use. They are comfortable and straightforward to install. They play the same role as steel cables, but they are much smaller and less costly in quality.

  1. Cheap in Price

colored zip ties are made by the Nylon PA66. They are one kind of plastic. Compared to the stainless steel zip ties, they are very cheap in the price. They have reduced much cost for the plastic zip tie manufacturers.

Most people will buy them in a significant quantity, rather than one or two pieces. So the large number will demand us to choose a reliable cable tie supplier. Some people buy colored zip ties casually. Then they paid much for casual purchasing. The lousy quality caused significant damages in the articles.

DIFVAN provide you good quality colored zip ties in reasonable price.

If you’re the re-seller, we can guarantee your profit.

If you’re the end user, we can  guarantee your cost.

If you’re the factory of other Electrical appliances, we can guarantee your safe.

How to Choose a good colored zip ties?

Colored zip ties are tailored to suit a wide range of applications. Its longevity, reliability, and versatility mean that tool-kits will always have one or two bags in almost every sector.

These finished products can be used to support more products. In either way, multi coloured cable ties manufacturing involves the creation and delivery of varies small colored zip ties and large size colored zip ties to consumers, whether it is an individual, a company, or other electric items manufacturers.

So i think it is very important to know the ways to see the difference between the good color coded zip tiess and bad color coded zip ties.

Here are the three points for you to check the colored zip ties:

  1. The good colored wire ties must have a good performance in color and appearance.

It’s an easy and simple way to see by your eyes, when you check the cable ties by eyes, you can check whether the nylon colored wire ties are clear, transparency. The pure PA66 nylon colored wire ties should be clear and transplant. There’s no black spot and other colors inside or outside the colored wire ties.

  1. The good colored wire ties must use high grade quality nylon.

The Material of colored wire ties is nylon P66 With UL approved. This material has good futures of high tensile strength. And it has flame resistant grade of 94 V-2.

after knowing the material of the colored tie wraps, when we go to a cable ties factory, we can ask them to show us the raw material information and packing, all the information and composition of the PA66 nylon will be there clearly. You can get as more information as you can.

  1. The good colored tie wraps must have standard high tensile.

Before you buy the nylon cable ties, you need to know the standard tensile of each size. To make sure the size if right for your use. colored tie wraps in different sizes especially in different width have different tensile.

After you chosen the right size for your use. You can have a samples to test the tensile by a tensile testing machine to make sure the colored tie wraps are in high performance.

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Other Questions for the Cable Ties?--Find Answers Here

What is the material of nylon cable tie?

the material we use are 100% nylon PA66 with UL 94-2 approved.

brand are: Dupont Zytel,  Vydyne. ( these two brands are the ones we used most usually)

and also we due to the raw material price increasing in the global market, we try to find the alternative one like Rhodia, Invista, Radici as well.

we’re testing now, but the first of all, the quality should be the same as Dupont Zytel and  Vydyne made.

for more raw material brand, here please check:  Nylon Material Brand

What is the operation whether of the nylon cable tie?

Temperature of nylon cable tie can be -30°-90°.

What is the ideal stock temperature of nylon cable tie?

Ideal Temperature of nylon cable tie can be -20°-30°

Also here is the Storage suggestion for cable ties:

Nylon is hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture, and lose the moisture too. to ensure optimum performance, the nylon cable tie must maintain a 2.5% water, our DIFVAN packing style can keep the moisture. in order to keep the quality, it’s better to remain the original packaging for inventories.

if stored improperly especially in dry or cold environment, it will lose water from cable ties, and impact the use of cable ties.

once the package is opened, pls use out the cable ties as soon as possible.

Here are our suggestion for the cable tie storage:

1, Do not expose or place the cable ties in direct sunlight environment.

2, Do not expose or placed the cable ties near direct heat source.

Is there MOQ for the cable ties?

As a directly cable ties factory in China,  there’s No MOQ needed, because we have most sizes and colors nylon cable ties in our warehouse,

but considering the long distance delivery distance, the freight will be different per the different shipping method.

in this way, we have EXW, FOB, CIF per your different requests.

What kind of packing can be used for the cable ties?

normal packing for export is 100 pcs per polybag, also some customized packing style can be available, like blister card packing, jaw and bottle packing.

we listed the packing ways in my above description, you can find answers there.

More Packing Details, please check here: DIFVAN PACKING

If there is some quality problem after we bought the products, how to solve it?

DIFVAN cable ties havd 1 year quality guarantee period.

If it is the quality problem by confirmation, not caused by the outer factors, we will compensate each piece for the customers.

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